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  • Latest Posts

    • StuckinLA
      Oh and thanks for reminding me, I need to pick up Christmas cards! Crikey I'm late with that.
    • StuckinLA
      @Molly78 oh, ok. Yes we have some of those. There are two basic kinds of insurance here, one where you just go pick the person you need straight away. The other is the cheaper and you go to a GP first and they do the same gatekeeping it sounds like your GPs do. But yes, most of us just set up camp in the emergency waiting room  
    • Molly78
      On a different topic, I had my first Christmas card of the year last week.  I was abit like "FFS this starts earlier each year, I've not even thought about buying mine yet" etc.  But I had to smile when I saw who it was from - SunshinePharma-UK,  the online pharmacy I buy my baclofen from!  Been ordering online for nearly 5 years & this is the first time I've ever been sent a Christmas card.  Mind you, I'm a good customer, spent a lot of money with them.
    • Molly78
      GP is indeed General Practitioner.  You don't have them in the USA.  For us in the UK they are "first port of call" for whatever is wrong with you, they are the gatekeepers for the the specialists.  They have a very wide training, so if you go with abd pain they can examine & arrange basic bloods/scans to determine which organ is causing the trouble, then refer on accordingly eg gastro-enterologist if it's gut, renal if it's kidney.  I don't know how you guys know which doc to call if you have some sort of general/vague but distressing symptom - or do you all pitch up at the emergency dept?  You must end up paying a lot of money if you don't pick the right doc to begin with! @Nicnak not everyone has problems getting off the stuff, maybe it's like Valium & opioids or - dare I say it, alcohol!  Some people can take it or leave it, some get addicted.
    • Felina
      Hi Ace, You will need register or log in to read this content that French physicians developed for baclofen titration. Generally, a sane titration schedule starts out at 10-15 mgs/day and then increase by 10 mgs or so every 4 days. I always tell people this: slow and steady is the name of the game. Severe side effects often don't show up for 3-4 days after an increase, and side effects can show up suddenly even when people don't have them early on.  If you are already on a steady dose, I would suggest going up slowly, at the rate mentioned above. My observations have been that most people who quit taking baclofen jump ship because of side effects, often as a result of titrating up too fast.  When you "hit the switch" to indifference, it is wise to stay at or very near that dosage for a long period.  Good luck, and keep us posted!
    • StuckinLA
      Hi Moll, what are GPs? As a yank I see this and think General Practitioner but can't figure out how that would be different than the wider medical profession. Thanks!
    • Nicnak
      I saw this article.My husband was up to 3600mg oh gabbapentin for his spinal cord injury and it didn’t stop him drinking and when he came off it he had no effects