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The End of my Addiction
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    • Felina
      Hi @stillhoping, I'm sorry that baclofen isn't working for you. Please read @terryk's thread about safely tapering down:  As a general rule, reducing by 10 mgs/week is the best idea to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
    • stillhoping
      Hi everyone, how quickly can you reduce the baclofen dosage? I’ve been on it for about 2 months, increased it over time to 70 mg but am experiencing severe side effects - vomiting, nausea, depression, numbness in my toes and just really feel like shit. I have reduced it to 50 mg for the last 2 days but still feel awful. I know you can’t reduce it too quickly but my doctor is away for another month and the doctors in my home province don’t have a clue about any of this stuff. Help!
    • Alexendra
      Thanks to share your story !!!! Hope everyone in this community will become aware of the side effects of addiction from your story.
    • Alexendra
      Aww such a pretty dog . She looks very innocent . I love animals, especially dogs & cats are my favorite ones.
    • Alexendra
      Lol what a JOKE! hahahahahaha. Thanks. It's really amazing 
    • Alexendra
      I am quite interested to participate in forums where I get some social issues discussed. These days I found addiction is very common topics and evil of our society as well which ruins our youth at a fast pace. So I decided to become a part of this community .. Thanks admin to making me a part of your community.👍
    • falconwood
      Hi from Holland (Europe 😉 & my apologies for my poor language skills. My doctor from Paris, France (I don't feel comfortable publishing his name, sorry) is a famous psychiatrist, researcher and author of many publications. Was a personal friend of Olivier Ameisen (I visited the grave of my hero, in Paris last month). Here's what my doctor explained to me: The only dose that counts is the last one you take. All others have the sole purpose of minimising side effects. This last dose, should be taken one hour before you typically start  craving for alcohol. Important: if you start craving at 17 each workday, but at 16 during weekends, you take 16:00 as the basis, meaning you want to have your latest dose at 15:00, every day. Baclofen reaches max plasma level in about 60 minutes after oral intake. Half time is 4-6 hours. So if possible, put 4-5 hours in between two doses. So with your 'craving time', count backwards to spread the 3 doses accordingly. Set your alarms and stick to them. If I miss one and take 2 doses too close to each other, the Baclofen can hit me hard. So whenever I miss my alarm, I change my entire schedule for that day. Titration is important. So is tapering to prevent Baclofen Withrawal Syndrome. Given 3 doses per day, you start with 0 0 10. After 3 days, 0 10 10 and next, 10 10 10. Increase towards 10 10 20, and so forth. If side effects get too nasty, revert back to your previous schema. If this doesn't help, reduce slowly. Wait a bit longer before you increase again. I myself have very easy side effects (mood, sleep, tinnitus, unable to drive & work, apathy), so I went back from 100 to 60mg DD for more than a month. I use Friday's to increase my dose, Mondays to correct if necessary. Also, I have decided to go for 4 intake moments: 9, 13, 17, 22. Makes my nights wonderful (I now sleep 8 hrs non-stop where I did 4-6 for years). My drinking is about 1/5 of what it used to be; still my target is complete abstinence. Honestly I can't tell how to dose when you are an all day drinker. My guess would be to have 4 intake moments across the entire day, with your most important dose being the one when you wake up. Hope this helps you and others. I don't follow this forum, but you can reach me via email at fnwd222@yahoo.com.  
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