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Welcome to The End Of My Addiction

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  • Latest Posts

    • empyr3al
      If you are into NA, CA, AA this site would keep you occupied for hours and hours.  Its not music though.  You will need register or log in to read this content Not my cup of tea for therapy but its massive.  XM/Sirius Radio also works well and had it for 3 or 4 years.  Now my phone has 4gb a month so I can stream it.  Sorry about the no A/C.  I have one room cooled with 10,000 btu so I can escape the heat.  Thankfully my truck has working A/C.
    • empyr3al
      I'm sorry you got your road trip aborted and good luck on the new job. Carpet.  When I took it out 2 years ago during one of my stays away from my wife and helping my father there were so many staples.  Like we are talking every 6 inches I had blisters from pulling them out over like 2000sq/ft not to mention moving the furniture which my father hoards.  Hardwood is very much easier to clean but I also own a dyson which I bought on what we call "boxing day" so carpets don't bug me as much.  Not like my dads "filter queen".  But with a new puppy clean up is simpler but sometimes its invisible and catches you off guard.  Dogs in regards to them learn the slip and slides over time but its hard.  Interesting to hear the "tick tack" as they come around looking for you.
    • empyr3al
      Yeah I have way more activity on MWO because for days nothing happens here or I'm not getting notifications.  Geolocation does not change addiction, you will find it anywhere unless you are in a dry county which do exist.  Like you said we all know that.  Taking a trip is a wonderful idea so long as you are not drunk lol.
    • Felina
      Have you listened to S-Town yet? Missing Richard Simmons? The Moth? Snap Judgment? Serial? You Must Remember This?
    • Mom2JTx3
      Congrats on the anniversary @StuckinLA!  The girl went with you to Spain, huh?  Interesting   I think you should post pictures of the pets, especially the bunny.   @Ne1 what sort of job??
    • StuckinLA
      The group of college friends with whom I usually travel planned the trip - it had been in the works for nearly a year. One guy wanted to go to Pamplona for San Fermin (again) and run with the bulls (again). I ran in 2009, because I was drunk and didn't have a chance to think about how stupid it was, and the morning I ran was the last time a person died during the run. Happened not far from me but I didn't see it. Anyway, we went to Barcelona and a very quick (too quick) stop in Madrid and then Pamplona for too many days. But we also took a quick day trip from there to San Sebastian, which was nice. Very different experience sober. And gave up veganism for the trip because dairy is f**king unavoidable in Europe (though the girl and I had an amazing vegan dinner one night in Barcelona) and booze is pretty difficult to avoid as well. Drank *a lot* of espresso. Celebrated 7 months AF with a slice of Guiness cake, which was delicious. Obviously wasn't planning on losing my job when I booked the trip. So now I'm back, and thinking about trying to find work, and broke, and depressed as all hell. Still AF, and fast approaching the longest AF period in my life since 16 years old. Have never hit 8 months, and that's coming up in about 2 weeks. Though obviously I think about drinking ALL OF THE TIME. And obviously I don't have the money to drink, so there's that, though I think that only makes it more difficult. Hope you're doing OK, @Ne1, sorry to hear about your hangover and your escape-fantasies. I feel you there, sister. I would love to run away. Far, far, far away. Alone. Or, well, actually I guess I would have to take both cats and the rabbit and not a one of the three of them would enjoy the trip. Shout out to everybody on this thread, too. Been super quiet, I've been super quiet too though I guess. Been writing a little for this leftist online publication that I'm helping to launch. Should be writing more, of course, both for the socialist lefties and for myself. But well, I got the newer xbox from the girl instead. Her roommate has a brand new playstation so she hadn't even plugged the thing in, and since we split the cost. Well my afternoons look a lot like video games and netflix right now. Trying to get out of bad habits but bad habits hold on tight. Funny that I actively went out and got the means for the video games instead of leaving well enough alone. At least I haven't bought any more MJ and haven't smoked since a couple days before the Spain trip. One nice thing about not drinking is that I could actually go on the trip. Had I been drinking like I was 7 months ago there's no way I would have been able to drink enough during the flight (questioning that a little having seen the wine pours they gave the girl during the meals though ) Anyway guess that's about it here. Have a good one, peeps.
    • Ne1
      Wait. What? And truth to tell, there is NOTHING more boring than driving cross-country along the northern route.  Once we stopped in the 'bread-basket' of America, and stayed at a really kitschy (unintentionally) bed and breakfast, with plastic flowers in the flower boxes and plastic ivy vines around the two twin beds (seriously) and asked where to go to eat some dinner. They sent us to a pizza-buffet, the best in town. There were canned greens, and instant mashed potatoes, and lots of other boxed then reconstituted inedible goodies. Good times.  Arkansas, on the other hand, is one of the most underrated, beautiful states I've ever had the pleasure to drive through. And Kentucky, while beautiful, should be boycotted by all on principle simply because most of the counties are dry. Meaning, for you folks overseas, that they don't serve or sell alcohol. At all. Anywhere. It's where bourbon is made, ftr. So the irony is profound. I hate Kentucky. (No offense Kentuckians. You're okay. Your state just sucks.) I'm yammering.  Well, the road trip was aborted anyway. I got drunk instead. Or rather, I woke up hungover instead, and with some semblance of reality looming in the murk of that miserable state. I WANT TO RUN FAR, FAR AWAY. But can't. Or shouldn't. Whatevs. My f*ck it meter only goes so high before it resets, and I'm supposed to start a job on Monday that does not lend itself to driving off into the wild blue yonder. Maybe. We'll see how much of an asshole Ed is this weekend. I'm still having romantic notions of driving off with nothing more than (well, everything) and my trusty pooch into the future. Chicago here I come! Yay for credit cards! Plus, now that the porch is finished, I've decided to pull up the carpet in the house. (Hardwood! yay!) (Pete's going to hate it, but it will be much fun watching her slip-slide through the house.) Which meant that I had to paint the interior doors first. Which is almost done. Ed's not crazy about the idea of yanking the carpet, but frankly, he's not crazy about anything in a positive way these days so pffft. Who asked him?  What took you to Spain, Stuck?