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The End of my Addiction
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    • stillhoping
      Thanks very much for your help. Yes, my tolerance for baclofen has been good so will try the 3 times a dsy routine. I get the desperation thing to try and fix it right away but am willing to let the process take its course. Thx again for the knowledge
    • Felina
      Hi @stillhoping! If you're tolerating the baclofen pretty well so far, taking it three times a day is pretty standard. Since baclofen has a short half-life, you will want to space the doses out as evenly as possible, i.e. 6 a.m., 2 p.m, and 10 p.m. Some people divide the doses up further if they're suffering from strong side effects. Your titration schedule is conservative, which is a good thing. A lot of people are so desperate for relief that they go up in dosage too fast and then get slammed by the SEs (which often catch up with people several days after a hefty inrease). I'd say keep doing what you're doing, and stick with the slow, steady titration.
    • stillhoping
      Hi everybody!  Have a question about whem to take my baclofen.  I just started on it about a month ago and have been increasing my dosage by 5 mg every 5 days, but was splitting it up into taking it about every 3-4 hours.  i will be iincreasing it to 60 mg tomorrow - should I be taking 2 10mg pills 3 times a day or splitting the dosage throughout the day? Would appreciate any feedback
    • stillhoping
      Thanks very much
    • Felina
      Hi @stillhoping! So glad to hear you found a doctor who was willing to treat you, and even better that she did so without judgment.  It is unfortunately rare to find doctors who even know about baclofen, let alone find one who is willing to prescribe. I can also attest that baclofen saved my life. I have been on it for nine years now, and will probably be on it for the rest of my life. Please read these success stories from people who found indifference to alcohol after taking baclofen (it's an older post but very inspirational): https://www.mywayout.org/community/medication-research-and-support/43945-sweet-success-baclofen.html.  I was just reading this thread earlier today, before I read your post. Please keep us posted on your progress!
    • stillhoping
      Thank you so much for the reply, really appreciate
    • Mom2JTx3
      Hi @stillhoping and welcome!  Congratulations on finding a doc and Baclofen.  Baclofen saved my life.  I had tried everything without success before Bac.  Good luck!  
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