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    • NewChapter
      Indeed, I'm trying the Sinclair method.  I think I wanted to run before i could walk but i agree i need to take the positives of the affect it's had so far.   @BarrelChested Some very valid points and solid advice.  Since my post I've taken steps to limit my consumption even more, I really only drink whisky so i only allow myself to have 3-4 single drinks to hand, I didn't want to limit myself this way as it felt like i was cheating (maybe the addict trying to make sure i always had more) but as I'm the one deciding to only bring that much to the table it feels like I've taken back some control.  Since making this change, I've found my interest in drinking all 4 drinks goes fairly quickly and often i look and it's 11pm and I'm still on my first drink. I've found that i can overcome the Nal, but the feeling isn't the same even when i do (did) but as people keep telling me, the healing process will take time.  I think after the bad week i felt i had taken 10 steps back, but even when i look at my overall consumption and behaviour it was a lot better.     This was the biggest eye opener for me.  I actually started to write about after the negative feelings i had during my first slip up.  My opening line was "i thought I'd found a miracle turns out it was only part of the cure"  Nal can only get me so far, the rest of  I need to do myself.  Finding people who have been or are going though the same has made me understand that I'm not the worst person on the planet, it will take a lot of time to build up the trust in myself.  I will have a read of your past posts and I'll assume you've seen it, but one little pill is now my go to film every time i feel I've taken a step back.  It's based around the Sinclair method.  Thanks for the good luck message and some wise words. Some key thing's I've found after not being drunk constantly for the past month and a half. 1) That stomach pain that you always blamed on some unknown illness has drastically improved.... 2) You do not enjoy films, music, games or any other activity infinitely more because you are drunk, you are not more creative or deep because you are drunk, in fact the appreciation for all of the above is clearer when you're sober and more present. 3) Drink isn't your friend, you were never in control and it's not a weakness to find outside help 4) You are harming others, even if you think it's an activity you do on our own away from the ones you love.   5) You have to forgive yourself to move forward, you have to have to want to move forward for yourself and not anyone else. I'll keep posting my journey here but thanks to all of you who have replied.  
    • Nicnak
      How are you doing on it @BarrelChested
    • BarrelChested
      FYI: I got every possible side effect. The "dark thoughts" were brutal. I cannot recommend strongly enough "The Sinclair Method." If you don't take it every day, the side effects won't be as dire. They can be HORRIBLE. I'm a very strong person... and I could see how they could easily lead someone to suicide. Be careful. Be mindful of your mental state. Get a LOT of sleep.
    • BarrelChested
      I've been using Nal for over a year. I've posted extensively about my experience with it. Feel free to lurk. The abridged version is this:
      1) it works for me (and for the vast majority of people) 2)  You can "overpower" the Nal. I can't drink beer (which I love; the gluten... not so much). So, if I stick to cider/wine, I "lose interest" after a few drinks. I figured-out that I can "move past" the "getting drunk phase" and straight into the "fully drunk" phase by slamming liquor. A big part of your experience remains choice. Unfortunately. If I could stick to beer (I'm just not a huge fan of either cider or wine), it would be much easier. 3) Nal can be used to cut your consumption... but I'd rather use it to help me eventually stop. I was terrified by this thought (stopping) when I started with Nal. It was explicitly NOT something I wanted to do. Time tends to change perspectives. I think that a life free from booze (I'm not there, yet) might not be so bad. The only bad about a sober life is that you're around a bunch of insufferable sober people (arguably, though, this isn't much worse than being around a bunch of barflies). 4) Sleep is the biggest determinant of will power. Personally, at least. If I don't get good sleep, I'll almost certainly drink to excess the next day. This is a vicious cycle. 5) exercise keeps the bottle song at bay (er, it helps).
      6) Do not underestimate the addict's mind. It can justify anything. Finally, let me say that Nal is a tool. It's helped me tremendously. At the same time, it's mostly an evolution of desire that's lead me toward  better shores. Uh, and I realize that that does not sound appealing. It's been a journey to get here. My advice to you is this: just keep trying to be a better version of yourself each day... and remember that it's okay to slip-up.  Oh, and I highly recommend The Sinclair Method.  Good luck, friend...    
    • Mom2JTx3
      Just keep going.  From what I’ve heard, it can take months and the time can vary widely, just like it can with baclofen  The fact that you responded  quickly is good news, but it takes awhile to reprogram those circuits. Good luck!   Edit: You are following the Sinclair method, correct?  If not, see information on this site or here: You will need register or log in to read this content  
    • StuckinLA
      damn it's quiet here. never tried Nal myself, but I hear it can take several months to fully work, so I wouldn't beat myself up over a long night and most of a bottle. seems like you'd been having pretty good success so far, and if you're not feeling any nausea or anything I say stick with it and stay hopeful.
    • NewChapter
      Hi all,    Been searching the net for a forum where you can discuss the ongoing success failure of using Naltexone.   I've just finished my first month with very mixed results.  At first it worked and my volume of consumption quickly shot down, from a bottle of whiskey to glasses , this was happening ona regular basis and the urge to not take the pill was completely gone!  However after my first time in a social environment and few pints ending up in a full on binge till 4am, I've found it hard to keep my volume down.  Last night was a prime example, i started at 8pm and by 11:00 I'd had 3 glasses, at some point my drinking got faster until i ended up doing nearly the entire bottle. Did i assume i was fixed, did that night remind me of just how good being drunk can be ?  Looking for some input if anyone else has been though this while taking Nal, this has to work and i really really want it too. Thanks