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Welcome to The End Of My Addiction

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  • Latest Posts

    • Otter
      My MIL has come round and is talking. They had her in a wheel chair today.  Over a month now on her back so she's very weak and has had no solid food.  They are giving her water orally and she's on a drip and on insulin.  What a mess.  The staff at the hospital are now saying she'll be ok.  My wife is coping well.  Prior to going on Campral as well as the baclofen, she used to have outbursts of temper in the morning, like she was on edge.  That's now gone away and she's calm.  That was, to be honest, one of the problems.  There's nothing worse than going off every  morning with the wife in a spontaneous rage.  I knew it was part of the problem because it was every morning and it was set off by nothing which would warrant any response at all, maybe a dog making a noise or neighbour going by.  Just small inconsequential things and she would fly into an uncontrollable rage.  It's all part of the anxiety/panic reaction but it obviously needed more than baclofen.  A while ago she apologized for this behaviour and said she realized she was doing it.  I think that the drugs strengthen neuro transmission and make processing of thoughts easier.  i don't know if that's accurate but it seems now she is better able to think and reason about her behaviour.   It was really getting to me over the years because you leave home with that thought in your mind and it makes you stressed all day long while she would be at home not realizing how bad i felt.   I was diagnozed in my 20s with vasomotor rhinitis and I have restless leg syndrome and some twitches.  I went through tests and the rhinitis doesn't have any allergic causes and my father had it so it appears to be genetic.  Over the past 6 years or so I have been getting worse, with the coughing, syncope and passing out. That appears from what I have read to be a neurological condition so i suspect that I have something akin to Parkinsons.  I have episodes when my whole left side goes into spasm and stiffens up and I can feel my brain sort of freezing.  It makes me walk with a stiff left leg for a while until it eases up. I have started taking baclofen and campral and it seems to make my thoughts much clearer.  I'll see how it goes over time.
    • Felina
      Yay for you and congrats for adopting a rescue! I absolutely adore dogs (cats too) but rescued ones are the best   My 12 year old rescued pit mix still learns new tricks with astonishing speed. Last year I taught her "other paw" when given the command to wave/shake hands. And she learned it pretty much immediately, with no training or prompting whatsoever. A few treats for reinforcements and she knew it forever. Dogs are so smart. 
    • BarrelChested
      If I have any regrets, it's that I seem to have gotten what I originally wanted: I can drink in moderation (provided that I take the pill). I was terrified by the idea of giving-up booze forever. The funny thing is that now I think that I want that. I don't know if I'll get there. And I don't know if I'm resolute in this change in desire. I just... well... I don't know.  @Missykc's comment made sent me down this path of thought.  The HORRIBLE gout attack finally passed (after over a month). However, I've yet to resume exercising (I've gone from 2-3hrs/day to zero... which can't be good). But there's no danger that I'll ever get back into running. So, I've got that going for me, at least. :-)  
    • BarrelChested
      @Ne1 and @Jetsman32 and anyone else interested: my extreme stress over the pre-employment screen seems to have been unwarranted. The HR folks never told me about my test results... but as I've worked for two weeks, I guess that they didn't find anything "suspicious" (including Naltrexone). The new gig seems to be going well. Er, um, except for the weekly 7am meeting. I want to throw-up a little in my mouth every time I say that.

      I've had a few days of drinking, per week.  You know... the volume (of booze) has been low. I'm losing interest, earlier. The hangovers, however, are becoming ever more painful. Things are looking up. I recently adopted a very sweet, very clever dog (a rescue)... and he's fantastic; he learns a trick in a day (start at night... and then by the next morning, he seems to recall it -- albeit with a little bit of thought; he learned to roll-over with, say, 15 minutes of training... and knows the command by voice, alone).  Annnnnyway, life is good.  Well, except that the pup is jacking-up my sleep. There are worse things.
    • BarrelChested
      @Ne1 You're not alone; we all mess-up, we all "know better..." and yet act to sabotage our goals. Aside from booze, my one "bad habit" is coffee. I've gone as long as a seven months without it (and had a few other long periods of abstinence). Alas, I just love the aroma and the flavor. HOWEVER, I do know that I have far more energy/etc without caffeine (the day starts slowly... but there isn't the post-coffee crash... and then the sine wave of consumption). So...

      Cut-out sugar and all sweeteners. Carbs cause cravings and fatigue. Eat real foods. Sweet potatoes (regular) and organic apples are good for your gut and slow-burning. Onions and garlic are good for your gut, as are crucifierous (e.g., broccoli) vegetables.

      I did this: You will need register or log in to read this content It's a summarized/for-dummies diet based on Sarah Ballantyne's work (The Paleo Approach). It really changed my life -- dramatically and overwhelmingly positively.  After so many years (decades) of being a health nut, I finally figured-out what had caused me so much pain and suffering. I had a lot of bleeding (and I'm male; do the math). So, I was pretty "motivated" to be disciplined about the diet -- to give an honest effort.

        I was really surprised that when I fixed my diet -- and ate EXCLUSIVELY "real" food -- my appetite became smaller and my energy improved. Everyone is different. I wish you luck!

      Oh, and regarding my favorite subject (um, "me")... well, I'll make a post on "my" thread.
    • StuckinLA
      lol *with dinner*. I'm going to hazard a guess and say that if you're still thinking about food you don't have what it takes to make it into the top 10%
    • Cassander
      Hah! It looks like extreme alcohol consumption in the US, like extreme wealth, is heavily concentrated in a small portion of the population. Do you think the two are related?