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Welcome to The End Of My Addiction

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    • Jetsman32
      Hey all. Hope everyone is having a great week! I've been keeping busy myself. My company was acquired officially on November 1st so I've been working with the new company outlining our HR policies and learning more about what they do. I think there is going to be some fun synergy between the two companies. Funny story, we had a call this week with our new EVP of HR - who is from the acquiring company. He was announcing that our EVP of HR was being let go. He opened it up and asked for questions on the call. Then it was silence..... finally I piped in, introduced myself and asked about the safety of our jobs over the next 6-12 months. He said we are all-good and he likes what we are doing. He also commended me publicly for being the only one with the guts to ask him the question that was on everybody's mind. I'm actually excited for 2017! I don't know why but I am having trouble tagging people. It will work once in a post then again not at all. I don't understand why this is.  A few things: @Ne1 I think with age we all change as stuck said. Strangely enough I now find myself drawn to true crime shows which I've never liked in the past. Weird. The good thing however is that my wife loves them so now we can watch together and talk about them instead of me sitting in my office playing video games. Sooooooo, have you heard back on the job? I thought you were going to look for something in retail for the holidays but it sounds like you may have found the real-deal instead! Please let us know. I'm very excited for you. Also- just to put this out there, I work in HR and have done professional resumes for years. If anyone wants a free once over just let me know! Also happy to hear that you are on a solid track in recovery and finding things to keep you busy. I thought you would also like to know that I am NOT a Christmas decorator. However, my wife, better known as the "Pinterest Queen" has gone all out. Everyday when I get home from work I feel like I'm walking into a department store. She has done an amazing job! I am very thankful her even more so around the holidays. She does some really cool stuff to make it special for the family. She also did all the outside stuff as well. My neighbor asked me what I did to help, my reply "I paid for the lights". hahahah he loved that. Funny thing was his wife did all the work too! Nicnak- I am not familiar with Nalmfrene but I agree with Molly, if the Bac is working then just roll with it! Dundrinkin- SO many congratulations on hitting 11 weeks AF. That is a huge accomplishment and something you should be very proud of yourself. Fredson- nice work on the exam. I think you are right about the lack of hiring. Most companies hold off on new hires until January because that is when the new hiring budgets and headcounts become available. If you need any help with that let me know. I have some great tricks up my sleeve to get you to the front of the resume pile.  I have the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) coming up in February. It has a 40% first time failure rate and cost's $400 a pop to take it. The big issue there is I have to have it to finish my Masters Degree at Villanova. Wish me luck- I have a lot of studying to do in January! If all goes as planned I'll get my Master's in June. Thinking about driving up to Villanova to walk the stage on-campus. It's always been a dream of mine. I've worked hard and I think I'm going to make it happen! Alice- glad to hear you are doing well and participating in your son's school. I should probably do more of that myself. I tend to do more driving him around and my wife goes to the meetings. I do however attend all of his shows and he knows I care deeply about helping him with fundraisers and the like.  Also glad you are AF still. I have switched my dosing as well. I now take 210 at 8:30am and 100 at around 4pm. It's been working great. I still have a TON of trouble sleeping so now I'm using an over the counter product called Unisom which contains Doxylamine, a drug twice as powerful as the stuff in Benadryl. This little pill packs a punch though! It will put you out like a light for a full 8-9 hours. The problem is that if you can't sleep that long and have to wake up early you are physically exhausted for at least a few hours. Since I get up at 6am now to go to the gym I usually take half a pill and try to be in bed at 11pm- seems to be doing the trick so far. My only concern is if it is addictive and if I stop will I ever be able to maintain normal sleep again. Anyone familiar with this? Mom- dang you for not telling us about your surgery! I am just glad to hear that you are doing well in recovery. Rest up and take care of yourself. I had the same problem with pain meds during the hard part of my back surgery recovery. I was taking Vicoden (Norco) and it would kill the pain and just make me sleepy. Couldn't catch a buzz- even though I was taking a huge amount. Don't worry folks, I didn't push it and try to get high or anything- just another strange and brilliant side-effect of Baclofen. As for me, this was my first week back at work. Up at 6am, and to the office at 8:30. It's been weird since for the last 2.5 months I've been working from home and sleeping in until 8:20 everyday! I'm doing it though and maintaining my IF. NE1- my wife is now down 26lbs in6 weeks- not too shabby eh? I lost 7 last week in my first full week of working out. Feeling pretty good.  My son is a finalist to get into the Governor's School I mentioned before. We are just waiting for his PSAT scores to come in and he still needs to submit two more essays.  If selected, he will need to travel to the school for a series of final interviews prior to being accepted. The worst part is we won't know if he get's in unitl May 1st for sure. It could be earlier but May 1st is the hard-cut off. I think the wait is killing me more than him! He also get's to take his driver's test next week. Lord help me. I'm not sure I'm ready for that at all. He will be driving my car all over the place and I'll have to officially add him to my insurance. The good part is that I won't have to keep driving him to work, school and church which will make my wife and I's night's more productive. Anyway- miss talking to all of you. The last two weeks have been fairly insane here. I'll try to be around more. Take care all.    
    • BarrelChested
      @Jetsman32 Brother, I appreciate you. I use the word "brother" with deliberation and gravity. I do not use it like a frat boy. You are a thinker and are in the jaws of the same beast. I regard you all as sensitive, intelligent, generous people. Well, except @Ne1.  :-D  I'm joking, @Ne1 (giving you back some of the "snark" which you think you've dealt me).   ... and I just deleted something like, say, 800 words of text/message. I copied it to a local file. Let's see how I feel, tomorrow.  Here's the gist: I've been through the meat grinder of life; I have empathy because of this.... and I thank you all for your support. That's more douchey and less "giving" than the 800 words. If it helps, just picture me on an aircraft carrier holding-up a sign that says, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"  Yeah, THAT guy. 

      The other bit: yoga can be great. PM me. I got-into-it as an ice hockey player. It has value.
    • Jetsman32
      Hey @BarrelChested I owe you a big apology for not being around. It sounds like you have been going through some stuff and wish I had been paying more attention to the threads. A few things, you can turn the bad to good- there has to be a way or what's the point eh? I also wear pajama pants ALL the time when I'm at home. I literally come in from work, drop trow and put on my comfortable pants. Nothing wrong with that at all! I am wondering though- why in the hell don't you have a DVD player? They are like $30. With all your computer and guitar talents I bet you could start consulting gigs and make a ton. You sound like a super talented person- for much of the things you talk about I am jealous. You also don't have to worry- nobody on here thinks you are a "bad" person. We have all been or are there right now. You however seem to be a very deep thinker and sometimes to a fault I believe- not to be hypocritical. Just saying that sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack, realize you have a past or flaws and move forward. I still have not tried Yoga. I've been hitting the gym every morning at 6am and Yoga class isn't until 8 so I can't make it. However, I have been focusing on deep stretching with every work-out this time- something I never did in the past. I actually really like it and think it will help me achieve new levels of fitness goals that I overlooked in the past. I also started to learn guitar (for like 5 days) and lost interest again. My passion seems to be exercise and work. I find escape in both. I actually kind of get off on conflict and working in HR, that is all I deal with! How are you doing lately? I know you mentioned some of your last posts were in the midst of a bender but mentally how are things now? Are you seeing better results? I am also willing to offer up my number if you ever need someone to talk to. Just send me an IM anytime and I will send it along. I will work on being better at jumping on more regularly. My company was acquired November 1st so I've been in the midst of a lot of high level HR meetings- mostly just listening in but it's been fascinating and I need to get back to what got me sober- being on here with you and everyone else.    
    • Jetsman32
      Hi @Alcofree and welcome. Sorry I'm so late to the party. I have not been as active on the forums lately as I have been in the past. I am just recovering from back surgery and returning to work so things have been a bit hectic. Here is the good news- Baclofen does work! I didn't even know what Baclofen was until about 6 months ago. I found out about it randomly while Googling in a drunken state. I was a total mess. That Google search led me to this page and these wonderful people. I ended up reading Dr. Ameisiens book and was hooked on the idea. I have been on Baclofen for I believe about 6 months now. I also had to order all of mine online- from Goldpharma. I titrated up VERY fast but that was because I was also addicted to Phenibut which has a semi-similar chemical composition. I had some side effects including sleep issues (like you) insomnia was a huge one. I found that herbs like Valerian Root were lifesavers for this problem. That and Netflix!  I hit my switch dose about 2.5 months ago at 310mgs per day. So far it has been nothing short of amazing. I no longer have any side effects. My goal was never to be abstinent, it was to be able to drink when I wanted and stop when I wanted. I have that now. I haven't craved a drink in quite awhile.Don't get me wrong I will still drink occasionally but I can stop whenever I want and usually after 2-3 I just don't want anymore. I guess I could force myself to drink more but I don't feel the need to. When my brother-in-law came in for Thanksgiving I had drinks with him but at no time was I even buzzed or tipsy. It was really nice! It is also nearly impossible to get a prescription here in the states. I finally found a Psychiatrist 3 hours from my house 3 months ago that will prescribe and it's been great in terms of cost-savings. However, with or without her I would have gladly paid for the Baclofen out of pocket. I'm not one of those people that was/is saving money by using Baclofen. I drank the cheapest crap available (bottom shelf) and drank at home. My monthly alcohol bill might only be $100-$150 total while the Baclofen might cost me $400 a month. I was losing money being on Baclofen but the piece of mind that I got by not having to deal with alcoholism was and will always will be worth the cost. I hope you stick with it and your side effects are minimal. If they get really bad just take it even slower but stick with it. Everyone here will help you every step of the way and ou will get there!
    • Jetsman32
      Oh wow. Have you been paying your premium since June anyway? If they didn't send you notice that your benefits were cancelled/suspended you might just have a lawsuit on your hand since you are now legally required to carry them. A company can't just stop insurance without written notice of cancellation. In the case they do cancel they have to offer you COBRA. Sounds like in this case they dropped the ball and are scrambling to try to make things right. They better move quickly because you've got them by the short-hairs. In any case, glad you are feeling part-way better!
    • StuckinLA
      Thank you both for your awesomely excellent advice, @Jetsman32and @Alice22. I have been in contact with my HR department. She said that I guess when I went from a quarterly adjunct to a new year-long contract Everything got cancelled. So I actually haven't had any insurance since freaking June. She is looking into what we can do to restore everything, which is great since I missed the open enrollment period. Anyway, feeling a little shitty but not as bad as I expected.
    • Jetsman32
      Good advice Alice. Also- when you call your HR department make sure to tell them what's going on with you. You are protected under HIPPA- everything you say to them is confidential. Plus it will be applied to your file so if they attempt to terminate you it will become troublesome. Make sure you are speaking with your HR Central team- not just an HR Business Partner (not even sure if colleges have those though). Stay in touch with your HR department and send them any and all documentation you receive from medical professionals and let them guide you on FMLA and or disability- which you will absolutely need if you go to an inpatient rehab. The more they have documented for you the better. It seems counter-intuitive to share all of this with your company but it really does protect your employment. The government definitely got something right on that.  I was never a fan of AA myself but I know people it works wonders for. Sometimes all you need is another person you can meet with or call on the phone that is willing to listen and be there for you. There are also some great lessons to be learned at AA regarding coping strategies. I took most of it (higher power, moral deficiencies) and threw it out the window but just listening to other people's stories of loss can be enough to help keep you straight. It's like anything else, absorb the good and toss the bad- but listen to it all. @Alice22 I had the same AA experience as you. When I was there they seemed to be my best friends but the minute you stop going they want nothing to do with you. You become poison in their eyes. It's really sad actually. Stuck- don't let that discourage you though. Go out and get any and all help you can.