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    • Felina
      Hi @Kfort116,   Here is a directory of doctors in the US: http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/forum/41-directory-of-doctors/ Here are a list of reputable online pharmacies: http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/forum/95-online-pharmacies/ And here are the dosage guidelines: http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/topic/121-prescribing-guide-baclofen-for-alcoholism/ Essentially, most people start at 10-15 mgs/day of baclofen (split into 2-3 even doses) and gradually go up in dosage every few days. Most people take baclofen 3-4 times a day while going up in dosage, as evenly spaced as possible. A 10 mg increase every 3-4 days is pretty typical. I don't advise going up much faster than that, because the side effects can sneak up on people and they can be brutal. Slow and steady is the name of the game. Your friend doesn't need to be abstinent for baclofen to work, but it is MUCH easier if she is able to. Baclofen pairs very well with antabuse. If side effects start getting intense, she can stay at her current dosage (or go down slightly) until they subside, and then continue titrating up.  Baclofen is a miracle drug. I credit it with saving my life.
    • Kfort116
      Hello...I'm looking for help for a young woman friend who has recently lapsed a few times after about 4 months of sobriety.  She is really inn jeopardy each time she drinks because her liver has already been damaged by her years of drinking and I fear for her life.  I've read The End of My Addiction and I think at this point she might be open to trying baclofen but I'm sure finding a doctor to prescribe it would be very difficult.  I think the closest one is about a 5 hours drive away.  Am I to understand that baclofen can be ordered from one of these online pharmacies without a prescription and that dosing guideance can be found here?  Thanks for any advice you might have.
    • Felina
      @Kaname88, I would disregard any warnings about it being illegal to order from online pharmacies. While it's technically illegal to order drugs from abroad in the US, the government does not pursue action against people who order them. As long as you're not ordering controlled substances, you're going to be fine. I've only ordered from River once, but aside from the (minor) hassle of using the e-check, my order went through with no problem. Many people on this and other forums have used River over the years. They are in Canada, but the drugs actually ship from India.   
    • Kaname88
      That's made me nervous as well. I also aim to order from River. How did that work out for you?
    • EricLambeau
      Bless you! Thank you! I am really hoping to be able to try a "one-two" punch on my addition with both Naltrexone and baclofen!  I thank you very much for your response. I noticed that there were not many people on the site and was worried I would get no response.
    • Felina
      Hi @EricLambeau, Here are some resources for doctors in the Toronto area who prescribe baclofen: http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/forum/65-canada/ I found baclofen to be a miracle. It reduced both cravings and anxiety. I've been on it for nine years now.
    • EricLambeau
      Hi everyone. My name is Eric and I am struggle with Alcohol use disorder. I live in Toronto, Canada and I am seeing a counsellor, and about 2.5 months ago I started going on Naltrexone using the Sinclair Method. Thus far, I have not found hardly any success and am feeling frustrated.  I heard about Baclofen from a Facebook group, and found my way here.  Some of what I have read seems quite promising. The problem is that it took a bit for me to convince my GP to even consider prescribing me Naltrexone. Now I have to see if she would prescribe Baclofen, which she also probably has not heard of. Is there anyone in Toronto who knows of a doc who is willing prescribe it?   Thanks! Eric
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