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    • RecoveringA
      OMG I’ve only just seen this thread. I too was desperate, so parted with £1000 pounds.. Philip Thomas is a struck offer Doctor here in the UK , who as some people have said prays on the desperation of others. He did give me a few phone consultations of which in some he sounded drunk.. needless to say it didn’t work for me, and I ended up in rehab. Now sober 3 years.. However that video of him shirtless is disturbing .. and it set alarm bells off, as I had a bizzare email exchange with him ( he obviously had forgotten he “Treated me” 🤣🤣 where he was asking what I was into as in sexually!! this bloke is sick.. I also just found this Facebook profile where he uses a fake name beware the pervert!
    • ronjer
      Oh...and P.S. - I am on day 9 with no alcohol and the anxiety was really low yesterday and today is almost not even there. I hope I will not get that again but it does appear to be in the "rain shadaow" of the binge that it occurs.
    • ronjer
      Thank you Mom2JTx3! Got my order into all day chem...they look most cost effective. I am going to carry a couple of them with me in case I ever get caught off guard. Then I can just stall for an hour  : )  I am so glad to have found this site. All of the folks sharing their stories is real fuel to take action. Knowing what the steps and feelings associated with each phase is helpful too. Great community here and I wish everyone much success!
    • Tony
      Thanks. That is really helpful context. 
    • Mom2JTx3
      Hi Tony.  If you stay at the same dose for a while, the side effects go away, or at least ease up.  You are right about part of the issue being habit. At one point I found myself drinking out of habit rather than because I really wanted to.  I think at that point it’s helpful to use some willpower to put down the glass   Everyone’s experience is different.  For me, Baclofen gave me the ability to stop drinking, but I had to make the choice.  Others reach indifference and just don’t want to drink.  I didn’t really have that, but I think that’s where habit and the memory of drinking being fun had to be overcome.
    • Mom2JTx3
      Hello and welcome.  If it were me, I would try naltrexone.  If you follow TSM (the Sinclair method) you only take it when you’re drinking which is a huge plus.  I think the anxiety after a binge is definitely withdrawal.  This will continue to get worse.  Please be aware that Nal can take awhile, but so does any method.  Good luck!
    • ronjer
      Hello,   Newbie ronjer here saying hi. I have read this forum for several months now and finally joined. All of your stories and struggles are powerful affirmations to other folks reading here and I thank each of you for sharing.  My question, that is probably everyone's first question, is which treatment would be right for me. I will probably go the Gold Pharma route while I try to find a Dr. I am mostly a binger these days. I was drinking every day for several years and casual drinker for 20 years before it became an everyday thing. Last year I had to try to cut down at the least and quit for 30 days in Sept / Oct. I then started back up slowly and of course was back in the Thursday to Monday, long weekend binge again. Quit for 31 days in January and by mid Feb I was back to binges. I took a week off in March and then binged again. I am now 5 days into my newest quit phase and am going to order something, but do not know what is best yet. Everything I do socially and all my friends seem to revolve around drinking, bars, parties, etc. I do not go out much though and spend most of my time and drink the most there too...out in the garage while I work on things...try not to drink in front of wife and kids. I am leaning towards Naltrexone so I can just not binge if I did drink and would even consider going AF or if I can get to the point of never binge drinking anymore. I can see a future where I do not drink at all, but I sure am not there yet. I can do all right if I just have a couple her or there or even everyday if it is just a couple. Problem is I end up getting more, but after a few days of binge drinking I get real scary anxiety attacks for a few days...possibly detox...or guilt?? Any advice would be great and I appreciate all of your struggles and wish you so much success!