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    • MichaelM
      Hello everyone, I've been following this site for a year now. I never posted before because my life is kinda busy. I feel that since i've been using Baclofen since March of 2018 maybe my experience might help someone. My alcohol problem has been severe since I was 17. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. I have been able to get and stay sober for years at a time in AA and the help of a psychiatrist. However sobriety in AA for me requires total dedication to it. I always end up relapsing even after 3 or 4 years sober. I tried TSM but I just drink right through the pill. Vodka. I would get so sick I couldn't work for a few days. The same with Bac but at least I could stop on my own. In the past I would always have to be hospitalized. I have currently titrated up to 200mg a day and I am indifferent to alcohol. I want to stay here as long as I can but the SE are difficult. My work is seasonal so at the end of Feb I will go back to 10-12 hour days. So I will probably have to titrate down slowly. One hopeful sign is on 1/3 i had not slept for a few days so I drank 1/2 pint to go to sleep. I woke up the next day with no craving for alcohol. That has never happened before. Ever. Not once that I can remember. I have not had a drink or a desire since. So I am very hopeful. Does anyone else have an experience with how long they had to stay at their max dose to achieve indifference? I worry that I should go higher but right now I don't think I could handle it. When i drink I start with 1 pint of vodka and 6-12 beers. Eventually I end up drinking  around the clock. Not anymore,Thanks
    • Otter
      Hello and welcome.   It might help to point him in this direction.  There are a lot of people here or who have been here who have similar problems.  We also have a large network of people who know doctors in various parts of the world.   Whether he's able to take any help he's given is another issue and whether it works for him is another.   There are other sites as well with a lot of people with drug and alcohol problems and maybe even just getting some moral support might help.  Certainly baclofen has been helpful for a lot of people with alcohol dependency and it works very well for a lot of them. It also works for opiate dependency. There are also people here, like myself who have family members with the same problems and the site helps because family need support as well.   Best wishes. 
    • Babsidibbles
      Hi - thank you for your posts.  I am interested in getting some help for my nephew who has a worsening alcohol problem.  I am a recovering alcoholic myself - I got sober through AA, but recognise that the success rate is not very high and some people cannot achieve sobriety through AA.  I came across this website doing research on baclofen, which I have to take for muscle spasms in my back and neck.  I am wondering whether I should direct my nephew towards this website as a way of trying to get help for his problem.  He has previously weaned himself off heroin (several years ago) and marijuana (several months ago).  My main concern is that with his history of addiction, he really needs to get help for deeper issues, but experience tells me there is no point doing therapy while he's still on the booze.  Any advice and experience will be gratefully received. 
    • Felina
      Happy New Year MJM! I am sad too. This site was never nearly as active as other forums, but during the first year or so it really seemed to be moving in that direction. Baclofen has been my miracle as well. I really credit it with saving my life. Thanks for posting! I hope some others will check in as well. 
    • MJM
      Happy New Year to you all, I hope this year is a happy, contented one for you all. I am a little sad to see so little support for this site. Baclofen has wrought a miracle in my life, and I am sure many others. Yet the majority of alcoholics in the western world are served up a cold dish of AA as their main source or recovery. That has a 5 per cent success rate. Baclofen has upwards of 60 per cent. Anyway, enough ranting. Just hope that somehow this great site can and will continue, with plenty of input.  
    • Jetsman32
      Hi everyone- long time no post. I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to check in and give an update on what's going on with me. I've been completely off baclofen for about 3 months now. My indifference to alcohol is still active but not nearly as strong as it was when I was on the drug. Amazingly I am now able to be a social drinker and when I get the idea to buy alcohol in my head I can easily resist and say no which I could never do in the past. I believe that being indifferent to alcohol via baclofen for almost a year did a "reset" on my brain. I'm not sure if there are any studies on this but I can testify from personal experience that it happened. My family is doing great. My wife got a promotion to assistant manager at work and I'm still doing corpoate recruiting working from home. This is an exciting time for us as my 17 year old son is a senior in HS and is actively visiting and applying to colleges. His dream school is Dartmouth and I believe he has a good chance to get in. if not he's looking at Northeastern in Boston, University of Chicago. Due to the fact that he is going to a prestigious HS and has excellent grades and test scores he has already been told he can get a full academic ride to Clemson. However, he really wants to move back to the Boston area where we are from- even if means student loans. Kid wants to be a doctor and I think he can do it. I've also started a side business and have just hired a coach to help me scale it. If you'd like to check it out my website is thebarksmeow.com  My company sells cat and dog items exclusively. I chose this because our family has 3 dogs and 2 cats and we just love animals! I do need to admit that I am using some drugs recreationaly but I've been careful. I smoke weed about 3 nights a week and on days where I just don't have any pep I take large doses of gabapentin. The feeling I get from gapapentin is amazing. I become so much more social and I'm far more focused than normal. This is great because I am truly an introvert and never really feel comfortable in meetings or crowds. The gabapentin erases this completely. I'm making it a point not to abuse it though and only on it 2 days per week. I still have a tub of phenibut but I learned my lesson with that and only use it once every couple of weeks. Yes, I know using these drugs are bad but I feel great and I'm doing well. I feel like I'm truly in control and it's an awesome feeling. I've missed posting in these forums. Everyone here is what I consider "good people". Without this forum and the education on baclofen I'd probably be in rehab for alcohol right now! I'd love to hear how you all are doing and I'll make it a point to check in more often. 
    • Nicnak
      I belong to a Facebook page called TSM warriors and a lot of people assure me it will work eventually as long as I’m compliant. There are people on there that have taken 14/15 months and eventually reached extinction so I’m still hopeful x