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    • County Hell
      I recall reading in the online pharmacy thread something about some websites selling Baclofen without prescription (or you have to provide the information). This might be an option.
    • Tony
      Hi --    I'm new to this site and new to Baclofen since November. I'm at 120 MG and am seeing a lot of progress, but my provider won't increase my dose any further. I'm looking for a provider who will go higher. I live in Oregon, but am willing to travel. I previously found an addition place in Portland -- Pacific Premier Group -- buy they wouldn't go above 80. My current provider is a family practitioner, and I'm frankly surprised she's gone as far as she did.  I really appreciate this site. I think it's really unfortunate how difficult it is to get providers to prescribe Baclofen. My sense is that the pharmaceutical companies aren';t pushing it because they can't make any money. The addiction field isn't comfortable because Baclofen doesn't require group or other mental health counseling (and it doesn't require abstinence). And the maximum recommended dose for its original purpose is 80MG. It's really tragic because it has already made a big difference in my life. 
    • Tony
      I'm looking for a provider who will prescribe high dose Baclofen. I'm at 120MG, and am seeing a lot of improvement, but I haven't achieved indifference and I don't think my current provider will go any higher. I live on the West Coast of the United States. I'm willing to travel if that's what it takes.   
    • Tony
      I found a place in Portland, but they wouldn't go above 80 MG. And although they wouldn't say it, my sense was their heart wasn't in it.  Pacific Premier Group, P.C. One Main Place 101 SW Main Street Suite 1950 Portland, OR 97204 Office: (503) 278-5665
    • Tony
      I live on the West Coast of the United States. To my surprise, I persuaded my primary care physician to prescribe me 90 MG of Baclofen. She later agreed to up the dose to 120 MG, but I sensed some reluctance. I think I can talk her into upping the dose to 150 MG at some point, but anything higher than that will be a challenge.  So far, Baclofen has been a godsend. I unexpectedly quit caffeine and have reduced my alcohol intake to 3 beers a day. I have felt very little side-effects, and usually feel a slight glow after I take my dose.  And while I'm fairly happy with the situation, I would like to take it to the next level if my doctor won't go any hire. My goal is the indifference that Dr. Ameisen found. Does anyone know a doctor in the US, Canada or Mexico who would be willing to write me a prescription for a higher dose? I'm prepared to travel for an appointment. Also, can a doctor from another country write me a prescription?  
    • County Hell
      Hi everybody, I have recently started the Baclofen Treatment. I live in a country, where this drug is not available, so I had to use online pharmacies. I noticed that there is not much information about the different generic drugs here (or I didn't search well enough). I received Baclofen Liofen 10 (India) and Baclofen TEVA (UK). I ordered from different providers, to make sure that at least one will arrive (customs can be a pain). I have started with the UK one (looked more professional), however I have two questions:

      1) Do you have any experience with these generics, would there be a preference toward using one of these?
      2) Since I currently have both, would it be ok to switch from TEVA to Liofen once I am through the first brand, or should I keep ordering and sticking to one brand?

      Thanks in advance for any inputs.


    • MJM
      Not a lot happening around here... still. Good news for me is my wife is seeking help for her drinking. She seems really serious about it this time. It is such a relief, but it has also made me think about my alcoholism.  I have been in survival mode the last few years as she deteriorated. I haven't really progressed, although not drinking for up to 3 months at a time is pretty good. I now have the chance to extend that. I am reducing my bac from 150mg a day to 125mg, in the hope that might solve my debilitating fatigue. I feel like falling asleep mid-afternoon. I wake feeling like I've been up all night (I haven't). It started about 6 months ago. I have had several blood tests, everything has come back clear. Only thing left to do is a sleep study. I occasionally snore. Bac relaxes muscles, so... maybe it's that. I'm not stopping Bac but I feel that if I can reduce the dose while not getting cravings (assuming it stops the tiredness) then that would be a good result. I also think it's about time I take on other avenues to treat my alcoholism, perhaps a weekly group meeting or something. Not AA.  I hope everyone is going well.