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    • StuckinLA
      If anyone ( @Felina, @Nicnak) is wondering about that Propanalol article, it's here: You will need register or log in to read this content
    • Nicnak
      @Felina My doc gave me 80mg straight off and said she could up it later in. She gave me a choice of ones that you take advantage and when you need it or slow release ones you take everyday and I chose the later. Anyway by the middle of the third day the hallucinations were almost gone so I took a third capsule and have had no more nightmares or hallucinations  
    • Felina
      Quick drive-by. I've been out of town for a few days and missed a lot of posts. 1. So sorry for your situation, @Jetsman32but I'm glad you have the faith and resolve to get through it. 2. WTG @MJM - that is seriously impressive! 3. @Nicnak - how many mgs of Propranalol did your doc prescribe? You may be overdosing. I started out taking 5 mgs. A lot of doctors will prescribe 20-40 mgs at a time.
    • StuckinLA
      Eh, you can still believe in moral failings if you'd like. In all seriousness, I think one of the positive aspects of AA is the focus on self-improvement - I don't think it helps one to stop drinking, but working on being a "better" person is great. And one of the nice things about not NEEDING a drink is that, well, you don't need to drink   Not sure if you follow Moderation Management (kind of an anti-AA AA group), but their big thing is a 30 day abstinence period before starting to work on moderate drinking. And I also think that's a useful tool - go out, go to parties, whatever, but get used to being out and about without booze and then see if you even feel like working it back into your life as a "social" thing. That's my two cents for now, and welcome!
    • Mom2JTx3
      @Jetsman32 Sent you a pm
    • StuckinLA
      Wow, well that sure didn't waste any time @Nicnak. Was going to say I had heard of it, but didn't because I only remember one newspaper article and now guess it wouldn't be helpful anyway. Sorry that's not going to work. Sounds like you're doing pretty well otherwise, though! And congrats on the lost weight. That's one of my priorities for this year, sigh.
    • LjDeveney