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    • Mom2JTx3
      Just keep going.  From what I’ve heard, it can take months and the time can vary widely, just like it can with baclofen  The fact that you responded  quickly is good news, but it takes awhile to reprogram those circuits. Good luck!   Edit: You are following the Sinclair method, correct?  If not, see information on this site or here: You will need register or log in to read this content  
    • StuckinLA
      damn it's quiet here. never tried Nal myself, but I hear it can take several months to fully work, so I wouldn't beat myself up over a long night and most of a bottle. seems like you'd been having pretty good success so far, and if you're not feeling any nausea or anything I say stick with it and stay hopeful.
    • NewChapter
      Hi all,    Been searching the net for a forum where you can discuss the ongoing success failure of using Naltexone.   I've just finished my first month with very mixed results.  At first it worked and my volume of consumption quickly shot down, from a bottle of whiskey to glasses , this was happening ona regular basis and the urge to not take the pill was completely gone!  However after my first time in a social environment and few pints ending up in a full on binge till 4am, I've found it hard to keep my volume down.  Last night was a prime example, i started at 8pm and by 11:00 I'd had 3 glasses, at some point my drinking got faster until i ended up doing nearly the entire bottle. Did i assume i was fixed, did that night remind me of just how good being drunk can be ?  Looking for some input if anyone else has been though this while taking Nal, this has to work and i really really want it too. Thanks
    • Otter
      I've been looking into what the role of the French ANSM is.  It was set up to exercise "pharmacovigilence".  On the face of it, this is a body which is supposed to examine new drugs and set limits on their use.  In the case of high dose baclofen, they simply rolled back the dosage to a maximum of 80 mg.  Having looked at the WHO directives on pharmacovigilence, this doesn't seem to be what they are supposed to be doing.  They should be trying to advance medical treatment for public health reasons and extending the use of new drugs. In underdeveloped countries where medical treatments are new, there is a lack of understandinding of how they are used and poor delivery and supervision.  By coordinating efforts a pharmacovigilence body should help to make the use of these drugs more successful.  It seems strange that the French ANSM would simply look at one study and conclude that everyone should be restricted to a maximum limit which might not help a lot of people.  Many people use the drug successfully and with good results, over a long period.   Many of the studies I have seen coming out of France study a set of baclofen users for a short period of time. One study compared their success to other who had been in residential rehab and had come out of it abstaining. The baclofen group were also abstainers.  Baclofen is not a drug used to promote abstinence primarily.  Rehab has a poor long term record for abstention so both groups, having been through rehab performed the same, over the short term. But, that's where the study ends.  What happens over a longer period, say 7 or eight years?  And, what resources are in place to assist baclofen users in the community or in hospitals?   Those are the sorts of questions the ANSM should be looking at.   My experience with baclofen is that there is, in the UK, no role played by public health authorities at all in the use of the drug. Hospitals kick you out the door if you present as an alcoholic.  Doctors still won't prescribe and those few that do will treat it as though it is a pain killer which you can take yourself and the problem should "clear up".  How does any of this fit in with a public health policy which is progressive and based on good science?  The French government has said that everyone will be heard.  I hope so and I hope they review the role of the ANSM in this as a body which needs to exercise it's powers in a way that promotes public health and safeguards the treatment of individuals who benefit from baclofen at whatever dosage they need.  We shall see.  
    • StuckinLA
      Yes and yes. Most people drink on the way up, though it's much much easier if you avoid drinking. And once indifferent some still have an occasional drink but often you don't really feel like it. It's possible to drink through that and get drunk but that's a tight rope to walk, indifference-wise.
    • Felina
      Hi Lee, Sorry it's been so quiet in here. Yes, you can continue to drink while building up your baclofen dosage. In my experience on these boards, most people do drink when they're titrating up. However, you will have a much easier time if you can possibly abstain. Most people experience horrible hangovers and, often, severe side effects when they drink on baclofen. Some people can continue to drink socially after achieving indifference, but a lot of other people struggle. If you reach indifference and then set out to get drunk on a regular basis, you will almost certainly lose your indifference.
    • Otter
      Here's the latest.   You will need register or log in to read this content The decision to reduce the maximum dose for baclofen in alcoholism treatment went before the French Council of State on 17 February 2018.  The hearing considered whether there should be an immediate reinstatement of the previous recommendation for treatment which allowed for high dose baclofen.  The Council decided not to increase the limit set by the ANSM, the French medicine safety board, and left it at 80mg per day.  However, the Council did not make a decision on the merits and will leave that until public hearings have taken place in the summer of 2018 or later at which the Council has promised that "tout let monde", all the world will be heard. in the meantime there will be committee hearings of the CSST, a European committee of experts who will review the data from studies. It appears from the article that they will ask questions of the Alpadir laboratory who conducted studies into the efficacy of baclofen and found it helped abstinence but no more than placebo.  The study used volunteers who, I believe, had already stopped drinking by engaging in rehab counselling leading to criticisms of its methods. I would urge everyone to submit testimonials and notify as many people as possible about this development.