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    • phoenix
      Hi there I'm just popping by, it's coming up to my 5 years AF date. For anyone who doesn't know I did TSM for almost 2 years which got my intake right down, before I decided it was time to quit totally. Not had a single drop since 21st July 2013. In that time I've gone back to uni, done a post grad to qualify as a psychotherapist, decided to take further specialist training in eating disorders and obesity. It's not uncommon for EDs and food issues to go hand in hand with addiction/substance abuse - which I know through my own experience (and suffering). Now hoping I can offer the sort of help I didn't receive.   I've also been able to do very well in the sport I wanted to be involved with, and very interested/involved with various alternative health practices - yoga, cold water therapy, various other things I use to help reduce anxiety and handle stress.
    • Molly78
      It's a shame the prescription of bac has to be associated with all the psychotherapeutic/psychosocial stuff, since it is a stand alone treatment as many of us can testify. Still, it's progress & yes, good news!
    • Felina
      That's great news!
    • Otter
      It seems that the French have decided to allow the use of baclofen in the treatment of alcoholism.  After hearing from baclofen users and supporters the scientific commission set up to consider the issue decided that baclofen treatment needs to continue.  Here is a report of the recommendations of the commission, I've underscored the important passages: "Following the filing of a marketing authorization application filed by the Ethypharm laboratory concerning the specialty Baclocur® (baclofen in the treatment of alcohol-dependence) following the modified RTU which limited to 80 mg / day the maximum dosage of baclofen in this indication, the CSST (Temporary Special Scientific Committee) mandated by the ANSM had delivered a negative opinion on the benefit / risk of this treatment because of various signals of concern regarding the safety of use of this drug especially high doses. The concern of the patients concerned, their entourage and caregivers was therefore major because this opinion could lead to the refusal of the AMM, the termination of the RTU and thus the withdrawal of baclofen in this indication! An unbelievable new episode in the already (too) animated saga of baclofen. However, following the mobilization of patient associations, prescribers and professional federations and aware that baclofen met a real expectation and that the problem posed a real societal dimension beyond the conventional evaluation of a drug, the Director General of the ANSM decided for the first time to create and convene a "Joint Ad Hoc Committee", bringing together members of the three regular commissions of the ANSM to give an opinion on the evaluation of the use of baclofen in the treatment alcohol-dependent patients. YES to baclofen! This commission, chaired by Professor Nicolas Authier, met on 03 and 04 July, the day of 03/07 being devoted to the hearing of stakeholders, associations of patients, prescribers involved, learned societies, professional federations of which the Addiction Federation represented by Drs. Aram Kavciyan and Xavier Aknine (under MG Addiction). These hearings and the rich debates that followed allowed this commission, despite the CSST's opinion, to decide in favor of the use of baclofen in alcohol-dependent patients and therefore against the withdrawal of this drug. in this indication. NO to the AMM "Baclocur", in the state On the other hand, the Commission is against the marketing authorization application proposed by the Ethypharm laboratory. Unlike a RTU for which a mere presumption of effectiveness may be sufficient, a marketing authorization requires that the benefit / risk ratio be established, which, in the opinion of the Commission, was not the case solely with regard to elements produced in the dossier submitted by the laboratory. YES to a refurbished prescription setting: Following the hearings and the latest international data, the Commission proposes that the use of baclofen may continue, in particular under the following conditions: in the indication of alcohol use disorders after failure of available therapies with the objective of reducing alcohol consumption to a low-risk consumption level; prescription by any doctor up to the dosage of 80 mg / day. Beyond this dosage, specialized multidisciplinary management should be systematically proposed, given an increase in the frequency of serious undesirable effects with increasing doses; no contraindication in case of associated psychiatric disorders but need guidance for advice or follow-up to a psychiatrist; the prescription of baclofen must be associated with psychotherapeutic and / or psychocorporeal and / or social, systematic management; the prescription of baclofen must be accompanied by a booklet for monitoring and promoting the proper use of baclofen.   Advances In the end and despite the negative opinion concerning the AMM dossier for "Baclocur ®  " , the Commission is calling for the continued use of the baclofen indication in alcohol use disorders and even proposes to make the possibilities more flexible. prescribing the current RTU by no longer limiting them to 80 mg / day and not retaining the contraindications for psychiatric disorders proposed for example in the laboratory file . Lastly, it recalls the need for a global approach, not exclusively for medicine, to deal with such a complex problem. A consensus on baclofen, is it possible? Faced with this health problem of such a large scale and the difficulties of specialized access in certain territories, the Addiction Federation had for its part proposed a greater involvement of primary care medicine on the basis of ad hoc training. and strengthened links with addictology structures, reserving specialized intervention for complex cases regardless of a dose threshold. Similarly, the use of a specialized device beyond the dose threshold of 80 mg / day can only be done in compliance with the therapeutic alliance created with the patient. Nevertheless, it welcomes the real progress achieved by this important work of consultation, especially as the convergent positions of all the professional organizations, including the Addiction Federation, helped to influence the debates in order to better meet patients' expectations. . It is now up to the ANSM to make a decision, we do not doubt that it is part of the dynamic consensual thus launched!"  You will need register or log in to read this content    
    • StuckinLA
      Logged on just now, and so happy to see all this activity! @Nicnak  it's nice to hear that things seem on an upswing, and congrats on your week! You know the first days and weeks are the toughest, but 7 days is a big deal and I'm glad you're not oppressed by cravings. @Molly78 your son sounds like he's in a tough place. I remember when bac (or in his case, nal) promised to be a miracle cure and at the same time permission to go all out and drink as much as I could. Beginning to think even that may be part of the long, ongoing process. Hope he finds his way. And here's to you, and your concern. Genetic dispositions are a b*tch but try not to carry too much guilt for it - no one ever makes anyone else drink. @Felina you are rockin' it these days. Awesome about your job, the challenging and rewarding part. And @Reggie! Good to see you, brother. Hope you're doing well. Would be great to hear from Ne, last I heard she's still alive but that's all I know. Miss her and worry about her. Sober is till going ok more or less for me, just the way things are. Still counting the months when the 8th rolls around, which is today, which is 19 months. Went to a wedding yesterday, and that was fine. I still think about drinking almost every day, but not exactly cravings. It's been so, so hot here the last couple days and I remembered the misery of sweltering hot days when I was in the depths of booze, how much it sucked to be sweaty and lethargic and still needing to pour buckets of liquor into myself. Man, glad it doesn't have to be like that today. To deal with stress I've been getting high every night for the last few weeks - since school ended, really. Sometimes a little earlier than "night," but I hate being high during the day. I've cancelled all the ways I watch TV - Netflix has been gone for a while, Amazon Prime ends today (after catching up on Game of Thrones ), so the options for getting high and vegging out to TV will be extremely limited. That's the point. The job situation is pretty dire - the job I thought I had a real good shot at turned me down on Friday, and now I'm not sure about the chances to stay in LA. Something is bound to work out, I know, but the waiting and the stress and the distraction of it all is really messing with me this year. Haven't worked much at all on my writing - the only thing that truly matters. I have all this time, but find it near impossible to do any sustained work. It's a daily struggle, one that I hope will improve without the escape of wallowing in front of the television. That's about it here, hope y'all are having a good one.
    • Molly78
      Yes, congrats to @Nicnak Just heard my son has discharged himself from the Priory as he was "fed up with the 12 steps bollocks". He has a script from his GP for naltrexone & has read up on TSM so fingers crossed. He had a go before he went to the Priory but Like a lot of people he thought it meant he could push his drinking to the limit & somehow be miraculously cured. As I think @BarrelChested has said - medication helps you to help yourself but it won't work if you're not working with it.
    • Felina
      Oh my goodness @Molly78 I am so sorry about your son. I'm glad you're taking care of yourself with the increased bac. I imagine it would be too easy to drink away your troubles. Self-care is so important! I hope your son can find some relief soon. Congrats on the AF time, @Nicnak. Glad to hear that the Nal is working for you.