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  • Latest Posts

    • Tony
      I was fortunate that it didn't ruin my personal or professional life. It certainly wasn't healthy. And I agree. I don't enjoy alcohol like I used. But that's good. I'd very much like to give it up for a while. 
    • Lor
      Hi MJM, yes IT was kind of dificoult down here in México but I have a doctor who was in charge of a small study with Vivitrol and he said to me that bac and naltrexone combo was very good but I dont like pretty much the idea of that mix and I hacen seen him but am steel alcohol free for 3 months with just one beer last week so im tiratering very slowly and am taking 60 and 70 mg a day of bac maybe its a better bit the kratom I dont know
    • MJM
      You're on the right track if you can put the beer back in the fridge.  For me though, over time Bac ruined my drinking.Only sometimes has it given me much of a buzz in the last year or so. Mostly it has made me feel sleepy. You might need to pull up altogether for a while, because as you say it's the habit too. It might feel very strange not drinking at first, but you get used to it. Then I guess it would be a treat to have the occasional drink. That's not the way I think about it though, AL has created too much mess in my life for me to want it to be a part of it.
    • MJM
      If you mean you still have AL cravings then you may need to increase your Bac dose; there is no set dose that will make one reach indifference, it seems. Or you might try to spread out the existing dose you're taking during the day to most effectively counter the cravings. Also, I suggest you have a look at this if you haven't already: You will need register or log in to read this content  For me, I titrated up to around 270mg per day and eventually settled on a maintenance dose of 150mg per day. I had been taking Effexor for depression and when I titrated off that, I found the Bac MUCH more effective. Before I did that, I would have cravings and drink for weeks on the Bac, almost every night, then seem to be able to be craving-free for a few months. Certain anti-depressants like Effexor can increase or even introduce cravings. I consulted with my Dr before coming off Effexor though. Do you have a GP or psych Dr you can consult? I know it's a bit like the Wild West out there getting good medical advice about Bac -- but it is really important if you can get some direct advice.  
    • Lor
      Hi I have been taking baclofen for about 7 months with only one relepse of 20 days of very heavy drinking almost 2 bottles of Vodka a day but that was on january so I decided to stay with baclofen but im taking 50 ro 60 mg a day and I want to drink so wath do you recomend me to do
    • Tony
      My last dose is between 4 and 5 pm. No matter what, though, I wake up around midnight. Last night, I stayed up reading for 3 hours. I'm enjoying the reading, but am a little sleepy during the day.  I similarly feel like the effects of drinking seem wear off quickly. I almost go to bed now feeling fairly clear-headed. My insomnia has abated over the last few days. I think the medical advice I got to be patient was good. If I can start getting good sleep again, I will be in an excellent place. 
    • Tony
      I was drinking twice as much or more. I also stretch it out more, so I don't get inebriated like I used to. My goal is not total abstinence. Although I continue to drink daily, it's mostly out of habit. I do not feel the same pull and no longer have that feeling that I'll feel even better if I have just one more beer. Even when I open that third beer, I often put it back in the fridge after a sip or two. My goal is to drink infrequently, only socially.