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  2. MJM's progress thread

    @MJM If you are aware of the hell I just put myself through, one slip won't kill you. Full blown relapse at 40oz of vodka a day for just over a week leaves a lasting effect both physically and psychologically. So don't beat yourself up to badly over a slip; take it for what its worth. I have forgiven myself because there is no point in rehashing what I did. The only people fortunately I emotionally hurt where my father and mother. Now I do things normally and its amazing how much they appreciate it. It has taken me a week to come back to normal using some unusual techniques described in depth on MWO in mostly Cattleman's Cafe and my own thread in Need help ASAP. I was afraid to take any drugs other than valium while I was recovering and I probably should have immediately started my mirt again and everything else. In hind sight I'm better now and lesson learned (again). When I drink my temper tends to flare, not violently, but I get hostile and start telling people what they are doing wrong in my opinion. Essentially I become an Ahole and start yelling at objects including my poor dog and lose my cool when things don't go right. Its refreshing to get back to normal Not sure what you mean an arse of yourself, but I'm guessing its saying foolish things? Yeah rewinding is hard. I carry a tray that is individual to the day, so i grab it in the morning and it has 4 slots and I use an app called Medisafe to remind me as it shakes and won't let up until I silence it. That would help you not miss a dose. Just a tip if you can find a high quality tray that has daily parts to carry your dose so you have it with you and use a reminder app. I do recommend Medisafe. With medisafe you can tell it what dose and how much you just took so you can actually see your progress.. Medisafe on Android I beta test so this url may not make sense but you can find it. Medisafe (Beta) Its available on iPhone also if thats what you use and if you want the beta I think its called Testflight, no url because I don't use itunes at all.
  3. Checking in - October

    Califia Farms cold brew latte with almond milk is so good. That is all.
  4. Baclofen to Naltrexone transition

    @Alcofree I see no harm in combining them. I do. Actually I combine NAL, Campral, Gabapentin and Mirtazapine. The concept that one pill or changing from one to another doesn't fit in my books. Now if BAC is causing problems, maybe try a combo of NAL and Gabapentin. Gabapentine does quite a bit of similar things to BAC as far as I can tell, but without the aka switch. I believe you can use more than one if your body can take it. The Nal I started using less because its hard on the liver and my last test frightened me. I used to use it daily and now I use it when I feel like it or need it. Its in my daily "tray" for first thing in the morning so as I carry the individual day (nice tray), I can take it if I need it as its always with me. Just a tip.
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  6. The latest position in France is that some anti-baclofen alcoholic "experts" are trying to publish reports of failures on baclofen or side effects which have made people stop taking it. I've been sent an email and link where anyone can post positive results of baclofen use to help counter this opposition to the use of the medication. I have no idea what is behind this. My worry is that it may be an anti-generic action on the part of a drug company.There are now several who are wanting to get patents on their own version of alcohol treatment using different levels of baclofen and perhaps other drugs, but I don't entirely understand the situation in France. If you do follow the instructions, please amend the final part of the testimonial so that it reads a bit better. I have left it as a "googlized" translation so it doesn't come out very well in English. Here is the email I received. H ello, An attempted manipulation public as an appeal for witnesses has been posted on the website of Hello Doctor. They want to steer clear of the debate by seeking witnesses having stop baclofen due to adverse effects. This is even more serious than Marina Carrère d'Encausse was and perhaps still in a relationship with Philippe Batel, long recognized alcohologist Allo Doctor and notoriously hostile to baclofen. The journalist neutrality of this issue is clearly challenging. So we ask you to testify in mass on the link below. http://www.allodocteurs.fr/appel-a-temoins/339 We suggest you start by describing the troublesome side effects you met (if there was) and then finish on profits that finally swept away. We also ask you to finish your testimony with this sentence: "I am aware of the emotional ties or have joined Mrs Carrere d'Encausse and Dr Phillipe Batel, a long time your appointed alcohologist and notoriously hostile to baclofen. As a result, your journalistic neutrality in this call to witness, very oriented so that the scientific debate is raging, seems to be questioned. " IMPORTANT: Pécisez, if you like, in this testimony on the site of Hello Doctor you wish to remain anonymous. Do not forget to make a screenshot of your testimony before sending. Then we pass it here. We anonymiserons recess. In the current context, we must not let the free field to a public service broadcast widely watched to maintain fear around our treatment! Thank you mobilize you
  7. MJM's progress thread

    So I got royally drunk last Sunday, from lunchtime. We had friends over for lunch and I made an arse of myself. I had dropped down from 125mg to 75mg of Bac per day when ill overseas. I didn't do it intentionally at first, I was just so sick that I forgot to take my 50mg evening dose. Once I was at 75mg I thought I'd be okay. Obviously not. Now titrating up, currently at 100mg and that seems to be enough to hold off cravings. I have been a week on half-dose and 3 days full dose of Mirt (30mg). I feel a bit calmer but still depressed. I hope it lifts soon because I'm sick of it. I have been exercising fairly reguarly, so the weight gain from taking Mirt seems to have halted. I am hungry more than I was. I'm hoping to slowly reduce my weight, but will live with how I am if it means my mood lifts. I don't think losing weight and taking Mirt have to be mutually exclusive, but I need my mood to lift first I think.
  8. Baclofen to Naltrexone transition

    Naltrexone is quite expensive at 8 CAD a day but so is baclofen at high dose. If you are paying outright cross borders then nal is cheaper on a benefit plan. I suppose how you use Naltrexone can bring the price down. The Sinclair Method for one. 250$ if used daily unless you have benefits. I have roughly 1500$ in nal for a multitude of reasons such as relapsing, concern for my liver, I started using it on demand. Bac is not liver based so if you have concerns for your liver its not a wise choice. Just my two cents. Nal is not made out to be what it is used for and can cause some damage and proves little success. Especially if you are injured and need opiods because it blows the safe limit of opiods out of the water. Its patented so its a money maker. If you live in the states its substancially cheaper if you shop around. Being british it will cost a fortune. But so does my campral and just slightly less. 340 for two months. Mirtazapine is by far the cheapest option. 14$ for 180. As an example I use roughly 25$ in drugs for AL alone.
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  10. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    Hi Barbara, Sorry for the terribly late reply! Such good news that you found a doctor who prescribes baclofen. It can sometimes be very difficult to find one who isn't married to the AA line of thinking. It's also wonderful that your daughter is having positive reactions to the low-dose baclofen. Baclofen is a godsend for many people with anxiety. It certainly helped me. It's hard to say what dose would stop her from binging. I was an every day drinker, and I drank the whole time I was titrating up on baclofen until one day I couldn't drink anymore. What a wonderful experience that was! Unfortunately, I went down in dosage too fast and promptly relapsed. It took a year or two of experimenting to find a dose that worked for me. I moderated for several years but have had long periods of abstinence in the last few months. I like myself better when I'm abstinent. Keep us posted on her progress!
  11. Baclofen to Naltrexone transition

    @Molly78 I want to get Nal on prescription. Will know the outcome later this week. I will feel better if I'm under full medical supervision. Bac is good.But I take other meds so always weary what works alongside Bac and what doesn't. Fingers crossed I'll get a chance to try Nal.
  12. Baclofen to Naltrexone transition

    I cannot get bac
  13. Baclofen to Naltrexone transition

    I am on bac, not tried naltrexone. However they work in entirely different ways, so should complement each other ie the bac will reduce cravings & anxiety, whereas the nal will reduce the "high" you get from alcohol. Mind you, bac does that as well. Any particular reason you are making the change over? Did bac not work for you?
  14. MJM's progress thread

    Not sure about ADs helping with colds. Except maybe having depression lowers your immunity? Try vit D rather than Vit C & take it all the time. Most of us pale people who live in the northern hemisphere are short on Vit D. Perhaps since you poor sods in the USA have to pay for your health care, you can get your doc to do vit D levels. GPs in the UK won't do them routinely. I was on steroids for a year & because of my age (risk of osteoporosis) I was prescribed Adcal (vit D + Ca). For that entire year i didn't have a single cold - unheard of for me! I stopped taking it once I was off the steroids & low & behold, got a bad cold a few months later - right in the middle of summer. I spend lots of time outside in summer so my vit D levels should have been max right then.
  15. MJM's progress thread

    Mirtazapine has been my life saver. MJM I hope it works out as well for you. And yes mirt is a weight gainer and a reason why I was given it, I am hungry all the time. I was way underweight from drinking straight vodka for 2 weeks. Uhm Im not sure about your benefits but I have a mouth type guard so I don't grind. They cost roughly 400$ CAD Cycling. I have a Giant 29er if you know what that is. Beautiful bike if you are into all terrain. The issue I have with it because the wheels are 29 inch is that if I hit a curb I blow a tire. That sucks when you are at a distance. We have amazing trails here so its got many miles but looks like new. My ex wifes bike was offered to be purchased on the spot on one of our first rides. We bought the best mountain type bikes. A 29er is more of a road bike. I'll take a photo of it shortly. Sorry you drank, honestly.
  16. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    @Barbara A.TSM gave me my life back. I'm not a doctor... but I'm pretty science-y/geeky/technical. Here's the summary: TSM/Naltrexone works for 80% of people in the first year... and down to 50% after three years. It works on the principle of "pharmacological extinction." I recently changed doctors and ran-out of Nal... and I now understand those numbers. Nal knocks some of the shine off of drinking (i.e., you don't get the the euphoria often associated with drinking; it's hard to describe this to someone that hasn't taken an opioid blocker whilst drinking). It's tempting to want a "really good time" -- like "back in the day." This is what leads to (I suspect) leads to recidivism. Personally, I find that Nal has helped to break the spell -- even for the month that I was without it. However, I had nearly a year with Nal before I ran-out. I'm rambling (sorry). So... I suspect that the ultimate predictor of success is desire. Most of us have had a toxic personal relationship. You're SO in love with someone... and it's great... until it either becomes one-sided or there's just too much heartache/bullsh1t associated with it. It still hurts like hell... but eventually you get to the point where you grasp that you just can't keep doing this. Yeah, the good times are transcendent... but the collateral damage is too high. You get to the point where "you just can't." I got there with booze (and clearly a certain girl). Sadly, the analogy breaks-down, here -- for some of us have a genetic predisposition for alcohol abuse. Frankly, booze is easier, more immediate, and cheaper than anything else... in the short term. Anyway, I "saw the precipice" with my drinking. Nal/TSM has helped me SO MUCH. It would help more if I would go to therapy (alas, I don't want the stigma - worried about my career). I take the pill. I take the pill despite having had horrible side effects. It's about desire. You can't choose this for someone. It just won't work. Your daughter has to want it.... and it's just not fun -- nor does Nal stop you from drinking. Having watched my mother get so drunk that she lost bladder/bowel control on the couch countless times (trust me, it was not for a lack of "upbringing")... and the "rest of it," I can tell you that if your daughter chooses booze over her kids... maybe they're better without her. I realize that this is a harsh thing to read. My mother died of alcoholism... and although she was likely otherwise a lovely person... I think of her as a selfish. emotionally-stunted, self-absorbed piece of sh1t. Had I not had amazing, exceptionally strong female role models the other side of my family, I'd be permanently damaged. Lastly... don't make excuses. This is what we alcoholics do. We can justify anything. Understand, too, that you're getting one side of the story. Look, I wish for the best possible outcome for all involved... but I encourage you to be open and honest about what's "best." N.b., I did qualify that my views are tainted by personal experience. Good luck -- addiction sucks.
  17. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    Hi stuckinLa Thanks so much for your response. After reading your post I read about the Sinclair Method....fascinating! I have never heard of it! And, even when I saw Naltrexone mentioned, it was not mentioned that you have to keep drinking for it to work! You said that you used to take Baclofen, but don't anymore. Did you follow the Sinclair program and are now just using Naltrexone when you drink, or are you abstinent? Can you tell me the difference in how the two meds work? Seems like what I've read suggest Baclofen also seems to work on neural pathways. Wondering if they work similarly? With Baclofen, though, you can be abstinent and it still work, right. I wonder if de-addiction occurs with Baclofen. Do you know?i Also wondering if Baclofen works better if one is still drinking, like with Naltrexone?? Or do you get the same benefit if you're abstinent? Right now my daughter cannot drink. She is in the process of a divorce and her husband, who is a heavy drinker, threatened to try to get full custody because of her drinking. Though it's excessive only occasionally, as binging, it's a problem. I don't think the courts would likely be knowledgeable about the science surrounding it, and it's too risky at this point. Perhaps down the road she could try the Sinclair Method. The injection form of Naltrexone is really expensive, but the pill isn't at all. Just taking a pill before you drink is really a lot simpler than trying to figure out the right dosage for Baclofen. I am amazed that I had no idea that such strides in treating alcoholism had taken place. Seems like AA and rehab centers are still proponents of abstinence as the only way, instead of rewiring the brain.
  18. MJM's progress thread

    It's been a while since I posted last... I've been overseas on holiday with my family for the best part of a month. Lots of ups and downs but we made it. Some really enjoyable moments and some... well, not so much. I got drunk twice and had a few drinks here and there while away. Nothing of note, except as I have said before, I want to stay stopped as my goal. It is usually my sense of hopelessness, wanting to escape low feelings, that trigger a drinking episode (well blow me down :)). They are always much briefer episodes and the AL has less effect than before Bac. I got really sick with a chest infection when o/s and the short story is that I don't seem to be smoking cigarettes anymore. So not a thing left to escape my feelings with now, really... I don't know if being on ADs reduce that chances of getting colds etc, but this winter has been by far my worst for years (and first winter w/o ADs for 7 years). I have has something like 4-5 colds. I have been taking heaps of Vit C powder; sometimes it seemed to help ward off an imminent cold, other times it clearly did not. I am trying Mirtazapine again, because I have been feeling pretty flat. Either that or getting into rage with the kids, yelling at them (or my wife). Those odd side-effects I had last time have not reoccurred. The ony thing is that I must be clenching my jaw whan asleep, because my jaw muscles are sore in the morning. I also will sleep a lot if in bed - at first it was jet-lag but as it continues, I'm pretty sure it's a side-effect of the Mirtazapine. I have been more hungry than usual and so have to watch it there (a Mirtazapine SE is weight gain). Part of the problem is that I have been inactive and feeling jet-lagged/sleepy. About to go for a long walk, and have be cycling a bit too. Hoping that exercise and trying to delay satisfying the hunger pangs will work I'm only on day 4 at 1/2 a 30mg tab per day, and so far my mood seems a bit flatter if anything. I don't feel all that happy to be back home and am not all that interested in doing much. It might still be partly the process of adjusting my body time clock after a month of being on the other side of the world though. Hoping the Mirtazapine will take effect soon and won't give up on it if it's doing nothing until seeing my GP on the 30th (who might say hang in there a bit longer anyway).
  19. Sarah

    If you did not know she was an addict. I met her once https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZbN_nmxAGk
  20. Sarah

    If you did not know she was an addict. I met her once https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZbN_nmxAGk
  21. Sarah

    If you did not know she was an addict. I met her once https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZbN_nmxAGk
  22. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    Hi and welcome, @Barbara A.. I haven't used baclofen in a few years now, but when I did (for quite a while and in large quantities) I always used Goldpharma and never had any problems with them. Some people respond very positively to low doses. I know of one woman who was an all-day every day drinker and stopped almost instantly on 30mg/day. Anyway, so it has been known to happen. Many of us take quite a bit more though. Good luck and keep us posted!
  23. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    Felina, thank you so much for responding to my post. You have no idea how much encouragement my daughter and I are receiving knowing that there is someone out there that can walk beside us in the Baclofen journey! And to know that you have used Baclofen successfully is so wonderful! I don't know you, but I'm proud of you anyway! Seven years is a good track record. Have you chosen to drink at all or embrace abstinance...just curious. I am also very pleased to hear you say these pharmacy sites are still reliable. When I googled them for reviews things were said that made me leery of all of them, but if all of you are finding them reliable, then they must be. I have searched very hard to try to find a doctor who will prescribe Baclofen. Today one of my searches appears to have paid off. I have contacted a psychiatrist who I have been told by the office staff does prescribe Baclofen for alcoholism, and the staffer was rather confident that if my daughter became a patient, she would do so, particularly since she is already taking it. I will make an appointment for her next week. It will be expensive, though. $300 for the first visit and $150 thereafter, which hopefully won't be that often, after a couple of months. I would prefer to have her monitored to begin with, especially since she currently doesn't have the urge to drink, and therefore doesn't have "cravings" as a guideline right now about how far to increase her dosage. After 2-3 months if all is well she might be able to go on her own. Today I did an initial search of some prescriptions only pharmacies, and was surprised that the first once that came up (here in the USA) was almost as low as the foreign pharmacies listed on this site (.34 a pill for 270 20mg). I'm real excited about that! I realize that 20mg is a very low dosage, but interestingly today my daughter was feeling depressed and anxious about all the divorce issues facing her. Then I learned that she had not taken her Baclofen and wondered if that is why she had a difficult day; her first difficult day in the week I have been here. Then she took one 10mg pill and she seemed better after that. We decided to "ration" the pills until she can get a constant supply. So if 10-20mg Baclofen is responsible for her being "upbeat" on previous days, I'm impressed! She was up to 40mg, but backed it down to make it last longer. She said she can't tell any difference so far from the varying dosages. Based on all the testimonies I've read, I suspect that she will need a higher dosage to avoid "binging", but have no idea what that dosage will be. Thanks again for your help!
  24. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    Hi, Barbara! Re: meds on sites like alldaychemist: it has been my experience that the recommended sites provide medications that are of good quality. Those drugs are not close to their expiration date or in any way otherwise inferior. The sites that are generally recommended (River Pharmacy, All Day Chemist, Goldpharma, Inhouse Pharmacy) provide high-quality medications at a fraction of the US cost. I have used all but Inhouse Pharmacy, and can attest that they are as "clean" as any drugs sold in the US. I highly recommend them. It seems scary to order online from a foreign pharmacy, but many of us have used those sites with success. I certainly wasn't an occasional drinker. I was an all-day, all-out type. But I have been on baclofen for almost seven years. You have mentioned that your daughter takes 20 mgs/day. Generally speaking, that is usually not enough to make a difference. She can certainly benefit from that dosage, but she might find much more relief by slowly (slowly!) titrating up in dosage, and watching to see if a higher dosage helps her when she does get the urge to binge. Everyone reacts to baclofen differently. Naltrexone is always an option, but it can run quite expensive. It might be a good idea to stick with baclofen for a while first before switching/experimenting with another drug. Do I sound like I am all over the place? It is difficult to make suggestions when everyone reacts to these drugs in a different way. In any event, I am so glad you're here. Please stick around, ask questions, report on her progress, and keep us updated.
  25. Going to start Bac today?

    It's I think about 3 standard glasses, just over. A restaurant pour (I believe) is 6 oz, a guiness sized pint glass is 20 oz
  26. Hello! Does Bac interfere with Naltrexone? I'm making the transition. Does anyone have any experience? Is anyone on Naltrexone?
  27. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    I have reviewed the posts on recommended online pharmacies. These posts are over a year ago; would be interested in knowing where members are currently buying; best prices and considered most reliable and trustworthy.
  28. Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    Thanks so much for your response, M! It was very helpful. I don't know if you're familiar with "muscle testing" or "kinesieology" but she tested strong on Baclofen, which indicates her body liked it. In any case, we would like to see how she does on it. Even though she is not presently having "cravings" there are times she binges, and I assume something like a "craving" precedes this, but I'm not sure. Thanks for the encouragement about online ordering; there is some really scary info about it. I agree that slightly expired dates are not a huge deal. What sites do you order from that you have confidence in, if you don't mind sharing that, and how long have you been ordering from them? Right now my daughter is not drinking at all, and is doing really well; looking forward to a life without an abusive husband, who was a major trigger for her drinking. She only has about 30 10mg pills left, so we've decided that she will get off it for now (she was up to 4 a day and now down to one because she is going to run out) and see if she can tell any difference. That way if she can, she can start back up and we can order online. That way we can tell, even if there are no obvious cravings, whether or not she is benefitting. With such high doses being consumed by some it appears that you would have to be ordering all the time! Right? It could get very expensive, seems to me.
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