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    Hello everyone! Good to hear from people. @Felina, thank you for starting this thread @StuckinLA, 1000 congratulations! 🎈🎉🎊. I’m so proud of you. Glad to hear that classes were rewarding. Have you thought about posting some of that writing for us to read? What is the subject matter? @Nicnak good luck with TSM. I often wish I had tried that first since you only take medication when you’re drinking. Let us know how it goes. @MJM Thanks for posting. I feel the same way that Baclofen has changed my life. Fingers crossed for you that the Zyban helps lift your mood. @Otter Thank you for keeping us up to date and for fighting the good fight. I definitely believe that Big Pharma is behind the suppression of baclofen usage to the detriment of alcoholics everywhere. It’s really a crime. As for me, i’ve titrated down from 310 mg of baclofen to 60. I’ve tried to go below 60, but the anxiety kicks in so I haven’t been able to. Maybe someday. I don’t drink at all now because I can’t. I get severe DTs, even after one drink. I think it’s a blessing in disguise because it removes all temptation knowing I’d end up in the hospital. Have a good week everyone!
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    Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a while, good to catch up with all of you above. I am down to 80 mg bac from 200 mg, don't feel any different - I have the odd drink but it's habit really, it doesn't produce any positive feelings & if I push it & have another one I just feel dopy & demotivated. So something in my brain has changed, maybe permanently? Not sure whether to go down any further at the moment as some lifestyle changes are happening - I have retired from work. Although I was only paid to work 2 days a week I actually worked 3 days most weeks. Even so, it's amazing how much mental energy work demanded of me & I feel a real sense of relief when I wake up in the morning. I have signed up for yoga & pilates at the gym & like @MJMI am trying to do 30 mins on the exercise bike 4 times a week. I think bac has weakened my core muscles & I really need to work on them to stop my back problem progressing. Maybe too little too late but the sense of achievement is nice.
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    Thank you, everyone. In a lot of ways it does seem like the time has gone quickly. Feels like we're wandering a bit in the wilderness here on this site these days, but it sure is great to see you all. @Mom2JTx3, I'm glad you're doing well! And can't tell quite how you feel about it, but 60 is a pretty low dose and that's great! Yes, maybe some day lower or none would be better but for now, keep on keepin on. Your exercise routine makes me envious, @MJM. And I'll second the thanks to @Otter. If I even start thinking/talking about Big Pharma I'll have an aneurysm. Have a good one, all!
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    Hi everyone, good to see some activity around here! Mind you, I haven't exactly been helping. Hope Ne is okay, it's been a while since she's posted anything here... Great news Stuck, on the 17 months! Congratuations! It seems like that's gone quickly (to me anyway). I have broken my regular 2-month cycle of drinking it seems (just!). I was due to drink (well, it was beginning to seem that way) on April 28. I have not played with my Bac dose; still 150mg a day and I plan to keep it that way for another year or two, maybe longer. Reducing the dose way too early caused me so much grief. I have been exercising and am still slowly losing weight. I try to get in 3-4 sessions of 30min per week on my exercise bike. It also helps lift my mood a bit, which has been bumping along at what seems a bit less than happy most of the time. Still don't get a thrill out of what usually does, like working on my old car. My writing is shocking too. I was looking for some info and pulled up an old story I wrote a few years ago and couldn't believe I actually wrote it. Much of what I write now is dry, turgid bullshit, and it takes me forever to squeek it out. Like pulling teeth. I was going to say how depressing it all is , but I think you already got that. I've just started taking Zyban, which is partly to get me off cigarettes but to also treat my depression. Two people in my family take it for depression to good effect so there's a good chance it will work for me too. Here's hoping. The main thing is that Baclofen has turned my life around. There are still problems with depression but I feel like I'm slowly working it out. I'll try to be more active here, it really is important to keep this site fresh.
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    Hi all well I’m putting my all into TSM now,into week 2 and am going to stick with it although I know it can take a long time Baclofen was great but I’m very unlucky with the constipation side of it
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    Happy May Day everyone, workers of the world unite! I second @Felina, let's get a breath of fresh air back into this place (while it's still up?). My concern, obviously, is the state of the site and my growing worry over @Ne1. Haven't heard from her in quite a while, even when reaching out via 3D channels. @Moderator1 and @Moderator2 any news you could share on any fronts, anything, would be appreciated. As for rants and blabbering, that's usually my forte. These days, not much going on. Sober coming up on 17 months, and it's also coming up on summer which means job insecurity all over again. Been writing, though. Teaching this past year has been amazing, honestly, and some of the best students I've ever had. This has been a real treat, and unfortunately one that doesn't come around that often. Hope ya'll are doing well out there.
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    Indeed, I'm trying the Sinclair method. I think I wanted to run before i could walk but i agree i need to take the positives of the affect it's had so far. @BarrelChested Some very valid points and solid advice. Since my post I've taken steps to limit my consumption even more, I really only drink whisky so i only allow myself to have 3-4 single drinks to hand, I didn't want to limit myself this way as it felt like i was cheating (maybe the addict trying to make sure i always had more) but as I'm the one deciding to only bring that much to the table it feels like I've taken back some control. Since making this change, I've found my interest in drinking all 4 drinks goes fairly quickly and often i look and it's 11pm and I'm still on my first drink. I've found that i can overcome the Nal, but the feeling isn't the same even when i do (did) but as people keep telling me, the healing process will take time. I think after the bad week i felt i had taken 10 steps back, but even when i look at my overall consumption and behaviour it was a lot better. This was the biggest eye opener for me. I actually started to write about after the negative feelings i had during my first slip up. My opening line was "i thought I'd found a miracle turns out it was only part of the cure" Nal can only get me so far, the rest of I need to do myself. Finding people who have been or are going though the same has made me understand that I'm not the worst person on the planet, it will take a lot of time to build up the trust in myself. I will have a read of your past posts and I'll assume you've seen it, but one little pill is now my go to film every time i feel I've taken a step back. It's based around the Sinclair method. Thanks for the good luck message and some wise words. Some key thing's I've found after not being drunk constantly for the past month and a half. 1) That stomach pain that you always blamed on some unknown illness has drastically improved.... 2) You do not enjoy films, music, games or any other activity infinitely more because you are drunk, you are not more creative or deep because you are drunk, in fact the appreciation for all of the above is clearer when you're sober and more present. 3) Drink isn't your friend, you were never in control and it's not a weakness to find outside help 4) You are harming others, even if you think it's an activity you do on our own away from the ones you love. 5) You have to forgive yourself to move forward, you have to have to want to move forward for yourself and not anyone else. I'll keep posting my journey here but thanks to all of you who have replied.
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    G'day @StuckinLA glad to see that you're still around and read that you are going so well. I'm going okay other than the drinking which has been pretty full on for the last couple of years now. I stopped taking baclofen when I started choosing to drink after my family broke up,it's been over 2 years now. I am trying to drink less, but being by myself a lot is counter-productive. It's too easy to grab a beer, and then another ad infinitum. I still have baclofen here and I'm sure my GP will prescribe it again, it's just a matter of getting started. I'm sure that there is plenty of lurkers, but sad to see not many contributors. I noticed my post had 15 views when I checked this morning. It's sad to hear that @Ne1 hasn't been around, I remember and contributed to the start up for this website, there were high hopes. I will continue to check in as much as possible, especially if I start taking bac again 😁 Take care and I hope to catch you again soon.
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    Hi all. Glad to see the site is back up and running but sorry to hear that nobody has heard from NE1. Hopefully she is ok. @StuckinLA congratulations! 17 months is a BIG deal. Things here are going well. I'm down from 310 per day to 30. Great work Molly on your taper as well. For some reason though, I am not having alcohol cravings even with the very low dose. I'm not complaining at all but am praying that this will continue! Still trying to adjust to the changes at home. In December I started a full time job working from home for a company in Boston. At times I love it and other times I feel depressed and lonely. However, it has been positive because my wife is really starting to kick her career into high gear. Up until a year ago she had been a stay at home mom. She is now a retail manager and really enjoys it. It works out well that I work from home because my wife often has to close at night- usually 2-3 times per week. It's funny because we've totally switched roles. I'm now the one driving our daughters to school, brushing hair and doing the majority of the housework. Although I do get lonely at home during the day, this job has truly been a blessing. Major focus of mine right now is to try to make myself a better person and get rid of bad habits, behaviors and thought patterns. I'm doing this because I want to get the negativity out of my life and also to help with my anxiety which is typically at it's worst when I wake up in the morning. Last weekend I picked up the book Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. Really enjoying it so far. On another note, very proud of my son who turns 17 next month. He goes to a private residential STEM high school and every summer juniors that are becoming seniors are required to do a 6 week research project by working onsite with professionals. My son hit the jackpot and was selected to go to Germany to do cancer research. He want's to be a doctor so this is an amazing opportunity for him. He has also been in touch with the host family he will be living with and they have weekend trips all planned out including going to Paris (and others) and visiting castles. Anyway- glad to see the site is back, it had me worried for awhile. Hope everyone has a great rest of May- I can't believe we are almost at the halfway point of the year. Where does the time go?!
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    Congrats on your retirement, @Molly78. Enjoy your time at the gym and yoga, and so happy to hear you feel relieved in the mornings - must be such a wonderful switch from the grind of work! No news here, will let y'all know if I find a job. And happy Mothers' Day to all the moms and those with moms and basically just everyone
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    I was wondering what happened to the forum. Nice to see it back up. All quiet here. Well, not really. My wife is fine. Taking her combo of bac and campral morning and night. I'd say she's about 98% back to normal. I think about this a lot. Back in the day, say 10 years ago, I figured this illness would kill her and I was desperate to find something which would make even a ten percent difference. Instead it just got worse. I don't even like to think about it. We're setting ourselves up in a business venture in the UK because we can't work here and my wife is doing all the running getting it set up. I'm freaking out and she's cool as a cucumber. We fell out on Monday and she said she felt like getting a drink but didn't. I had to go for a drive. I felt she was moving too fast but she kept saying she had no worries and would make it work. What a reversal of roles. I'm the nervous wreck. She gives me some bac to help me with the stress. lol. I was told that the French lawsuit was in court on 2 May, but I have heard nothing and there's nothing on the French site about it. I'll keep checking. This was supposed to be about reversing the decision to reduce the dose limit of bac to eighty mg a day, before hearings this summer. I started tweeting about this because I figured this forum was shut down and my Tweets got through to the people taking the case to court and they wrote to me. I think this French situation may be caused by drug companies wanting to suppress prescription of generic baclofen. Xenoport are now moving forward with trials of Gabapentin Encarbil for alcoholism, supported by the NIH and Invidior, the makers of Nurophen, etc., are still working on Arbaclofen Placarbil and they have a history of suppressing generics and were prosecuted by the FDA over Subudone. They raised health concerns about generics to protect their own product and ensured continued profits of $2 billion a year while their safety concerns were investigated, before the FDA found them to be unfounded. What a mess this all is. I hope it all resolves itself successfully and soon. It would be nice to move on... Anyway, it's heating up here, no rain for ages.
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    I've been using Nal for over a year. I've posted extensively about my experience with it. Feel free to lurk. The abridged version is this: 1) it works for me (and for the vast majority of people) 2) You can "overpower" the Nal. I can't drink beer (which I love; the gluten... not so much). So, if I stick to cider/wine, I "lose interest" after a few drinks. I figured-out that I can "move past" the "getting drunk phase" and straight into the "fully drunk" phase by slamming liquor. A big part of your experience remains choice. Unfortunately. If I could stick to beer (I'm just not a huge fan of either cider or wine), it would be much easier. 3) Nal can be used to cut your consumption... but I'd rather use it to help me eventually stop. I was terrified by this thought (stopping) when I started with Nal. It was explicitly NOT something I wanted to do. Time tends to change perspectives. I think that a life free from booze (I'm not there, yet) might not be so bad. The only bad about a sober life is that you're around a bunch of insufferable sober people (arguably, though, this isn't much worse than being around a bunch of barflies). 4) Sleep is the biggest determinant of will power. Personally, at least. If I don't get good sleep, I'll almost certainly drink to excess the next day. This is a vicious cycle. 5) exercise keeps the bottle song at bay (er, it helps). 6) Do not underestimate the addict's mind. It can justify anything. Finally, let me say that Nal is a tool. It's helped me tremendously. At the same time, it's mostly an evolution of desire that's lead me toward better shores. Uh, and I realize that that does not sound appealing. It's been a journey to get here. My advice to you is this: just keep trying to be a better version of yourself each day... and remember that it's okay to slip-up. Oh, and I highly recommend The Sinclair Method. Good luck, friend...