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    It's been a while since I've checked-in. My life has been a bit drama-filled. Frankly, it's been an emotional rollercoaster. Only my job (which I really enjoy) has been stable. So, in a rambling, disjointed fashion, a few random thoughts/experiences follow... A week or so ago, I found myself in a situation "requiring" drinking. I didn't have my Naltrexone. I'd managed to have 1-2 without it a few times before. This time, I had several -- more than I really wanted. Anyway... I disliked it. I truly did not enjoy "the full experience" of drinking. That is just... bizarre. However, well, although I can drink to excess on Naltrexone (albeit less than half of my previous levels), I find that I've become accustomed to the low-euphoria version of drinking. Go figure. I might someday find myself abstaining to an even greater degree. Time will tell. Booze causes hypertension. A doctor told me this (since getting a dog, my "serious" exercising has stopped (no time because of the dog)... and my BP has skyrocketed). Using a home BP monitor, I've noticed a STRONG correlation between drinking and hypertension. Just... ugh. I'm trying to avoid the BP meds. The girl I'm dating has a real problem with booze. She gets fall-over drunk on a regular basis (and black-out drunk occasionally) . I really like her... but... well, I don't know. It's not a good combination. If you get so drunk that you pass-out in public... well, this is dangerous. It's also a drag having to baby-sit someone that's totally "housed..." and then get in a fight because you don't want to go to bed at 8-9pm on a Saturday night. I cannot -- will not -- dare try to tell someone they have a problem. No one can fix an addict but themselves. It took me a LONG time to choose to get help. I suspect that it only works when you decide to change for yourself -- not for anyone else. Although there's more to report, I suspect that that's enough detail. At the end of the day, my drinking (even with the bad influences) is under control. I'm really grateful for Naltrexone. All-told, life's not so bad. It could be better... but it could also be a LOT worse. One upshot is that I largely avoided the complete sh1t-show of U.S. politics over the holiday break (it was nice... for that crap just drains me).
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    Those girls are always the most fun, though. For a while ::sigh::
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    I have this with baclofen. And I'm getting to think it's just not worth bothering with. Previously I had planned that I could still "enjoy" a couple of drinks, butt now one is enough & it just makes me a bit drowsy. So I guess there is an extinction response with bac as well as an anti-craving effect. I am now titrating down from 200 mg at 10 mg per week. This is mainly because I finish work in April so my income will drop & buying bac costs money. My GP allows me 60 mg/day for muscle spasm, so if I can settle at 80 - 100 mg daily my costs will be minimal.
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    No words of wisdom, just wanted to offer sympathy and moral support in your sad situation That seems to be the problem with waiting for the "switch" - you feel you can just go on drinking until suddenly you don't want to. A more proactive approach is to stop drinking first, you can then titrate up faster on the bac, and each day will be more bearable than the one before. Just a thought. I have been dealing with the fallout this Christmas of a binge-drinker son who reached rock bottom and was actively suicidal. My guilt that he inherited the problem from me knows no bounds. He does at least understand that it's a disease, and he has an appointment with a psychiatrist next week via his private health insurance (he is a lawyer in a city firm and the health insurance comes with the job). I shall be interested to hear what the psychiatrist has to say.
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    Hey Mom2- I'm not an expert, but from what I understand about kindling, it is caused more by repeatedly (abruptly) withdrawing from alcohol, than the long term exposure to high levels of alcohol itself. That is why we say going cold turkey can be a very dangerous endeavor, especially for those who habitually relapse, and then abstain without medical support (or tapering) to prevent seizures, hallucinations, DTs and the like. For many individuals, this cycle can cause lasting (or even permanent changes) to one's nervous system that make it prone to hyperexcitability. This article does a good job of explaining it: https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh22-1/25-34.pdf "After long-term alcohol exposure, the body activates a complex set of mechanisms to counteract the effects of alcohol’s persistent presence in the brain. These mechanisms promote the activity of excitatory neurotransmitter systems and suppress the activity of inhibitory neurotransmitter systems, thereby attempting to return brain function to a “normal” state inthe presence of alcohol. When the individual stops drinking, however, these adaptive changes result in an imbalance in inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmission, resulting in CNS hyperexcitability that manifests itself as withdrawal symptoms. With a drinking pattern of repeated bingeing and abstaining, the imbalance occurring during withdrawal may accrue and intensify with each successive episode and may culminate in a state of persistent CNS hyperexcitability seen as a kindled (i.e., augmented) withdrawal response (see figure 1). The following sections review changes in inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitter systems that play a role in mediating CNS activity and function during AW." -tk
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    If anyone ( @Felina, @Nicnak) is wondering about that Propanalol article, it's here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2113477/Propranolol-make-addicts-forget-want-drink.html
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    Happy New Year! May all of your wishes come true. Interesting article this a.m. in the NYT regarding willpower. Drs. are now saying willpower increases stress levels, it was a long article, but the gist of it was that using control at an early age produces smarter and high achieving kids. For adults too, and the bonus is that feeling of accomplishment. Maybe that's why white knuckling it doesn't work. I was a very impulsive person and didn't allow myself to think before acting. A lady I knew was over 10 yrs. sober and at a NYE party grabbed a glass of champagne and thus her decline back to drinking. This makes a lot of sense to me and it was only when sober that I realized how impulsive I was. Self-control also makes it easier to be compassionate and grateful. So the zen of "being in the moment" and calm thought may be a key. Mom, The kratom strains are described on kratom websites.
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    Happpy January everyone x A little retail therapy stuck? Haha well I ended up my Xmas trying “once again” to titrate up and got to 240 with no switch.Very very constipated again so that really must be it this time. I thought I’d go down the naltrexone route (again) but I’ve never really given this s chance because I always wanted that “switch” Im off bac now about 4 days and did it quite fast and have been having very strange vivid dreams and hallucinations but I’m not scared off them because I know what they are.Well this just happened last night. I decided just like that one day to stop that drinking that day 2nd jan and start dieting.Ive drank i day a week which I call my day off.Ive lost 11 pounds and the cravings are very low,much lower than on 240.So I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. Also went to the docs yesterday for more blood pressure meds and brought up propranolol for my anxiety and she agreed to prescribe them.Ive been researching them because I’ve got quite strange taste in my mouth,kind of bittter like if you’ve stuck your finger in your ear and tasted it(by accident of course).I found some literature about it being used for alcohol cravings but that was back in 2012 and it said it was going to be a 5 year trial. I found the article in mail on line (sorry @Molly78 ) Anyone heard anything about this!
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    That is the very best thing to here, MJM. Really hoping things sort themselves out for you, and congrats on the sober-time! Completely empathize with the "forgetting" you're an alcoholic. Well, not much to report but since I'm here... Nope, nothing. Back in school, first week down teaching at both places again plus once-a-week tutoring. M/W is fine, commuting across town and teaching and office hours and tutoring, fills the day. Still struggling with T/Th, as my classes don't start until 3:30pm - really want to do more with the morning. Hell, the whole day really, but it's difficult to get myself organized when I know that I'll have to go start work and I end up wasting the whole day just sitting around staring at the internet. Discipline, discipline, discipline. I need some. Other than that, throwing money around like a drunken sailor. Paid off my credit cards and at this rate my balances will be right back up to what they were before the new year. But a huge industrial bookshelf! And Belgian linen bedsheets! And maybe a sofa! And I have my eye on a $200 leather-bound King James Bible... And, and, and. I swear, I really ought to take handfuls of this money and instead just go waste it at a strip club in Vegas. Come to think of it, I'm actually surprised I *haven't* done that yet. Oh well, that's about it. Hope ya'll are doing well out there.
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    Happy New Year everyone! I hope that this year brings the sort of indifference to alcohol you desire. That sounds corny, sorry. But you know what I mean. Whether staying sober or drinking in moderation, no-one wants the hell of full-blown alcoholism. I've been sober since 28 December, on 150mg Bac. I am hopeless at checking in here, and usually only to top-up on my miserable, woe-is-me thread. I want to change that in 2018. Part of what leads me back to drinking is that I 'forget' that I am an alcoholic. I did have a bloody awful Christmas/New Year period, probably the worst ever. From early December, every week I was hit with at least one drama if not two. Drinking every couple days did not help. It's interesting to see how the freshly sober mind works. I still walked around for a few days cringing, as though I had a target on my forehead. I was so worried about something else going wrong. Now I feel more positive, even about my debt levels. I used money I put away for my tax bill to pay the plumber (who fixed a broken sewer pipe). I am not so worried now; either I will save all or most of the money in time or go on a payment plan with the tax office. It won't be fun, for sure, but it'll work out. Jetsman I am so sorry to hear about your predicament. Life can be tough but it sounds like your faith will pull you through. Good for you.
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    Update on kratom. I tried the same strain (Red Bali) again. It worked so well the first time and of course, I thought 1 tsp worked well. how about a 1-1/2 tsp(!) and made it into tea with honey. Big mistake! I had the euphoria and pain relief, but then went on to jitters and a lingering anxiety. I don't even care about the euphoria, just help me get pain relief. When I was getting my dental implants in Mexico, their pain reliever was Dolac, described as an analgesic but did the trick for pain relief and it was non-narcotic. I asked my dr. about it and she had never heard of it. The analgesic pain relief is very similar. I also tried the maeng da which is the white kratom for energy and focus. All I got was itchy skin. Maybe that's just me, I become homicidal if the label on my shirt touches my skin. I need energy and focus badly. I have untreated ADD., but will pass on this. I may just continue with a weakened Red Bali, but that would become pretty pricey. I also found a blog and there were some horror stories, first time users using 10X the recommended dose and it went badly, of course they were abusing it. There were also many who thought it a wonder product for arthritis. The best big pharma has done on that front is to kill a lot of people and the side effects of existing drugs is stroke, death, etc. Cure is worse by far than the symptoms. Well, that's my 2018 experiment! Thoughts to you all who have experienced freezing weather. Here in TX we were down to 19 deg. Hopefully, will kill fire ants and airborne colds.
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    Ok, that's interesting. Hopefully I can find info where I read about splitting tablets. I read about lowering dosages where the author says to take 5mg. Tablets only come in 10 and 25 AFAIK. So one would have to split them. I use a pill cutter. I'll see how it goes. I don't feel like taking the whole 10 mg at once. I'd rather split it over the few hours when I normally drink. Reading the guide now. Thank you!! Edit: I just checked. My tablets do come with the scorned line down the middle.
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    Oh sorry Mom2, now I remember your experience, and it not being a result of binge drinking... It does sound a lot like Delerium Tremens though, which usually presents in a few days, but can take more than a week to develop. These typical symptoms (of DTs) seem to match up with yours: Body tremors, Changes in mental function, Confusion, Decreased attention span, Deep sleep lasting for more than a day, Delirium, Quick mood changes, Hallucinations, Restlessness, Fatigue.... I had a bunch of ideas I was going to put down here, but after a quick perusal of the literature describing protracted AWS, I'm going to have poke around a bit more to see if I can come up with some helpful and relevant answers for you. -tk
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    Now it’s the next day and of course I am hung over. It’s not as bad on BAC for some reason but still no fun. I wish that I could stop drinking first but it is so hard when someone else is drinking in the house. Yesterday I veered away from the bottle shop when getting groceries but when back home the temptation was too great. I am going to concentrate on getting myself back on track and then worry about my wife. I am concerned about my children and the potential for them to suffer this addiction. At the moment though, all I can do is try to get myself straightened out. When my children are a bit older there is a conversation that I need to have with them. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.
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    Quick drive-by. I've been out of town for a few days and missed a lot of posts. 1. So sorry for your situation, @Jetsman32but I'm glad you have the faith and resolve to get through it. 2. WTG @MJM - that is seriously impressive! 3. @Nicnak - how many mgs of Propranalol did your doc prescribe? You may be overdosing. I started out taking 5 mgs. A lot of doctors will prescribe 20-40 mgs at a time.
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    Hiya All My name is liam deveney and over the last 21 days i have worked up to a maintenance dose of 120mg of baclofen daily. i have had several nights drinking during this period and for the first time since i was 16 i feel satisfied with a few drinks. i am in a state of shock right now as 1 drink would send me into a 7 day round the clock binge requiring detox. One emotion i have noticed which maybe some people can relate to is i feel guilty as someone who has been in AA for 14 years. its almost like I'm indoctrinated into believing I'm a evil man if i drink but all ive ever wanted to do is drink in social situation without risking my life. I also feel a disconnect with AA Friends as if i talk to them thier conditioning will probably assume I'm deluding myself. i am having an identity crisis right now as if I'm not liam the alcoholic who am i? if I'm not the person who hurt everyone who loved him through choice but through a diseased brain then what happens to my self image of a cruel selfish person? hope some one identifies with my I'm just introducing myself as i feel everyone in my world is skeptical and i need to someone to validate me that what I'm feelinging is others experience.
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    Wow, well that sure didn't waste any time @Nicnak. Was going to say I had heard of it, but didn't because I only remember one newspaper article and now guess it wouldn't be helpful anyway. Sorry that's not going to work. Sounds like you're doing pretty well otherwise, though! And congrats on the lost weight. That's one of my priorities for this year, sigh.
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    Congratulations! I never bought into the whole AA thing. I always thought of my alcoholism as a disease, not as a moral failure so I can’t say I understand how you’re feeling. I just wanted to say that I’m very happy for you!
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    So sorry that things aren't going very well @Jetsman32. Thinking of you and hoping for the best.
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    Jetsman, I strongly recommend that you do not taper off too rapidly, nor cross-taper to Phenibut,. Here's a piece I wrote about what to do if you are running out, or low on Baclofen: http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/topic/126-baclofen-withdrawal/?tab=comments I think that you might find that there are people out there with extra Baclofen around, maybe because they bought a bunch and found that it didn't work for them, or they just accumulated it over time after titrating to a maintenance dose while still receiving a threshold dose prescription. It wouldn't hurt to ask... I would try over https://www.mywayout.org/community/forum52 too. -tk
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    Molly, I'm sorry that is really tough. It's very hard to tell a 20 something he can't drink for the rest of his life. As far as guilt, it's a useless emotion, especially in drinking. Genetically, we are what we are. The problem with alcoholism is we never get to the off switch in time. No guilt in the world is going to fix the disease of alcoholism, it's a powerful mystery and we are discovering it's brain chemistry, genetic make up and just plain old wanting to get drunk. If you can tell that nothing you are saying is going in, better to say nothing or be a nag and nagging has never worked. Good luck.
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    Hi B.C., welcome back. It's good news to see you have your drinking under control. I'm stating the obvious but your girlfriend's addiction to booze is not good. Not sure of yours or her age but falling-down drunk can only be a complete liability for you. If nothing else you are starting to see what a nuisance drunks can be lol. Great job on yourself keep it up.
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    I'm following this: I'll read the link you posted. I'm used to consuming half a bottle of wine an evening. I'm an evening drinker so after work and until 1-2 AM. You are right, I definitely won't fight the sleep. Last night was the first night in a loooong time I went to sleep before 1 AM! As stated above, I've read conflicting things about continuing drinking with bac and not.
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    Most people are drinking when they start Baclofen. AFAIK, no Baclofen tablets are scored therefore they are not designed to be halved. i am not a pharmacist but I would not expect you will get an equal dose splitting tablets not designed to be split, especially without a specialist tool Please read the prescription guide I posted before, IMO this is a vital tool to success Regards Bacman
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    I'm taking half the 10 around 5 PM and the other half around 10 PM. I'm an after work drinker. So I did take a few sips of wine yesterday. I've read that some do and some don't continue drinking at least a little when they start. Thank you for the welcome!
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    Thank you for the kind welcome. Ok, so it seems like I will have to keep going and slowly work my way up. I know last night I couldn't finish the small glass of wine I poured. It was about 1 inch. So I'm thinking placebo affect. I'm not sure I'll know a lot until I'm a few weeks into it. The tiredness was a shock. But then again, I've always had sleep problems so this could be good!
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    Anecdotally, the switch or indifference whatever you wish to call it tends to occur in accordance with the amount of alcohol you are used to consuming. How much do you swallow at a sitting? You need to try to fight through it - The sleeping at night is a GOOD thing I would suggest this is a matter of routine change. Baclofen can help you with this, however I would not recommend drinking when you do not have the urge against your will to do so. Yo Stuckers! Yup! @satchel Are you following the titration schedule? There is a later one but I don't have a copy in my library. Regards, Bacman
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    Thanks @SKendall How did you learn about the different strains? Did you just order it online? It looks like our local vape shop sells it as they come up when you google buy Kratom. I bet my kids know, ha ha. I continue to titrate down on Baclofen. I’m at 140 mg, no cravings. I think the fact that I can’t drink at all will be a benefit in the long run. My brain fog is clearing up nicely. That along with a Keto diet has done amazing things for mental clarity, not to mention my weight. I feel like I’m getting my brain back which is convenient since I need it for work these days Happy New Year! 🎆 May this one be better than the last for each of us.
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    Hello. I need to get over here and post more, it got so quiet for a while I didn't know if EOMA would continue. I'm very glad it is continuing and a little more active. Speaking of kratom, I tried it on Friday for the first time. The pinched nerve I have is giving me a lot of trouble and is running down my groin to my knees, as well as lower back so someone suggested kratom. It's a ground up leaf from S.A. and comes in various strains. I used the Red Bali for pain and it helps with anxiety and insomnia. White is used for focus and energy. It is really, really hard to mix with a liquid and is extremely bitter, but IMO, worth it. If you have used cocoa (not hot chocolate) it is very hard to mix but eventually it does, but kratom is much harder. I experienced a pleasant warming feeling, helped with the pain and produced feeling of well-being. I think I may buy those capsules and fill them up. Until then, I will mix with hot water to a paste and drink it with apple juice or chocolate milk as recommended. Although nothing really helps with nerve pain, this was good. RX for pain meds are hard to come by here. I also received an RX for gabapentin for nerve pain, it was helpful but I had to stop because it affected my eyesight. I read g/p has now become a very abused drug. Also, A small province in Canada now labels alcohol as causing cancer and the latest data is that a lot of cancer occurs in heavy drinkers, etc. Back to kratom for a minute. There is talk of it being banned in some states and these scare tactics emanate from big pharma. Heaven forbid we should take something natural that works. Big pharma wants us to take their meds with horrible side effects and empty promises. I haaate big pharma. I'm so sorry to hear some of you are really struggling. Just remember sobriety needs a plan and practice the application of plan. Passive hopefulness just doesn't work. Hard work is required, along with healthy food, etc. I used the same diet as in 7 wks to sobriety. Many of us are hypoglycemic and this diet will level out blood sugar. Sorry that was a bit of a lecture. I have been sober many years now but I remember the hangovers, withdrawals, etc. I rarely even think of alcohol any more, just a fleeting thought now and again. I wish this for all of you. I hope 2018 will be kind to everyone and I hope Trump will be jailed, lol.
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    Sending supportive thoughts your way, @MJM. As the child of an alcoholic and an alcoholic myself, I can only say that it's surprising how much can be forgiven. I don't want to repeat everything said already, even though it's the only advice really. So, I'm glad you're focusing on yourself first. Hopefully your wife will get to a place where she'll want to do the same. Hang in there.
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    I also try to instruct my kids about the genetic component of the addictive personality. Fortunately, they are open to hearing it. I really am lucky that they are so supportive.
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    @MJM I’m so sorry to hear. I have many regrets about the time I spent drunk while raising my kids. There isn’t really anything you can do to make your wife change. If she does become violent, you may have to take steps to protect yourself and your children. My thoughts are with you.
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    @MJM I feel for you I really do x This disease or whatever it is sucks.When my kids were small I could hide it from them but they are 18 and 21 and know what’s been going on for years.I know they love me but they have no respect for me. My younger son is quite reclusive but my older son is a typical 21 year old and although he doesn’t drink daily at all he’s like your usual binge drinker but when I try to explain the heredity side of AUD he refuses to listen.I wish I had never picked up a glass:(
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    Mom. I am with you on the wellbutrin.
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    I take l tyrosine to support dopamine levels, and l theanine for anxiety. I’ve struggled with the classic low dopamine level symptoms for ages. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol or the Baclofen. It’s interesting that you mentioned serotonin. I never did well on any ssri meds, St. John’s or 5htp. The only AD that worked for me was Wellbutrin and that may also help with dopamine.
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    Yikes, @Mom2JTx3. That sounds horrific. I hope you're doing ok without drinking. Seems like you're all right, if busy. I can't say as I'm exactly ready for Christmas, but it's almost here regardless. Not shopping for many people, so that's a plus. Mailed out holiday cards this year, managed to dig up 20 people/families' worth. Who knew I knew that many people!? I was hoping to use this time off to write, but that's off to a slooooooow start. And come this Thursday I'll be heading home for the holiday and then... poof, the winter break is over. Grrr.
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    December 8, 2017. It's official, one year sober. Feels like something that should be celebrated at a bar.
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    @Ne1 if you read the links that @empyr3al posted on gaba it's clear that large numbers of people have trouble coming off it - which, if it doesn't strictly meet the criteria for addiction (craving, needing larger doses for the same effect etc), is a big problem. There's a new poster on here @TeetotalRecall who is having problems getting off it. I think you're naive if you think you can dabble with something like kratom which has opioid effects & is known to be addictive. I was much too casual in jumping into gaba for sleep - got a bit overconfident I guess after having successfully self-medicated with bac. Will definitely be more careful in future & have stopped messing about with 5HT, L-tryptophan, even though these seem relatively benign. Also will not be using modafinil again, not that that's addictive but all these things mess up your brain chemistry. And we are addicts, we are more likely than the rest of the population to become dependant on anything - it's our nature, we have a disease as you point out above. wrt criminal responsibility & addiction @Otter has written a lot about that.
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    I used to have thoughts like that all the time, still do on occasion especially in subway stations. It's not that I want to jump in front of a train or yank the steering wheel, but the thought of "but what if I *did*" is sometimes very strong. Just because it's there and it is a momentary action that cannot be taken back. Something to keep an eye on but not worry too much about, in my opinion. You know best, I'm sure. Sorry about the sleep and the irritability. I have that too sometimes, the waking in panic. Eating junk food immediately upon waking with a start really helps, as does smoking. Not sure if you're a smoker. Either way, it sucks. Hang in there.
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    Mirt is nothing compared to trazadone. Trazadone will mess with you for the first 30 minutes of consciousness and language doesn't make sense and the chaos is insane and you can't make answers because time makes no sense which is hard when you manage your families waking schedule. Mirt is a little less painful in that regard. Have tea made and freaking nuke it even if its stale and put on a new pot. I suffer from an ability to hear everything so its over whelming when too many senses are hit at the same time. My wife touching me would throw me way out of wack and that is not okay, because I loved her. Now I might add if i was not understress and wanted to be close, morning sex for man is probably the best. There are articles about it in Mens Health. Stress like my dog licking my toes on the toilet are a little much. So it does go down in SE's. Talking to my specialist today, he said don't be bouncing it up and down and just take it straight forward and it will take some time (a week or two). Now he also gave me gabapentin which really I'm afraid to touch more than what I already am using. He wants me off valium. (Nalt, Mirt, Vitamins and the odd valium).
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    Thanks Ne. It is good to be sober again. Although this afternoon it has been a bit of a struggle (sigh). I don't feel like drinking, but I have been feeling depressed. Picked up my car from its 2-year service and it will need to go back in again to get the gearbox taken out to see why it's making a noise in reverse. It will all be covered under warranty and I have other transport while it's away. It's just that I think it's won't be the same when I get it back (ie probably worse) which may or may not be true. It's also that it was my first brand-new car in 30 years so the thought that it needs a major component rebuilt or even replaced is well, upsetting for this perfectionist. The problem happened probably because I have been towing with it quite a bit (within its towing capacity) and also fitting a tuning box (basically boosts performance). I should really build a bridge and get over it. It's not a big deal, it's just a bloody little cheap car and will work fine when I get it fixed (for free). It's a city run-about not a SUV tow vehicle or a sports car. Jeez... The other thing is I have been so busy, yet am faffing around too. So today I had to pick-up my car, drop in to say hello to my dad, write two 2000-word stories, have the kids arrive at my office at 3.10 and give them something to do, go to a physio appoint at 3.30, get my daughter to her singing lesson at 4.00 (just around corner from physio) and sort-out images for one of my stories while the kids were wanting to go home from my office. Got one of the stories and pics out. Should really start the second yarn now but I just couldn't be arsed. It'll be in first thing Monday. I have time.