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    Hi everyone well after saying I was done with baclofen after failing to reach indifference and constipation I have tried it again because without it I was drinking 1-2 bottles of wine a day. Ive reached almost indifference at 150mg a day.I say almost because I still have vague thoughts of alcohol but have not felt like I needed a drink since Saturday. Ive been like this before in a way that I’ve wanted a drink but couldn’t drink more than a glass but thought I had to go back to zero and start again because I’ve had true indifference and wanted that again,but I’m very happy with this state of mind now. still got major constipation and can only go with strong constipation relief but I will persevere.I think I have what is called anismus.
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    Hi all, just a quick hello. I’m still sober at 150mg p/day, only have had cravings once since my last drink nearly 2 months ago. I am less prone to depression this time around - I think - because I am exercising. I’m not super organised or regimented about it, but if 3-4 days go by and I haven’t been on the exercise bike I really feel it. Another benefit of exercise is not just staving off depression but actually feeling that pit of the stomach excitement or well being occasionally. I started to knuckle down and get organised with work about 3 weeks ago and I am starting to really feel really tired from it. I don’t think I have worked as hard for a long time and I’m recognising now that I need to back off a bit. I’m trying to do too much too soon. Any way, this week I can stay at home mostly writing up the stuff I have been doing out on the road the last few weeks, so that will be easier on my worn out brain and body. I tried going for a jog this morning and it really emphasised how much my smoking is affecting my fitness. I am starting to think about giving up again. I’m noticing too just how much time I waste smoking, especially on those days where I have been flat-out. I popped a nicotine lozenge a few times to deal with the cravings rather than pull up on the side of the road to have a puff. I too have been wondering about Ne. I hope that she’s okay.
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    Just left my appointment with a script for 80 a day and a renewed faith in doctors!!! She was amazing!!! I was very upfront and honest and she seemed to appreciate that! As far as I can tell I’m her only patient on Baclofen. However her info got up here thank you! if someone wants to make note that she is now educating her self about Baclofen and specificity high doses, and is willing to work with Honest & Motivated Drunks!!!
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    To true, such a relief!!! Thank You!!!
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    I have an appointment this morning thank god! 1 week with no meds, i was at 200 a week ago when I ran out and called my doctor in Cali to tell me he can’t help. I have been reaching for the whiskey this week and hate it, temporarily it makes the withdrawal better but I cannot function this way! Thanks for your help!!!
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    Hi @bsleezy! The closest provider I can see is in Seattle. You might have luck printing off the studies from the research section of this forum and taking it to an addiction specialist. A lot of us have talked our local doctors into prescribing just by arming ourselves with information. Good luck!
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    That's a bummer, @MJM. About the negative feelings, and of course your wife's drinking. That's really tough. But 2 months at a stretch is not nothing. In my own experience, I was always real proud of any sober time when I was still in the cycle of drink, get sober for a minute, drink again, repeat. Now that I've been AF for a while, looking back things appear more complicated but still any day without a drink counts. Wish I could say the negative feelings, the irritability and anger, go away or at least fade, but I've just found more or different things to be angry and irritable about. Just kind of a low-grade burn seems to be my default approach to the world. Then again, given the way things are going that might be the rational response. Hope things even out for you. Great job with the exercise, though. Looks like we could use a March thread here soon. Have a good one, everybody.
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    @Nicnak I am so pleased for you! wanting an occasional glass of wine is how normal people feel. Welcome back to the human race from the depths of alcoholism. I still have an occasional drink, but rarely more than one. Now titrating down, at 170 mg this week.
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    I am now starting to taper down from 200 mg. The caffeine problem postponed this for a while - constantly feeling jittery made tapering down difficult. Have started again last week, going down 10 mg a week - tomorrow down to 180 mg. I want to be lime @Mom2JTx3 & exist on my script from GP, which is only 60 mg at the moment. Might have a go at getting it put up again - I think max recommended dose for adults in UK is 100 mg. GP thinks they are prescribing for muscle spasm in the back. On a different topic - anyone heard from @Ne1 recently?
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    Hello all. Hope we're doing well. Not much new here, just working and hanging with the girl. Went out to a couple nice dinners for Valentine's day, or week, or whatever. Actually quite a few sit-down dinners lately. Man, that's getting expensive. Pretty light week coming up, two of my three classes are pretty much on autopilot between now and spring break. So trying to use the extra time productively. We shall see how that goes It's awesome that you're down to just your prescription, @Mom2JTx3.
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    Hello all. How is everyone? @Jetsman32, I’m so happy to hear the your taper is going well and you have no urge to drink. I think that abstaining all togetherr gives us the best possible chance of beating this for good. i have tapered successfully from 310mg to 120mg. I now take only what my doctor will prescribe so no supplementing from other sources anymore! I have noticed a minor craving once or twice so am sitting at this level for awhile. I would like to get off completely though. My new role at work is extremely challenging and I think my brain off of Baclofen is better than my brain on it. OR maybe I’m just older now and don’t have the brain power that I use to! I hope everyone has a good week. I’m traveling out west where it’s warm and sunny so am looking forward to getting away from this snow.