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    Oh...and P.S. - I am on day 9 with no alcohol and the anxiety was really low yesterday and today is almost not even there. I hope I will not get that again but it does appear to be in the "rain shadaow" of the binge that it occurs.
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    Thank you Mom2JTx3! Got my order into all day chem...they look most cost effective. I am going to carry a couple of them with me in case I ever get caught off guard. Then I can just stall for an hour : ) I am so glad to have found this site. All of the folks sharing their stories is real fuel to take action. Knowing what the steps and feelings associated with each phase is helpful too. Great community here and I wish everyone much success!
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    @MJM have you thought of trying vapes to help with stopping smoking? My oldest son (now late 30s) has been a smoker for most of his adult life. He managed to stop completely in about 3 months using one of these. DIL now also trying, trouble is I think she is enjoying the vape too much, it's become a sort of substitute - but at least it's healthier. Glad to hear things are going so well for you - you sound like someone whose life is coming together. I have had back problems which I think are due to bac. My theory is it relaxes your core muscles, so that any pre-existing problem (in my case a scoliosis) gets worse. I'm now doing yoga & pilates to try to limit the progression (I've said this elsewhere, probably repeating myself - sorry!)