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Seattle doc?

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I Have struggled with alcohol for 20 years and just came across this site.  wow. I am willing to try anything.  i take naltrexone and that helps curb my use but I still am super ANXIOUS  and always go back to drinking.  Only alcohol.  No other drug does it.  Marijuana is legal here in WA and i tried it but no...only alcohol does what i need.

Can anyone help me with a doc who will understand and prescribe this for me?


Thank you!



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Hi @justine.  Welcome!  You may find this link helpful http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/forum/28-doctor-information/

It contains information to take to your doctor as well as links to physicians who prescribe.  If you already use Naltrexone, I would suggest approaching that doc with Baclofen information.  There is a site that was created by an emergency room physician in Australia that my doctor has given to other docs looking for information.   It's http://baclofentreatment.com/. Maybe your doctor would be willing to check it out?

Good luck!

Edit: You can use both Naltrexone and Baclofen..  Check out The Sinclair Method or TSM for an alternative way to use Naltrexone.  You can find info here: http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/forum/142-the-sinclair-method/

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