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The End of my Addiction

Baclofen for benzo withdrawal

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Hi all - new here!

i have been taking baclofen to assist with benzo withdrawal. So far I’m on 55mg but it doesn’t seem to be helping all that much. When I first started out it was great but as the weeks rolled on it seems to have stopped helping.

can anyone else relate? Is 55mg too low? Any thoughts would be great



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I got hooked on Benzodiazapine.  It took a long time to come off it, long before I took any baclofen but I felt lousy for years after I stopped taking it.  I then took baclofen starting about 8 years ago for anxiety and got up to over 100 mg a day but it made me very drugged at that level.  I got off baclofen after  few years and then took it intermittently as and when.  As time goes by taking baclofen, you find it doesn 't feel as though it's doing anything and you ramp up the dose, but now I could take any level and it wouldn't have any side effects so I just take enough to deal with occasional episodes of stress, maybe 20 mg and that works well.  

My experience with baclofen for my anxiety made me feel  that it is very good at allowing me to think through things without getting stressed about them.   After a while, I felt it had made a permanent change, that I became used to the idea that worrying was just a bunch of garbage and if I just calmed my mind, I'd think about how to deal with issues and then do what I needed to do.  

I'd certainly never take benzos again.  I don't stress about anything and if I feel something coming on, I take a couple of baclofen.  Hope that helps.

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