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Checking In June 2019

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Hello all (or few),

I had tritrated off Bac and had been off it for about 2 weeks, noticing a big ramp up in cravings. I have had many ' minor' nights (ie < one bottle) and a couple of heavy nights on AL. It has not been pleasant. It takes me a full day, sometimes two, to get over a big night on AL. There's a sense of doom surrounding it all when sober too.

I am now tritrating up, day 2 of 12.5mg. I was pretty sensitive to the titrating off Bac, so am trying to be a bit careful going back on.

The dread I felt this week, knowing I had a work trip and that the AL would be flowing fairly freely... and that I knew I'd have cravings. Not great.

So fingers crossed that this wonder drug will work for me again.

The main motivator for going off Bac was my back pain. But I have had a few instances where the back pain has been terrible, without Bac in my system.

So I think Bac may have some influence there, but I'm not able to give it a red hot go of assessing it w/out Bac. I can't wait that long, because of cravings.

There's rhumatoid (sp?) arthritis in my famly, a fairly strong strain of it (my grandmother, my mother and my sister). I think I might have the same thing. My knees randomly threaten to give way and my lower back pain and weakness is such a regular (yet random) feature of my life now. So frustrating.

Complicating things a little is depression. I see a good psych Dr who last week proscribed Lexopro, which I am yet to fill. He is not totally convinced I need it, because of what is going on in my life that is causing stress. 

I continue to use a recumbant exercise bike, trying for at least 3 x 30min per week. Maybe not enough.

Anyway, take care all. Baclofen can be a miracle drug for those who suffer alcohol addiction. It is not always smooth sailing though.




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