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The End of my Addiction
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    • Whicee
      Would learning about how addiction works on a psychological level increase the chances of an addict overcoming their addiction?
    • Sydjoe
      Thank you for these resources :)!
    • Molly78
      Thanks, Felina, you were a regular helpful poster/supporter when I was last on this forum. I plan to try to maintain my dose at about 100mg per day and it seemed to work best if I took the first dose after lunch as I don't have cravings in the morning, they build up in the afternoon. I previously took more than this, but I have some problems now which I think in retrospect might have been made worse by the bac, in particular a spinal scoliosis. Oddly, bclofen is a recognised treatment for this at 10-20 mg 3x a day to "relieve muscle spasm" but I suspect that at higher doses and especially when drinking alcohol concurrently, the muscle relaxation effect is detrimental to the muscles of posture. I think I have posted about that before, either on here or MWO. Anyway, you can't change the past. My GP is  now  willing to prescribe 60 mg/day for this "muscle spasm", since I have a recognised condition, which will reduce the amount I have to spend online. And I now do daily core strength exercises which have stopped it progressing.  
    • Felina
      Hi @Molly78! It's been a while since we've seen you on these forums!  Sorry to hear about the slide back into drinking, but we don't live in normal times and it's perfectly understandable. I definitely wouldn't beat yourself up over it. Glad to hear that you are back on bac and that it's helping you feel better.  FWIW I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll be on it the rest of my life. I've never gone below 80 mgs/day because the temptation comes flaring back too much.
    • Felina
      Hi @Sydjoe, I checked this website's resources but only saw that it has info on doctors in Perth and Brisbane. I have a couple of suggestions: - Contact Amanda Stafford at http://baclofentreatment.com - they are based out of Australia and may be able to direct you to resources and doctors. - Look into buying baclofen through online pharmacies and use this site's resources to prescribe - I just looked at the Reddit forum Baclofen for Alcoholism and saw that you had posted there. The person who runs that site goes by Neophyte, and he is Australian. I am not sure where he lives in Australia, and I am also not sure how often he checks the forum, but you may want to PM him. He is very knowledgeable about baclofen in general and could possibly give you some good info.
    • Molly78
      Hi Otter, it's ages since I visited the forum, pleased to see some familiar names still posting like you and Momx2JT&3 and to hear that things are going well for you.   I weaned myself off baclofen just before lockdown (nice timing!) and did well for a few months over the summer but eventually as the weather got worse the relative isolation and lack of activities got to me and I started having a couple of glasses of wine in the evening....you can guess the rest. Started back on baclofen this week and feel much better, have managed 3 alcohol free days in a row. Hoping to get back to the point where I don't even think about drinking any more.   Relapsing is disappointing, I tell myself it was caused by lockdown, I know several people who say their intake has gone up significantly, but who knows - maybe I need to be on bac for the rest of my life. We shall see.
    • Sydjoe
      Hello everyone, Has anyone here had success with finding a doctor in Sydney, Australia who can prescribe Baclofen for addiction treatment? Or a doctor in Australia who can do consults and prescribe online? Struggling to find someone and don't particularly want to go down the online pharmacy route, would prefer to have a doctor monitoring the process... Thank you for your help in advance!  
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