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The End of my Addiction
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    • Stevo
      Hi there, I used to be active on My Way Out and was a small contributor to getting this forum up and running way back. I am back on baclofen for my drinking and have come across something very strange. Please if this forum is still active and people are contributing, I need to connect with you. I am a staunch believer in the abilities of baclofen yet had a very strange experience about a month ago. I had a migraine without the head pain and have not been able to return to my normal clear headed self. I am currently titrating back down with the guidance of my doctor to try to discount that baclofen was the cause. I need to know if anyone out there has had a similar experience or knows of this happening to others.  I was on 210mg a day when this happened and had seen a huge reduction in my drinking as expected. I don't want to stop with the baclofen but have to to eliminate the possibility that what happened was caused by baclofen. Cheers Stevo.
    • Ritalil
      Hi Felina!  So nice to hear from someone else thats been on Bac for as long.  Would love to connect and compare stories.  I'll look you up over on the My Way Out forum as well. Thanks for your message!  best, Ritalil 
    • Felina
      Hi @Ritalil! I am also an "old timer" who has been taking Baclofen since December 2010. I hit my switch in February 2011. My ten-year anniversary thread is on the My Way Out medication forum. I also am taking around 100 mgs/day, though I go up or down now and then. Welcome!
    • Ritalil
      Hello.  I am a 54 year old woman who has been taking high dose Baclofen for over 10 years now.  I started after reading the book My Way Out and never looked back.   Initially I reached indifference after about 4 months titrating up to over 300 mg.  I eventually titrated back down to around 200 where I stayed for years and have to say drank like a normal casual drinker. I chose never to stop fully, but rather taught myself how to drink properly (one here and there and occasionally more but controlled). The Baclofen made this possible for me as I did not obsess about wine any longer. I simply chose to have it when I felt like it, which was occasionally vs. every night, and much more social than isolated.  I believe fully that this medication fixes the compulsive chemical imbalance that is very real in some of us. I am looking to connect with others who may be out there, like me, that have been taking Baclofen for a long time. I still take it on a daily basis. I currently take 80-100 mg still per day.  I have remained on this journey alone following my own instincts and self. In the beginning there were online forums available and very active which I miss.  I hope to meet others that are "old timers" with this form of treatment so we can share, care and support each other. Ritalil
    • Tony
      Thanks. That is good advice. 
    • Felina
      Hi @Hyperion, Sorry for the late reply. I have had good luck with River Pharmacy (they are based out of Canada, but ship from India). The US started banning Canadian pharmacies from accepting credit card payments, but they have an e-check payment system that is very seamless. I have also had great luck with Goldpharma. They ship from Germany and the shipments arrive really fast. Goldpharma accepts credit card payments and they even have a doctor on staff who, for $7.50, will approve your prescriptions. I have also ordered from All Day Chemist (India). Others have used Inhouse Pharmacy (Vanuatu), Extrapharmacy.ru (Russia) which is inexpensive but reportedly very slow.    
    • Felina
      Hi @Hyperion, People still post here on occasion. I believe there are a lot of "lurkers" who check in.
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