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The End of my Addiction
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    • guardian
      For any alcoholic with enough time sober, that association will tend to decay. You just forget what it feels like to be drunk. In the past when I got sober without baclofen, I usually got there after about a month. I substituted a lot of exercise.  Once I reached a high enough baclofen dose, the thoughts just went away. I no longer associated alcohol with a pleasurable experience. I did not drink when I was increasing my dose as I was on probation, and had also made the decision (finally this time) that I would no longer live that way. So it wasn't like I stopped getting a pleasurable experience and lost interest because I wasn't getting a buzz.  Keep at it. You'll know when you get there.   
    • Lwj
      I get that’s baclofen reduces craving - I can already see a drop in anxiety at 50mg a day. But I drink party because I’m an alcoholic, but partly because I love it (sounds dumb but don’t really know how to explain). From midday, I’m fantasising about that drink - its flavour, texture and of course, effects. I can’t imagine an evening without it, or passing up on those magical experiences. I just live for the bliss of those first couple of 5pm drinks. I already appreciate the anxiolytic effects, but can’t get in the zone to think about what life without booze could be like. Any tips?
    • Felina
      Hi @btron6000- I will send you a PM.
    • btron6000
      Its been a long, long time since I've posted here. I'm actually not a Newbie but I figured this was a good place for this information. Since Loop (Evan) passed I have been making my own liquid. Well, that supply just dried up. I have titrated up and down over the years, being said to have held some higher records at 560 MG's, I have been well below 300 for years until I realized my stash was about to run out. I am now at 90 mg's and my GP, who has known I've been making the liquid all this time and has helped me out in a bind with a script when I lost it traveling, ect, she refuses to write me even a script for 80 mg's. So it would be awesome to know of someone local. I also would like the opportunity to titrate up although I am doing, ok right now at 90 mg's. The stories I could tell... lol If anyone has any insight please send it my way. Thank you!
    • Taz
      Are there any issues as far as ordering fro Russia to the UK. Any comeback on myself the purchaser?
    • guardian
      Yes, yes it is. I pop my head in every so often just to see if someone else has posted something, never posting anything myself of course. It's a shame, really.  Congratulations on the family milestone! Your son sounds like a very gifted young man!  
    • Otter
      Thanks.     Pretty lonely here isn’t it?    
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