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The End of my Addiction
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    • guardian
      Unfortunately, they do not operate in Indiana. So, the search continues...
    • guardian
      Interestingly, I've recently gone back on the Zoloft - about a week in as of today - and I have not had the same recurrence of craving. And this is at a much lower dose of baclofen, as I have been titrating down.  I've added meditation to my practice, which I believe is helping me to be mindful of "what's going on with me." I'm not to the point where I'm always present, but I'm much more able to catch it when I'm drifting into worry, resentment, self-pity, anger, etc. and snap out. I've also had some significant life events that have granted me a degree of emotional intelligence that I probably should have gone through in my teenage years. I'm very grateful for these experiences, even though I'm still living them and they are devastating. I've really been forced to grow up.  The first few weeks to a month of Zoloft are complete hell. I really go to a dark place. I believe they may have caused the divorce that I am currently going through. This time around I at least know what to expect. I never noticed this when I was prescribed it when drinking (I have a long history of losing my shit, going on meds, getting better, and then going off thinking that I can and should do it myself). Like any good alcoholic, I medicated what was going on inside with copious amounts of booze.
    • Felina
      I have not heard of this company, but that is GREAT news for people who would like a baclofen provider! I will post about it on MWO too. Thanks for the info!
    • guardian
      https://lifebac.com/ I have not had any luck with finding a provider willing to prescribe me baclofen, although I have only really tried a few doctors.  It's out of Nevada and works by tele medical consultation.  I've long since achieved indifference, so most of the selling points for the program are moot, i.e. coaching. I've been taking 280mgs of baclofen powder daily sourced from China, and I'd really like to have a cheap, domestic, and legal source for baclofen. The biggest benefit of having the valid prescription is in the case of medical emergency or incarceration, etc.  Has anyone any experience with this company or similar?
    • guardian
      I have in the past ordered exclusively from https://goldpharma.cn/ . Shipment times were always very quick and the pricing is on the lower end for the generic. 
    • Alcofree
      Hello all, I've got Baclofen surplus I can sell for a reasonable price if you are running low. I am in UK. 
    • webtoad
      I don't have a local doctor that prescribes Baclofen and have purchased it (Pacifen) online for about a year now. I stocked up early on this year after the virus reports in China however are getting close to running out. Is anyone else now finding as a result of COVID-19 that it is harder to order Baclofen online as a result? I have used a pharmacy in Vanuatu previously however there are supply issues there now. Could anyone please advise on a reliable online pharmacy where Baclofen can be purchased? Thanks
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