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The End of my Addiction
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    • Felina
      @Sean are you taking 80 mg 3x/day (240 mgs/day)? That is WAY too high a starting dose and could lead to horrible, disastrous side effects. Even 80 mgs a day is too high to start. People who try to run their own baclofen titration without any information generally have the absolute worst experiences, including hospitalization. If you just started, please start here for information: click here The usual titration involves starting out at 10-15 mgs a day, then increasing by 10 mgs every 3-4 days or 20 mgs a week. Please don't try to rush ahead like you're apparently doing, and do some research on baclofen before continuing. There is a great section on this forum. People often continue to drink while (slowly) titrating up on baclofen. You will know it's working when your desire to drink gradually decreases, then disappears. But you have to start slow and work your way up.
    • Sean
      Hi I have just started baclofen and am on 80mil 3 times a day ! When will I know if it’s worked ? And did you keep drinking while taking the tablets ?   regards   sean 
    • Felina
      Hi @Charmenture6, When I first went on Baclofen many years ago, I reached indifference to alcohol at 190 mgs/day. I got my script through a doctor who (at the time) prescribed via telemedicine. He did not have an upper limit on how much he would prescribe. I am currently prescribed 120 mgs/day by my PCP, which is my maintenance dose. Every person is different regarding the "switch dose" (at which they reach indifference) - for some people, they reach that level at under 100 mgs/day, while others have to go over 300 mgs/day. Have your doctors suggested that they will enforce an upper limit? I think my copay at my pharmacy is around $50 for a three month supply with insurance. I could probably find it for cheaper at a different pharmacy but I like my little neighborhood mom and pop store. 
    • Charmenture6
      Hello,  I'll start with saying I have a Psychiatrist and a GP who both monitor me very well and message each other every time I'm given my script.  For females on Baclofen  I'm interested in knowing how high your dose got before your doctor stopped increasing it.  Just trying to get a gauge on my potential monthly prescription bill since this is likely going to be a life long thing :)
    • guardian
      My mother brought up "Festivus for the Rest of Us" and the Airing of Grievances from Seinfeld the other day. As one would expect, there's a lot of activity on Facebook about it as well.  There is much in my life situation which I am not happy with, but accept that it's either out of my hands or temporary. For the first time in my life, I have nothing that I can complain about and so much to be thankful for and look forward to.  I'll be closing this year out as the first in my post-adolescent life where I have not been drunk. Not once.  I know that this is a board specific to recovery using baclofen, and I owe my early "sobriety" to baclofen therapy. I got sober on baclofen before, several times. But when life events (or my perspective on them) occurred which I could not accept, or I felt that my life was empty of fun, or I felt lonely for old times and people, I would quickly taper down and resume drinking. Eventually I would taper off completely. Nearly 2 years "sober" on baclofen, and I am finally experience some of the things talked about in "The Promises" of Alcoholics Anonymous. I still believe that, for me, I needed baclofen first. AA would never have worked for me until many decades had passed, if ever.  I am very grateful for the work of OA, baclofen, and the fellowship at MWO where I first learned there could be a "cure." But also I am grateful from my many, many failures, and the pain that I have experienced since becoming sober with baclofen. I would never have found this place of peace without them.   I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.  
    • Ne1else
      That’s a question that specialists have been struggling with for the last hundred years. Literally.  The chicken or the egg? Nature or nurture?  The advancements in medical technology show that the brains of people who are prone to addiction (have a familial history of addiction, have a diagnosed comorbid mental health disorder) or are in active addiction have different physical attributes.    Epigenetics is exploring these correlations, but it’s a relatively new science, and the connection between biology and psychology (to keep the discussion really simple) won’t be clear for another generation or so.    On a completely personal level, psychological interventions offered me little hope for several decades. And now is an adjunct to the physical treatment of my alcoholism so I can unpack the decades worth of shit related to my addiction.    in other words, I’ve got the genes. I’ve got the epigenetic factors of growing up with alcoholism in my primary caretaker family, and I’ve got the baggage of decades of my own alcoholism tainting everything I touch, remember or look forward to... I’m glad I’ve got a therapist but I thank all that matters that I’ve got a shrink, too. (a medical doctor who can prescribe medications).    also, hi sisters and brothers. It’s me, ne. Xxoo
    • guardian
      Hey @Felina. Wow. Only off by a few years! Well, I didn't stay on the baclofen for long and like any good alcoholic, I thought that I'd be able to keep it somewhat manageable and still make improvements in my life. Which I did for a time, but of course things became much, much worse.  Yes! The meds forum during that time felt like a movement. There was this collective feeling like we were winning. I do like your idea of doing a thread on MWO because, well, that's where it all began. I'm seriously considering making a parallel thread, just to reach more people. 
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