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  2. Mirawiz

    List of Online Pharmacies

    Any place to order liquid Baclofen? I used that in the past with great results?
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  4. Although I have not been attending meetings on a regular basis and I don't have a sponsor, I can second what Amy said. I've come to the belief that the success or failure in attempting to stay sober relying on 12 Step programs is almost 100% a function of how much one gives themselves to the "Fellowship." Having a place where you feel you belong, can be yourself, vulnerable, and where everyone shares the common value of staying sober is incredibly powerful. The steps, although incredibly cathartic and important for anyone wishing to live a morally straight life, are secondary to simply having
  5. Are you engaged in any support groups like AA, or celebrate recovery? There is a light on the other side
  6. For any alcoholic with enough time sober, that association will tend to decay. You just forget what it feels like to be drunk. In the past when I got sober without baclofen, I usually got there after about a month. I substituted a lot of exercise. Once I reached a high enough baclofen dose, the thoughts just went away. I no longer associated alcohol with a pleasurable experience. I did not drink when I was increasing my dose as I was on probation, and had also made the decision (finally this time) that I would no longer live that way. So it wasn't like I stopped getting a pleasurable exp
  7. I get that’s baclofen reduces craving - I can already see a drop in anxiety at 50mg a day. But I drink party because I’m an alcoholic, but partly because I love it (sounds dumb but don’t really know how to explain). From midday, I’m fantasising about that drink - its flavour, texture and of course, effects. I can’t imagine an evening without it, or passing up on those magical experiences. I just live for the bliss of those first couple of 5pm drinks. I already appreciate the anxiolytic effects, but can’t get in the zone to think about what life without booze could be like. Any t
  8. Felina

    Baclofen Doctors in Chicago?

    Hi @btron6000- I will send you a PM.
  9. btron6000

    Baclofen Doctors in Chicago?

    Its been a long, long time since I've posted here. I'm actually not a Newbie but I figured this was a good place for this information. Since Loop (Evan) passed I have been making my own liquid. Well, that supply just dried up. I have titrated up and down over the years, being said to have held some higher records at 560 MG's, I have been well below 300 for years until I realized my stash was about to run out. I am now at 90 mg's and my GP, who has known I've been making the liquid all this time and has helped me out in a bind with a script when I lost it traveling, ect, she refuses to write me
  10. Taz


    Are there any issues as far as ordering fro Russia to the UK. Any comeback on myself the purchaser?
  11. guardian

    What happened to interest in baclofen?

    Yes, yes it is. I pop my head in every so often just to see if someone else has posted something, never posting anything myself of course. It's a shame, really. Congratulations on the family milestone! Your son sounds like a very gifted young man!
  12. Otter

    What happened to interest in baclofen?

    Thanks. Pretty lonely here isn’t it?
  13. Mom2JTx3


    I just stuck with the source from China. Super cheap, no records, but I do have it on my history that I took HDB.
  14. Mom2JTx3

    What happened to interest in baclofen?

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news.
  15. Felina

    What happened to interest in baclofen?

    Congrats @Otter! That is a wonderful achievement. He is really handsome! And your wife looks very healthy and happy. Such good news.
  16. Otter

    What happened to interest in baclofen?

    Our son graduated first in his class and starts at university next month on a scholarship A long way from where we were before baclofen. Thanks to all who supported us over the years.
  17. guardian


    Unfortunately, they do not operate in Indiana. So, the search continues...
  18. guardian

    Bac and SSRI

    Interestingly, I've recently gone back on the Zoloft - about a week in as of today - and I have not had the same recurrence of craving. And this is at a much lower dose of baclofen, as I have been titrating down. I've added meditation to my practice, which I believe is helping me to be mindful of "what's going on with me." I'm not to the point where I'm always present, but I'm much more able to catch it when I'm drifting into worry, resentment, self-pity, anger, etc. and snap out. I've also had some significant life events that have granted me a degree of emotional intelligence that I pr
  19. Felina


    I have not heard of this company, but that is GREAT news for people who would like a baclofen provider! I will post about it on MWO too. Thanks for the info!
  20. guardian


    https://lifebac.com/ I have not had any luck with finding a provider willing to prescribe me baclofen, although I have only really tried a few doctors. It's out of Nevada and works by tele medical consultation. I've long since achieved indifference, so most of the selling points for the program are moot, i.e. coaching. I've been taking 280mgs of baclofen powder daily sourced from China, and I'd really like to have a cheap, domestic, and legal source for baclofen. The biggest benefit of having the valid prescription is in the case of medical emergency or incarceration, etc.
  21. guardian

    Baclofen in short supply

    I have in the past ordered exclusively from https://goldpharma.cn/ . Shipment times were always very quick and the pricing is on the lower end for the generic.
  22. Alcofree

    Baclofen surplus

    Hello all, I've got Baclofen surplus I can sell for a reasonable price if you are running low. I am in UK.
  23. I don't have a local doctor that prescribes Baclofen and have purchased it (Pacifen) online for about a year now. I stocked up early on this year after the virus reports in China however are getting close to running out. Is anyone else now finding as a result of COVID-19 that it is harder to order Baclofen online as a result? I have used a pharmacy in Vanuatu previously however there are supply issues there now. Could anyone please advise on a reliable online pharmacy where Baclofen can be purchased? Thanks
  24. tfola

    Gut Health and Info

    Gut health is the key to total wellness, ever wondered why we often say i have a gut feeling? eh...that's cause the gut is like a second brain connected to the brain thats why whenever it is out of order it signals that to the brain
  25. tfola

    Sleep is vital

    Yes you can say that again, am a living proof that sleeplessness is debilitating, am in my mid 30s and i look like a teen just because of my lack of good sleep which has plagued me for years
  26. guardian

    Stuck Again

    Hi StuckinLA. I'm still alive. Indifferent to alcohol at 320mg since about this time last year. Unfortunately, I'm one of those they speak about in AA as having "grave emotional and mental disorders" lol and I continued screwing up my life and harming people around me sans alcohol. I had really used baclofen as a bandaid in many ways. It short-circuits the disease of alcoholism, but it does fuck-all for the self-loathing, and for me, really nasty hateful person that I have been my entire life - full of pain, fear, and resentment. At this point I'm working on healing that.
  27. guardian

    Bac and SSRI

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm COMT slow (too much dopamine. hyper-focused and stressed out), so wellbutrin is a poor choice for me. Thanks again Ian
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