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The End of my Addiction


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    I'm going to share my story, but it may come in bits. I guess I should start at the beginning. I was born in the 1970s to parents who decided they were going to be strict, they were both quakers at that time, both fairly quiet, readers, not glamourous. My Mother was tee total, at that point a smoker but not during pregnancy, my Father was quitting smoking and drank a few beers infrequently. I don't remember ever seeing my dad worse for wear, alcohol wasn't kept in the house, and can't remember seeing either parent smoking. At birth I had jaundice, so I was taken to a special ward and my Mother sent home. This meant I wasn't breastfed and instead weaned on artificial baby milk. As I grew up I was encouraged to be alternative, to read and be academic. We didn't have television, nor a car, we walked most places and used public transport. Holidays were low cost camping and hiking. A brother was born just over 2 years after me, I am the oldest child and I was terribly jealous of him. I also remember feeling very insecure from an early age.
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    If you have tried naltrexone please answer these questions. Do you consider your experience with naltrexone a success or a failure? Did you use The Sinclair Method (TSM) or traditional? How much were you drinking before you began naltrexone? What was your initial dose? Did you increase that amount? To how much? Did you have any side effects? Were the side effects disabling? How long did it take before you determined it was a success or a failure? Do you consider yourself cured? Do you still drink? When did you notice a difference in your drinking? Did you take it with other medications?
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