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The End of my Addiction


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    Hello! Glad to see some new posts. My life is pretty boring so no news here I’m glad you’re both doing well. @MJM I hope your wife continues to stay sober. Has she tried Bac or Nal? I can’t remember. Ive been off Baclofen for a couple of months. I’m not tempted to drink because of kindling so it’s not difficult to avoid it. I did have some anxiety but it’s under control now. I take l theanine when needed. I do love this time of year. The trees are starting to turn. Hopefully I’ll stay away from the Halloween candy. I’ve gained weight since quitting Bac!
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    Hello Felina, I'm glad there's someone else posting here! I have been checking every once in a while and feel sad that this site has become so quiet. I don't see addiction slowing down any out there. Great to hear you're going well on the Bac and Antibuse as a back-up. I won't go into detail but we reached crisis point with my wife's drinking last week. I confronted her and she has stopped since, so fingers crossed she will stay stopped. It is such a horrible addiction, to see both sides of it has been... an eye opener to say the least. I have been sober for over a month now and have been going well despite some pretty big stressors in my life. I'm finding that exercising isn't as easy as it was 20 years ago - I get tired a lot more quickly and running more than 3 times a week seems just impossible - I just feel like I'm running into a headwind. I have been feeling run down so ran yesterday for the first time in a week. That felt really good. With all the blather about evidence-based medicine being the only way to go, I despair at how backward addiction treatment is. In Australia treatment centres still use AA as the primary recovery tool. It makes sense - it doesn't cost a cent. Very efficient cost-wise. The shame is that for the 95 per cent of alcoholics that AA does not work for - well, they just don't want to get sober enough, do they? That seems to be all the 'evidence' needed, which is simply pathetic. If my wife needs more help down the track - ie an in-house treatment programme - it's going to involve a lot of AA whether she likes it or not (she doesn't). Bloody hopeless.
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