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The End of my Addiction


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    erm, well I'm still a lurker for sure! Still can't quite commit to anything. I'm glad to see that the community is still at large, not so happy to see that NE has been MIA. I hope things are going good for NE. A check-in would be appreciated. I've had experience with antabuse, what's the sinclair method drug? and baclofen. Each one different. I think one HUGE piece of this puzzle is that people in the medical profession are still pretty much in the dark ages as to how to treat alcoholism. I think there is some reluctance, at least I know that is the case with my doctor. He was willing to try bac with me, but was VERY uncomfortable with titrating to 90 mg let alone above that, which he was unwilling to do. As a result, things were dead in the water at 90 mg. I had symptoms mostly of tingling in extremeties. He did refer me to a doctor in St. Paul who is internationally known for medication for alcoholism, but I shied away from that. Finances and all. I won't give up, though. Life is too precious.
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