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The End of my Addiction


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    Hello there, nothing much to say really, just a quick hello. I have been sober for almost 2.5 months on 150mg of Bac p/day. No cravings at all this time. My wife is trying sobriety off and on. That's a start. I continue to get random lower back pain that no-one can really explain. It might be the Bac but then a physio is certain that it is at least partially joint related. I have a history of arthritis in my family and I get the feeling that I have it. My finger joints and knee joints are becoming painful too. So in other words, I'm pretty sure it's not Bac doing it. Even if it were, I am not going to stop using it. Facing some realities about my character and it's not comfortable. Need to go see a shrink again I think to get it out and see what I can do about it. Always been passive, need to find ways of not rolling over so much. The path of least resistance isn't always the best path. I hope you are all well and getting on with facing this terrible addiction. It isn't so terrible wonce you do, and for me esp with using Bac. Remove cravings and you have a chance, a really good chance to be rid of alcoholism.
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    Hi everyone- long time no post. I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to check in and give an update on what's going on with me. I've been completely off baclofen for about 3 months now. My indifference to alcohol is still active but not nearly as strong as it was when I was on the drug. Amazingly I am now able to be a social drinker and when I get the idea to buy alcohol in my head I can easily resist and say no which I could never do in the past. I believe that being indifferent to alcohol via baclofen for almost a year did a "reset" on my brain. I'm not sure if there are any studies on this but I can testify from personal experience that it happened. My family is doing great. My wife got a promotion to assistant manager at work and I'm still doing corpoate recruiting working from home. This is an exciting time for us as my 17 year old son is a senior in HS and is actively visiting and applying to colleges. His dream school is Dartmouth and I believe he has a good chance to get in. if not he's looking at Northeastern in Boston, University of Chicago. Due to the fact that he is going to a prestigious HS and has excellent grades and test scores he has already been told he can get a full academic ride to Clemson. However, he really wants to move back to the Boston area where we are from- even if means student loans. Kid wants to be a doctor and I think he can do it. I've also started a side business and have just hired a coach to help me scale it. If you'd like to check it out my website is thebarksmeow.com My company sells cat and dog items exclusively. I chose this because our family has 3 dogs and 2 cats and we just love animals! I do need to admit that I am using some drugs recreationaly but I've been careful. I smoke weed about 3 nights a week and on days where I just don't have any pep I take large doses of gabapentin. The feeling I get from gapapentin is amazing. I become so much more social and I'm far more focused than normal. This is great because I am truly an introvert and never really feel comfortable in meetings or crowds. The gabapentin erases this completely. I'm making it a point not to abuse it though and only on it 2 days per week. I still have a tub of phenibut but I learned my lesson with that and only use it once every couple of weeks. Yes, I know using these drugs are bad but I feel great and I'm doing well. I feel like I'm truly in control and it's an awesome feeling. I've missed posting in these forums. Everyone here is what I consider "good people". Without this forum and the education on baclofen I'd probably be in rehab for alcohol right now! I'd love to hear how you all are doing and I'll make it a point to check in more often.
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    Hi @MJM I’m very passive and am a complete people pleaser.I wish I was stronger and use my voice more. But on the other hand I feel we should all be like that and the works would be a better place Im 7 months into TSM and still drinking as much but keeping the faith
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