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The End of my Addiction


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    Not a lot happening around here... still. Good news for me is my wife is seeking help for her drinking. She seems really serious about it this time. It is such a relief, but it has also made me think about my alcoholism. I have been in survival mode the last few years as she deteriorated. I haven't really progressed, although not drinking for up to 3 months at a time is pretty good. I now have the chance to extend that. I am reducing my bac from 150mg a day to 125mg, in the hope that might solve my debilitating fatigue. I feel like falling asleep mid-afternoon. I wake feeling like I've been up all night (I haven't). It started about 6 months ago. I have had several blood tests, everything has come back clear. Only thing left to do is a sleep study. I occasionally snore. Bac relaxes muscles, so... maybe it's that. I'm not stopping Bac but I feel that if I can reduce the dose while not getting cravings (assuming it stops the tiredness) then that would be a good result. I also think it's about time I take on other avenues to treat my alcoholism, perhaps a weekly group meeting or something. Not AA. I hope everyone is going well.
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    Hi all Not checked in for a long time but thought I’d let people know that after 8/9 months doing TSM I’m now at what I think is extinction.Did dry jan without any cravings and now only have a drink if I go out.No desire to drink at home.Feeling very very relieved as I was a daily drinker and all day if I was off work
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    I recall reading in the online pharmacy thread something about some websites selling Baclofen without prescription (or you have to provide the information). This might be an option.
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