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The End of my Addiction


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    Hey, thisperson. When I ordered online the first couple of times, I was completely twisted in knots about it. I understand. Here's the thing. You are not doing anything wrong. No one cares. I mean that. NO ONE CARES. They do not care if you use a different name. They do not care if you ordered something from India (or Germany or Vanuatu). The customs agents have SO MUCH MORE TO DO. The police will never, ever get involved. The reason I am saying these things so emphatically is because I have been where you are and I had all of that running through my head. It was actually worse when I finally got a prescription for FOUR TIMES the FDA approved amount of baclofen. I started an argument with the pharmacist, before he even had a chance to look at my prescription. Really. I did that. I was so concerned, and so defensive, that I told him it needed to be filled. Turns out he was just trying to tell me they didn't have enough in stock and it would take a day to get it in. Before he got that out, though, I insisted he call my psychiatrist (out of state) and fill the damn thing or I would contact The Authorities. (Mind you, I didn't know then, and still don't know, who The Authorities are and why they would care.) I freaked out. I was hyperventilating in the car after I left the counter. Now? pfffft. No worries, mate. I've taken baclofen from all of the countries I mentioned above. I've had to sign for it. I've had to pick it up at the post office. I have a pharmacist who knows me by name and has filled more questionable stuff for me than I care to recount. (Not bragging. I've just tried a lot of things to get well. It makes me cringe.) But here's the bottom line: I couldn't quit drinking until I took baclofen. When I took enough baclofen, not only did I not want to drink anymore, I was HAPPY about it. I was contentedly sober. For the first time in 20+ years of trying. Three rehabs. Years in and out of AA. (Talk about humiliating. ugh. Picking up white chip after white chip.) Not everyone's got it like I had it. Not everyone has the terrible experiences I've had trying to get sober, or the amazing experiences I've had since getting sober with the help of baclofen. But it's worth a shot. So hang in there. Keep posting. We're here. We'll help talk you down off the edge. And support you when you start. It's scary. But it can definitely be worth overcoming your fear.
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