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The End of my Addiction


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    Hi Otter, thanks for the message. I have found that Baclofen is not available here with UK doctors. I had a pretty miserable time last Christmas when I accidentally ran out of my supply and despite being in a terrible state (I was close to seizure and totally absorbed with suicide) they told me to 'purchase from the street', which was extremely unhelpful. Luckily I found a strip of Russian benzos I had forgotten about and was able to use them for a week, otherwise I think I may have died. I do not write that haphazardly, the level of despair was beyond. The shock of going baclofen free suddenly after taking 125mg daily for 18 months was horrific, I had not expected it at all. I wish I had found this forum then. Thank god using the benzo, Phenazepam, I seemed to pull through quickly. I think I can get more of these but I am particularly uneasy about ordering them as they clearly are narcotic and I worry there could be problems if a package gets opened en route to me. I see you are in Cyprus. I was in Turkey two years ago and found that it was easy to buy 10mg Novartis Lioresal at the pharmacy with no script. I bought several hundred tabs but obviously, they run out. At one point last year I was considering getting a cheap flight to Cyprus to nip into Northern Cyprus to stock up. What is the situation on the island, I guess you have a prescription? Can you purchase o.t.c.? I want to start taking Baclofen again as I am really suffering from reactive anxiety at the moment. I have a difficult period to get through and I know the pills work and I have roughly a 3 month supply here but I am concerned about refills. I wish I could get the medicine prescribed but it seems impossible. Anyone reading this in the UK who knows different please let me know. I am uneasy about ordering from online pharmacies as I am concerned that were I to become dependent on them again and my supply ran out before I had time to taper I might get a repeat performance of last time. This is very scary. I would be interested if anyone reading this might have any experience of taking the medicine for a period then getting off it. Approximately 3 weeks ago I took 30-75mg a day over 3 days and then when I did not dose became pretty ill. The first symptom is a weird cold feeling on my forehead. This is followed with anxiety which gets worse hour by hour and dreadful sleep. I dealt with these symptoms by tapering strictly over a week going from 10mg to 5mg to 2.5 then clear. I found I was all over the place for six days in total and have not totally recovered. I am unsure if this is unusual or normal, yet reading here I see that there seem to be a variety of 'normals'. People obviously process this stuff in different ways. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has done a successful taper though as the knowledge would be very valuable. I don't want to drink and I can't bear to carry on with the level of discomfort I am going through at the moment. I am confused as to whether my current uneasiness is a direct result of taking the medicine for a few days or if it is just my baseline anxiety. My experience tells me that Baclofen has something to do with it as the suicidal ideation that comes in waves, along with the feeling of electricity in my arms and head was present when I cold turkeyed at Christmas. This is all a bit garbled, forgive me but I am just going to type and send and see what comes back. Not in the right state to craft a fully formed post. Feeling uneasy, verging on panicky. Anybody got any comments? Thanks
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