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The End of my Addiction


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    Hi, Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. I've been very busy recently with other things. I feel awful about what you went through. We have been there. It's horrific. You have no idea how powerful this drug until you go through something like what you went through. We are in Cyprus and we get Novartis Lioresal over the counter with no prescription and it's very cheap here. We are in the north. If the pharmacy is out of it, they get it delivered the next day. It's in every pharmacy but no one seems to have any idea what it is used for. Certainly not alcoholism. We've had some dealings with a senior psychiatrist who claims to be the most popular and experienced psychiatrist in the country and he had no idea, nor did a top GP. I can't really help you with the dosage or tapering as I'm no doctor. I myself got up to a high dosage just for stress and then decided to come off it and I did it over the space of one day. I held off taking it until I felt really bad, then took a pill to calm myself down, then waited again until I felt bad, took another pill and repeated that process again and again. Each time it was longer before I felt bad and by night time I was ok. I still take it from time to time, and I feel absolutely no side effects from it. It seems only to have an imperceptible ability to make me feel "ok". That's the only way I can describe it. I just fee normal. I do get stressed from time to time, and that just goes away by taking 20mg. I feel no effects at all, one way or the other. It just gets rid of any anxiety and I feel fine and think clearly. I suppose taking it for 10 years now on and off has made my brain used to it. I have no desire to drink whatsoever. My wife is the same. She also takes Campral, which is also available over the counter. Most things are here. She also has no side effects of any sort, and has no desire to drink at all. Sometimes, we go out for some event and drinks are available. I might have a glass of wine, and then wonder why I bothered. It has no effects either. In the long term, baclofen is a real game changer. If you can get a handle on it, and get out from all the problems that alcohol brings, you can start living all over again, absent all the garbage that people lay on you as a result of being a pathetic, lost soul or an enabler. You end up, instead, being the ones who aren't drinking heavily while everyone around you is sloshed and thinking that drinking at every opportunity is just fine. It's not been easy though. It wasn't until my wife got onto Campral as well as baclofen that a lot of issues cleared up. She had a very sharp temper every morning until she started on the Campral. Now she's pretty much 100% normal and the only thing that gives away that she has ever had a problem are the dozens of self inflicted knife wounds on her arms from years of self harming and suicide attempts, all of which stopped with baclofen. Again, everyone is different. My wife was probably at the most serious end of the spectrum of alcohol disease and is lucky to be alive. She was a real basket case for about eight or nine years and in the end, rarely got out of bed from week to the next during binges that lasted a month at a time, and sobering up only when she was too ill to drink, then relapsing after less than a week. We had a lady living with us who died in October and our dog died a few weeks ago. Our son is going through A levels and my mother-in-law is in a care home with Alzheimers, and all the stress isn't having any serious effect on us. I'm getting back into work again and my wife runs a business in the UK which provides our income. We have family here and after many years of being shunned, they are now getting used to the idea that my wife isn't drinking. That's the worst of it, that people stop seeing you and assume you are still drinking, no matter what, because it plays into their justification for treating you like dirt. lol
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