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The End of my Addiction


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    Thanks so much Felina!!! I'm soooooo glad I didn't waste more time & lots of $$$ trying to order it online to arrive in Canada before he returns to NZ. I have a lot of confidence in my GP so I've already been arming myself up in preparation for the appt on the 7th,, from reading "The End of my Addiction" so thanks for the advice on doing that too. I also just did 36 hours without any wine attempting to use the meds that I have on hand and that have been recommended by multiple Drs, Benzos, clonidine & bupropion, and spent this morning in tears because of an unshakable sense of overwhelming sadness & frustration. Noone on the closed IGNTD facebook "recovery" group that I'm paying for liked or commented on my reaching out from yesterday, although from the course material that's how I first heard about Baclofen, in the "medication primer". It feels like I've been hitting my head against a brick wall for years while being totally driven and motivated to help others, and myself. Over the last 12 months its been feeling like I'm lying on the floor in undeniable pain, but because I'm drinking, I'm being treated like a criminal & am being kicked by many of the people I thought loved me and wanted to help me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your reply. "The End of my Addiction" and this new hope feels like a lifeline! Again thanks for your advice!!!!
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