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    Hi @Marnie Hart, Regarding bringing baclofen from Vancouver without a script: I think your friend will have a hard time since baclofen requires a prescription in Canada. I was unfamiliar with New Zealand's laws regarding ordering from online pharmacies, so I did a little digging. At least from what I saw here, it sounds like it could also be challenging to order it online without a prescription. I would suggest putting together all of the research you can on baclofen - the book The End of My Addiction, the research from this website etc. and study it well. Take it with you to your doctor appointment on the 7th. That was how I got my provider to prescribe to me, even though she had never heard of the treatment. Knowledge is power! Another suggestion would be to reach out to Dr. Amanda Stafford at baclofentreatment.com. She put out a call here for any prescribers in NZ and Australia to reach out if they would be willing to prescribe baclofen. I'm sure she could give you some guidance.
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