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Found 3 results

  1. I'm on a lot of medication for my alcohol use disorder and major depression disorder /w concomitant anxiety. ALCOHOLISM: Acamprosate [Campral] 333mg TT (666mg) TID CF Baclofen [Lioresal] 20mg TID Topiramate [Topamax] 50mg BID DEPRESSION: Sertraline [Zoloft] 100mg TT (200mg) QD Aplenzin 348mg (bupropion [Wellbutrin] hbr) QAM Aripiprazole [Abilify] 20mg QD ANXIOLYSIS: Propranolol [Inderal] 60mg TID Amitriptyline [Elavil] 50mg QHS --- I stumbled upon a 750ml (fifth) of vodka I hid from myself three days ago; I am now thinking that drinking is gross! (after I ended up drinking it all at once, after a month clean.) I was not drunk at all. No euphoria whatsoever. I began to question what I ever found to be so elusive about drinking— I've been having cravings on the medication, tbh, but this slip up has actually made the cravings a lot better since I now know I won't enjoy the drink unless I stop taking the meds. I woke up the next morning with a mild hangover feeling too, and that is unusual for me. I'm becoming... indifferent to alcohol, but I still think about other drugs from time to time, but ETOH almost killed me. My anxiety is still high, and my depression is still there, but I think that symptomology will improve if I can stay sober. Is there a particular medicine I take that makes me adverse to the alcohol or maybe it's the combo of everything? Placebo? Thanks!
  2. The End Of My Addiction Alcohol Unit Calculator It can be hard to tell how many units are in different types of alcoholic drinks. Use this unit calculator to find out how many units there are in a single drink or in a number of drinks. Calculate your daily intake
  3. "Alcohol, like caffeine, has an enormous reputation but loose understanding in popular culture. Learn how it's absorbed and how fast, why it's essential to reality TV altercations, its paradoxical sexual effects, and its life-lengthening potential, whether red wine or Bud Light." http://lifehacker.com/5684996/what-alcohol-actually-does-to-your-brain-and-body
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