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Found 19 results

  1. I wanted to alert anyone seeking a Baclofen prescribing doctor that I recently communicated with Dr. Philip E. Thomas in the UK who runs a Baclofen website where he states that he prescribes to his many hundreds of patients including patients in the USA. He contracted with me for his 12 week program. I sent him a wire transfer for $2000 USD for his "12 week program". He was friendly, concerned, responded to my emails until he received the money. I never heard from him again. He will not respond to my emails. My bank has confirmed with his bank that he received the money. My bank recalled the w
  2. Hey guys, I'm having a very hard time tapering down gabapentin (currently at 1200mg/day) while on high dose baclofen (140mg/day). Prior to my use of baclofen, I had been able to taper off of gabapentin with relatively little discomfort - some anxiety and insomnia for a few days after stopping, but it was manageable. This time around, however, I'm getting a large increase in anxiety every time that I try to reduce my dose for a stretch. Has anyone else had any success in tapering off of gabapentin while taking baclofen?
  3. Current high dose baclofen patient (140mg a day), who experienced great success (alcohol free, very little anxiety) for the first 7+ months, and then foolishly experimented with another GABAb agonist (phenibut) after losing a portion of my baclofen prescription. Though I was able to stop the other GABAb agonist by substituting it with baclofen, the dose I'd been at was no longer as effective. I titrated my baclofen use down to zero (with the aid of gabapentin to combat some of the anxiety I was experiencing), but only performed a baclofen drug holiday of 24 hours before resuming. In doing so,
  4. [Disclaimer: I have some background in pharmacology, but I am not a medical doctor.] Hey everyone! What follows is information regarding the mechanism of action of baclofen as well as similar substances, their effect on anxiety, and my thoughts/implications. [I've decided to add elements of my personal story and current situation in the hopes that others can learn from my insights as well as my mistakes.] Baclofen's mechanism of action involves agonism of the GABAb receptor, as well as slight inhibition/attenuation of voltage-dependent calcium channels (VDCC). Some studies suggest th
  5. empyr3al

    Baclofen withdrawl

    I titrated baclofen up to 30 mg but experienced a loss of personality. Things seemed to just be matter of fact. Gaba B was not something I should have messed with recklessly when i was perfectly fine. I'm 6 months sober. I could see it making sense if you were coming off alcohol but being sober long enough it appears quite different. I question at what cost to self realization is using a drug so intense that coming off of it is almost like coming off alcohol. Diazepam is the only thing making me stable at the moment. Has anyone else tried using Bac while totally sober and what did i
  6. Jetsman32

    First day on Baclofen

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. Yesterday my order of Baclofen finally came in the mail! I was so excited to get it and decided to start it today. So, I've now been clear of alcohol for 9 days straight - which I'm pretty proud of. Anyway, during this time I've still been dosing phenibut daily- usually around 3-4 grams to maintain my sanity (this is a fairly high dose). On top of that I take a ton of herbs like passion flower, l-theanine and Valerian. I also use aniracetam- a nootropic for mood improvement and klonopin (although I've hardly touched it over the last week).
  7. EraserHead

    Weird BAC side effect

    Hi there, I'm on Day 85 of a baclofen regimen, and experiencing a weird side effect that I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced. Basically, a few hours after the third dose -- this would usually mean late in the evening -- I start hearing/feeling a "whooshing" sound inside my head, as if I was feeling blood rushing through veins or something. It occurs a couple inches behind the temples, simultaneously on both sides. It usually only occurs occasionally, but last night as I was trying to go to sleep it started occurring every 3 seconds; not frequently enough to coincide with my hear
  8. Hi All, Not sure if this topic is worthy of a new thread but I thought I'd give it a shot. As most of you know I hit indifference at 310mgs of Baclofen per day. I generally have no urge to drink and when I do drink I can do so reasonably and stop whenever I want. These are SUPER POWERS that others have and I could never grasp. I'm starting this thread because I've noticed that Baclofen has also affected other addictions in my life and I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this as well. Prior to becoming indifferent I was a huge PS4 gamer. I never played online because I hate
  9. Hello, I just joined this forum and thought I would introduce myself. I am in my mid 50's and live in California and have been trying to get sober since 2010. Alcohol is my drug of choice and it has caused a lot of problems in my life, primarily personal with my family and friends. I've been through two outpatient programs, countless AA meetings, SMART recovery, and counseling and nothing seems to blunt the cravings. I have tried Topomax, Naltrexone (both normally and through the Sinclair Method), and Campral. None of those had any sustained effect, although I did reduce my intake th
  10. I'm on a lot of medication for my alcohol use disorder and major depression disorder /w concomitant anxiety. ALCOHOLISM: Acamprosate [Campral] 333mg TT (666mg) TID CF Baclofen [Lioresal] 20mg TID Topiramate [Topamax] 50mg BID DEPRESSION: Sertraline [Zoloft] 100mg TT (200mg) QD Aplenzin 348mg (bupropion [Wellbutrin] hbr) QAM Aripiprazole [Abilify] 20mg QD ANXIOLYSIS: Propranolol [Inderal] 60mg TID Amitriptyline [Elavil] 50mg QHS --- I stumbled upon a 750ml (fifth) of vodka I hid from myself three days ago; I am now thinking that drinking is gross! (after I e
  11. I'm finally pulling my baclofen journey onto this site. It's over 3 1/2 years since I started on bac. It's been 10 months since I quit baclofen because of the SEs I had when I exercised in heat (tunnel vision, horrible fatigue, electrical shocks and an inability to hold onto things with my hands). I am so happy that I treated my alcoholism with baclofen. 2/7/13 I'm in my 6th week of baclofen for over drinking. My dr has stopped me at 60 mg/day. I have sent an email to him asking if he'll allow me to increase to follow Dr A's protocol. I have had a drink here and not so much there an
  12. Is there a rule of thumb for a maintenance dose of Baclofen? I thought I saw something about it being a percentage of your switch dose but I can't remember the percentage. 33% to 50% maybe? Or do you just titrate down until you get cravings and then bump back up some?. If anyone speaks French, can we ask this on their forum?
  13. Sam808

    Baclofen PDF Resources?

    This forum title is a little misleading. I was hoping to find the PDF of the book "The End of My Addiction" by Dr Olivier Ameisen. I tried buying the Kindle version on Amazon, but for some reason it's only available in the UK. The US Amazon site only has the paperback version, not sure why... So I did a lot of googling for the ebook version, but beware because there are many scam sites in the google results for this book! Don't click on the weird or uncommon looking domain names, they could lead somewhere ungood. My contribution to this forum is an excellent summary of the book I
  14. Here is Dr. Stafford's Baclofen Treatment for Alcoholism website for those who may have missed it. I just sent it to my doc. Although she's already a Baclofen believer, I thought she would be interested in the section for physicians interested in prescribing Baclofen. Dr. Stafford references EOMA under resources/useful links http://baclofentreatment.com/ Mom2
  15. Baclofenman

    Baclofen Sales Chart

    Baclofen sales to the end of 2014
  16. Let's show her site some love! Check out the Baclofen News, where you can "like" the info. It's very exciting stuff. http://baclofentreatment.com/category/baclofen-news/ If you don't feel like clicking through and showing her we appreciate her work (I hope you will...but anyway...) There's a doctor in Perth who is now prescribing and I'll update the Doctor's Info with his name. But even more exciting is this: Berlin. 3rd September 2016. 4.30pm. The results of three big European baclofen studies will be announced in one session of the World Congress for Alcohol and Al
  17. Determinator

    Det the newbie

    heya cats and kitties. New on this forum and new with baclofen. Out of frustration/desperation I managed to get Bac from my Doc just yesterday. I'd love to quit drinking immediately but a history of nasty withdrawal has me worried, so I'm trying to taper down once again. My current dosage is 10mg 3X per day. I realize I'll need to increase this tremendously to achieve success. thank you all for your support and what you do here. Especcially Neva. thank you dear.
  18. TimberTim

    Baclofen Side Effects

    I'm on a lower dose of baclofen; about 80mg/day. I know there is a whole list of side effects (SE's) that we all experience. I just wanted to talk about one and see if anyone else has it. Cold nose! I swear, now I know what my dogs go through! My nose is not wet, mind you. But when I go to bed or try to take a nap, I have to cover my nose because it feels like I have frost bite! Anyone else experience this?
  19. This is an extremely comprehensive look at the definition, causes, treatment and gaps in treatment of addiction. You can download the entire PDF from the link below. "The time has come for addiction medicine to be fully integrated into health care systems and medical practice. Health care providers, especially physicians, are our front line in disease prevention and treatment. They must understand the risk factors for addiction, screen for risky substance use and intervene when needed, and diagnose, treat and manage addiction just as they do all other diseases." http://www.c
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