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Found 1 result

  1. Barbara A.

    Doc in Ft. Worth/Dallas, Tx area?

    Hi, My name is Barbara and I am the mother of a 35 year old alcoholic daughter. My daughter drinks without excess most of the time, but occasionally she binge drinks and then she gets into trouble. She is going through a divorce from an emotionally abusive husband at this time (who drinks a lot, though I don't know if he is a true alcoholic or not). His threat to get full custody of their two children is what finally got her to completely give up alcohol, as of about 3 weeks ago. Because she is now motivated to deal with her problem, I am trying to provide all the support that I can to help her succeed. The stories about Baclofen have fascinated us, and she is currently taking 20mg daily. She is not experiencing any cravings (she is also doing acupuncture and NET; NET helps clear out emotional trama that can trigger drinking, and attending AA). On such a low dosage, I don't know that her absence of craving is due to this or to the strong motivation to quit. Before she quit, she can't really say if she drank because she had cravings or just out of habit. I have several questions. First, does anyone know of a doctor who will prescribe Baclofen in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? She lives in Arlington, Tx which is in the middle of these two cities. I have not been able to find any doctor that will prescribe it for the treatment of alcoholism. Her GP gave her 80 10mg tablets (but only as a muscle relaxer), but she only has a few days left, and has kept the dosage low in order to make it last longer. Secondly, I have read that Baclofen works best, the worst the alcoholism is. Though, her alcoholism has caused real problems (i.e. drinking and driving, getting drunk while she is caring for her children) she has not been a daily drinker, and I don't believe would be considered a really bad alcoholic. I'm wondering if Baclofen helps her pattern of alcoholism, and would be interested in hearing from any of you who drink/ or have drunk moderately and binge--if Baclofen has made a difference for you. I have researched online sources that don't require a prescription, but I am concerned about quality (I read where alldaychemist, for example, which is posted as a reputable site here, shipped Baclofen that was very close to the expiration date). Also, I keep reading where Baclofen is cheap, but if one is taking 100-200mg a day, at 60+ cents a day per pill, that that could run into hundreds of dollars a month, and to me, that's not so cheap! Also wondering, if one of the other craving curbing drugs, like Naltrexone, would be a good idea instead of Baclofen (especially if it doesn't work so well for people that binge occasionally). I am currently staying with my daughter(I live in another state) to support her during this transition, and to research and try to find a Baclofen source, while she does other things related to the divorce. Would appreciate any feedback that you have in the areas that I have questions. This is a great forum. And I think it is very sad indeed, that more physician's are not willing to prescribe Baclofen to alcoholics, who are in such need for help. Barbara
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