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  1. BarrelChested

    Sleep is vital

    A few years ago, we had a weight-loss challenge at work. Of course, I won. Weight loss has never been easy for me. However, I got to a bad place in life. I decided that I would give it "one last shot." I just couldn't continue on with the life I was "living." I brought all of my knowledge to bear -- my Biology degree, my decades of health research/study, anecdotal knowledge/experience/etc. I cobbled together a plan for me -- of my own design. It was basically: * No processed food; I've only recently learned that I'm gluten-intolerant; this eliminated gluten * anti-inflammatory; I avoided cr*p and added things like turmeric * I would follow "old people advice;" I got plenty of sleep; this was NOT my norm. I used to get 4-5 hours of sleep per night (which I did in my twenties and thirties) The link (below) doesn't provide sources. However, I've read plenty of peer-reviewed articles backing-up the content/assertions. I THINK (and thought then) that SLEEP was the biggest contributor to my success. I'd tried before/since a few permutations of this diet... and sleep seems to be a key (if not the most important) variable. Oh, and I DID NOT DRINK during that period. I can abstain. AND I CAN DRINK! But I suck at anything in-between. Meh. I hope that this helps someone. Oh, FYI, I dropped 46lbs in a few months doing this. As we all know, booze degrades sleep quality... and, as I read it, poor sleep leads to more booze. It's a viscous circle. I know that it's easier to resist drinking when I feel better. YMMV. http://wellnessmama.com/9340/sleep-is-important-for-health/
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