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The End of my Addiction

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  1. Current high dose baclofen patient (140mg a day), who experienced great success (alcohol free, very little anxiety) for the first 7+ months, and then foolishly experimented with another GABAb agonist (phenibut) after losing a portion of my baclofen prescription. Though I was able to stop the other GABAb agonist by substituting it with baclofen, the dose I'd been at was no longer as effective. I titrated my baclofen use down to zero (with the aid of gabapentin to combat some of the anxiety I was experiencing), but only performed a baclofen drug holiday of 24 hours before resuming. In doing so, I increased my dose very rapidly, as I was not experiencing somnolence at doses of 80mg a day, and increased to 140 the next day. I am now suffering as baclofen is no longer as effective (battling extremely increased anxiety, vivid dreams and "electric shocks" in hands, but still alcohol free - in essence, it seems that I lost my "switch." My plan is to titrate my baclofen dose back down to zero to take more of an extended break, with the hope that resuming treatment will be effective after a hiatus. There are also a few supplements that I'm interested in exploring during my future break from baclofen, and I will share my results. Looking for support and information regarding others who have experienced tolerance issues with baclofen, and have perhaps found ways to overcome them. Currently experimenting, myself, and will be happy to share my findings/experience with the community. Much gratitude and warm wishes to all =)
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