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Found 1 result

  1. Barbara A.


    Hello to All! I was on this forum last Fall asking about Baclofen for my adult daughter. Now I have a few more questions. For context, my daughter got on Baclofen last October after my research discovered it's benefit's for alcoholism. She was an occasionally binger. She was on low doses (about 30mg a day). After she got drunk for the first time since being on Bac (in November), she ask for Naltrexone (from the addiction specialist, who complied) which she has taken about 4 times when she has wanted to drink socially. The Nal worked great! Her goal moved from trying to be totally abstinent to using Nal for social occasions. Fortunately, she can get the scripts easily and reasonably priced. However, the addiction specialist prescribes the Nal for daily use and did not seem to be familiar with TSM, much less condone it! We are reading "The Cure for Alcoholism" and my daughter is interested in doing it. But, first of all she doesn't exactly know how to go about it because she has been abstinent except for two relapes (1 day each) about a month apart, in Nov. and Jan, except for the 4 times with Nal mentioned above. Would she step up her drinking to before Bac even though she doesn't have cravings? Should she get off the Bac so that more cravings would be there to stimulate more drinking? Does being on Bac slow down the opportunity to go for the "cure." Sorry, we didn't know about this before! Also, we would be very interested in knowing what the results have been for those who have done TSM. In fact, it sounds so good (78% success) that I'm wondering why everyone on this forum wouldn't try this first, and then if it didn't work go on to something else! Is it costs, no access to Nal, or some other reason? Is a little scarry for her to deliberately increase her intake on the assumption that the "cure" is forthcoming, so we'd want to be sure it's worth the risk before she tries this. I say "try this" because even though she has taken the Nal several times, I don't think it is enough to be achieving pharmacological extinction. I have not been able to identify any local physician that actually works with and gives support for those using TSM in her area....Dallas/Ft Worth, Tx, USA. I have found an online resource "MDProactive" that identifies that they use the Sinclair Method but I don't know if they just prescribe the Nal or really give any valuable support...i.e. answer questions, etc. I know my daughter has liked meeting with the addiction specialist monthly to review what's happening with alcohol (and her life) but it's pricey ($150 an appt.) and the MDProactive is only $49! I think she will have a consultation with MDProactive and get a feel for this. If anyone knows of someone is her area that really works with patients TSM way please let me know! Any wisdom, insight, experience, or advice you have regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated!
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