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  1. Admin2


    What's a newbie? If you don't know, then you are one. It's a new person. Welcome! And relax, we love newbies. Even if you're not a newbie, you may find the following information helpful. How do I log in? Use this button to create a completely private account: You will have to verify your account using your email address. Your personal information is absolutely private and protected. We will never share or sell the information. Use this button to sign in: How do I post? There are several ways you can post. You can click on a thread, and use the box at the bottom that says, "Reply to this topic". Or you can start your own thread by clicking on this button: If you're new, and would like to introduce yourself or get to know other new people, you may want to start in the Newbies Nest: How do I search for all the posts that someone has written or look up information about one topic? There is a search button on the top right of the screen. You can look up specific members and see all of their posts, or you can search by subject. Can I change my username? I was drunk when I signed up and now I hate it. Yes! You will need to fill out a request in http://enmancab.invisionzone.com/forum/97-user-name-changes/ thread. Don't sign up for another username! One username per person is all that's allowed. How do I change or remove the little flag next to my name? If you click on your name, and go to settings, you will see a tab that says "Country" on it. You can change it to "Don't want to inform my country" or pick a different flag. Sadly, there is no Jolly Roger flag. Sorry to disappoint you! Are all of these medications prescription only? Yes. There is a section dedicated to supplements or holistic approaches that can be purchased without a prescription. These are things that are backed by scientific evidence to improve or enhance the health and well being of people who are actively drinking or recovering from actively drinking. But other than that, all of the medications need to be prescribed by a doctor or purchased from an online pharmaceutical company. How do I find a doctor? There is a Directory of Doctors located here: http://enmancab.invisionzone.com/forum/41-directory-of-doctors/. Sadly, the list is short, but one of the missions of the forum is to increase this list dramatically. Keep in mind that these doctors do not necessarily prescribe ALL of the medications listed on this site. They are, however, much more likely to prescribe medications for addiction in general, and possibly even medications that are currently being used off-label to treat addiction. There is another option, as well. There is a thread with relevant and scientifically sound research that you can print out or email to your doctor in an effort to get a prescription from your own physician. This is much more likely to happen if the physician is an addiction specialist, but your General Practitioner may also be willing to prescribe. http://enmancab.invisionzone.com/forum/94-information-for-doctors/ What if I can't find a doctor and I want to order the medications online? This is not the preferred way to get your medications, but unfortunately many of us have had to resort to ordering online. You are not alone. The online pharmacies listed on the following thread are reliable and have been used by many of us. http://enmancab.invisionzone.com/forum/95-online-pharmacies/ INTERNET LINGO: What's a troll? Someone who intentionally disrupts the forum, makes other people feel badly, or generally causes trouble. It's mean and we don't put up with it here. What does flooding mean? Flooding is when someone intentionally floods a thread or the forum with posts so as to disrupt the forum or a person's input on the forum. It's a no-no. Common Abbreviations AL - Alcohol AF - Alcohol free Bac - Baclofen FTR - For the record Gaba - Gabapentin AKA Neurontin. Not to be confused with the supplement gaba. IMHO - In my humble opinion Nal - Naltrexone Pdoc or pDoc - Psychiatrist SEs - Side effects
  2. Forum Etiquette and Posting Tips Tolerance, people! Remember that the goal of this forum is to educate, inform and support one another. This forum is for adults. In general, we will protect freedom of speech. Please respect the rights of others to hold beliefs and perspectives which differ from yours. Keep in mind, too, that something you may not think of as offensive may be interpreted very differently by someone in another country or culture. Let’s be civil. We reserve the right to remove anything deemed too controversial or upsetting. UPPERCASE LETTERS are equivalent to SHOUTING AT SOMEONE! Please don’t shout. We can hear you just fine without uppercase letters. Generally, it's a good idea to use colored fonts, bold and italics sparingly and to make a point. You don't have to be a perfect writer to post and feel comfortable! However, punctuation and paragraphs do make posts easier to read. If you are making a post in which someone may find something offensive, please note that in the thread title or at the beginning of the post. If you are easily offended, please know that you do not have to read or respond to everything you see here. The written word can be misinterpreted when it isn’t accompanied by a detailed explanation. Before you react to something that upsets you, think about the fact that you may be misinterpreting what was written. If someone responds angrily to something you have written, and you don’t understand why, it is perfectly acceptable to ask them before responding angrily. If you feel that something is offensive or breaks the rules, please report the post to a moderator using the button at the top of the post. A moderator will follow up. It looks like this: It is generally a good idea to avoid topics related to politics and religion unless you are interested in vigorous, and oftentimes unpleasant, debate. We definitely do not encourage these discussions. Be wary of posting personally identifying information, such as your real name, email address, etc. This forum is read by many people around the world. You may also want to be wary of opening links or URLs in posts. Please read the Rules of Engagement. (http://enmancab.invisionzone.com/forum/67-rules-of-engagement/) You agreed to them when you signed up, but the chances are that you didn't read them. We never do. If you don’t understand something, ask! We’re here to help!
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