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Found 3 results

  1. Current high dose baclofen patient (140mg a day), who experienced great success (alcohol free, very little anxiety) for the first 7+ months, and then foolishly experimented with another GABAb agonist (phenibut) after losing a portion of my baclofen prescription. Though I was able to stop the other GABAb agonist by substituting it with baclofen, the dose I'd been at was no longer as effective. I titrated my baclofen use down to zero (with the aid of gabapentin to combat some of the anxiety I was experiencing), but only performed a baclofen drug holiday of 24 hours before resuming. In doing so,
  2. [Disclaimer: I have some background in pharmacology, but I am not a medical doctor.] Hey everyone! What follows is information regarding the mechanism of action of baclofen as well as similar substances, their effect on anxiety, and my thoughts/implications. [I've decided to add elements of my personal story and current situation in the hopes that others can learn from my insights as well as my mistakes.] Baclofen's mechanism of action involves agonism of the GABAb receptor, as well as slight inhibition/attenuation of voltage-dependent calcium channels (VDCC). Some studies suggest th
  3. Jetsman32

    First day on Baclofen

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. Yesterday my order of Baclofen finally came in the mail! I was so excited to get it and decided to start it today. So, I've now been clear of alcohol for 9 days straight - which I'm pretty proud of. Anyway, during this time I've still been dosing phenibut daily- usually around 3-4 grams to maintain my sanity (this is a fairly high dose). On top of that I take a ton of herbs like passion flower, l-theanine and Valerian. I also use aniracetam- a nootropic for mood improvement and klonopin (although I've hardly touched it over the last week).
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