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Found 1 result

  1. I'm thinking of ordering the starter kit from Mark's Daily Apple, which is a website about paleo and nutrition and lots of other healthful things. The supplements include an Omega, high dose vitamin D, probiotics, a multivitamin/mineral supplement and a whey-based protein powder. https://www.primalblueprint.com/supplements/platinum-package/ It's expensive. And I'm both broke and cheap. I like the idea, however fallacious it is, that all the things are there and presumably work together. I have plenty of vitamin D here, and my vitamin D levels are good (54) so I could stick with those... And I've brewed my own kombucha, and might take on other fermented foods for probiotics. But the thing is, I'm not good about eating or drinking any of it consistently. In fact, I'm struggling to do anything consistently. I figure by ordering these things in powder and pill form, I can get a clean start, and one I can stick to for 3 weeks. Maybe by then I'll be feel focused enough, and have enough energy, to take on my diet as a whole? That's my thinking anyway. I know that many or most of you are into whole foods and probably not into protein powders. But I want one of those, too. As a meal replacement, but also because I just don't eat regularly. (see the lack of consistency, etc, above.) Food holds very little interest for me right now. And preparing it is...ugh. I swear to you that both my husband and I would resort to Soylent, or whatever they come up with in the future that entails taking a pill, to get our meals. (And he was a chef for 20 years!) We're just... over food for the moment. Though, I have to say, I have subscribed to the NYT Cooking, which is great and lends a bit of fun to the preparation and cooking. So what're your thoughts? @empyr3al @Felina @BarrelChested Are there better, cheaper options (other than making my own food and whatnot) than simply ordering the stuff from Daily Apple?
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