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Found 4 results

  1. [Disclaimer: I have some background in pharmacology, but I am not a medical doctor.] Hey everyone! What follows is information regarding the mechanism of action of baclofen as well as similar substances, their effect on anxiety, and my thoughts/implications. [I've decided to add elements of my personal story and current situation in the hopes that others can learn from my insights as well as my mistakes.] Baclofen's mechanism of action involves agonism of the GABAb receptor, as well as slight inhibition/attenuation of voltage-dependent calcium channels (VDCC). Some studies suggest th
  2. Chuck

    I Am Rebel: The Love Drug

    This, while somewhat off-topic, is a beautiful episode of television that I shared with my Dextromethorphan group to rave reviews. It's from National Geographic's "I Am Rebel" miniseries. This episode "The Love Drug" focuses on Dr. Alexander 'Sasha' Shulgin's research in the 50's-80's on psychedelics and their medicinal use. While Sasha passed away in 2014, his wife and co-researcher Ann is extensively interviewed. It's truly a fascinating piece of television, focusing on the interplay between recreational drug use, medicinal drug use, societal acceptance, politics, and law. Spoiler alert: tow
  3. Prescribing Guide for Baclofen in the Treatment of Alcoholism – for Use by Physicians. It was originally published in France, but this was recently translated in the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research. Suppression of Alcohol Dependence Using Baclofen: A 2-Year Observational Study of 100 Patients. High-dose baclofen for the treatment of alcohol dependence (BACLAD study): A randomized, placebo-controlled trial. · Baclofen Efficacy in Reducing Alcohol Craving and Intake: A Preliminary Double-Blind Randomized Controlled. Low dose
  4. If you have a relationship with a doctor, particularly an addiction specialist, this is (hopefully) a relatively easy process. If you don't, then the best idea is to reach out to addiction specialists in your area to see if they prescribe medications for addiction treatment (MAT). If not, don't waste your time. These doctors must be psychiatrists, other MDs, or psychiatric assistants. Therapists and counselors, etc., cannot prescribe medications. The best bet is always addiction specialists, but any psychiatrist is better than a General Practitioner who doesn't know anything about addiction o
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