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The End of my Addiction

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Found 2 results

  1. I'm finally pulling my baclofen journey onto this site. It's over 3 1/2 years since I started on bac. It's been 10 months since I quit baclofen because of the SEs I had when I exercised in heat (tunnel vision, horrible fatigue, electrical shocks and an inability to hold onto things with my hands). I am so happy that I treated my alcoholism with baclofen. 2/7/13 I'm in my 6th week of baclofen for over drinking. My dr has stopped me at 60 mg/day. I have sent an email to him asking if he'll allow me to increase to follow Dr A's protocol. I have had a drink here and not so much there and I can truly say I have no craving or desire to drink. Yay! My first month on baclofen was so lovely. I sat in the sun and watched hawks and was enthralled with the world. Insights just flowed into my mind. Have others had this experience? In month 2 this all went away and my compulsive thoughts have returned. Could this be because I have quit increasing my dose? 2/8/13 Thanks everyone for your welcome! My dr has allowed me to go up to 80 mgs in the next week and a half. I'm off work for 3 days so I'll go to 70 today. xxxxx, you pose a wonderful question. I've thought for about 5 hours--do I want ease or to be alcohol free? My reason for starting baclofen was that I drank a bottle of wine a night and ruined love relationships (imagine that!!). Since my first week on baclofen I've not craved alcohol until this week when I started thinking about using it to escape how I felt. Maybe my lovely first month experience lulled me. Plus I'm in kind of a lull and I don't like them. I used to always whip something exciting up to get out of them. Maybe I'm being a baby and just wanting something easy. Prior to baclofen I was so tough and out of touch was any gentle feelings I had. It's tough for me when shitty memories come up. Whatever it is I'm not giving up. I've got my big girl panties on! I have read a ton about baclofen but it wasn't until this week that I found a few blogs. Again thank you to all of you for responding. 4/30/13 I have a couple of questions. I flipped my switch at 80 mgs after staying there for 6 weeks (My dr wouldn't let me go higher.). I titrated down slowly to 40 mgs and still had no desire for alc. Plus I lost that horrible lack of motivation I had at 80 mgs. I started getting anxious in the mornings and started taking 40 mgs in the morning and 10-20 mgs at night. So, now I can't sleep on my back or I snore myself awake. I have that wicked fatigue in late afternoon. This past weekend I bought my first lawn mower and I was so excited that I foolishly mowed my lawn in the middle of the day in the FL heat. I took plenty of breaks and drank tons of water. My lawn is a lot of sand and it was tough to get the front done. Then I got those electrical shocks in my hands and found it difficult to grip or hold things. Also I've started getting cramps in my legs and toes. I work in natural medicine so I use potassium, calcium magnesium and excellent quality vitamins. I'm fit although I haven't done much since starting bac in Dec. Prior to bac I hiked 10-12 mile hikes in the Everglades, and I want to continue. I know there's no rhyme or reason to SEs, but I'd like to know it does get better. 5/4/13 Thanks xxx, Yes, it's a pretty cool feeling. I used to get other sorts of things done, but it was always in an adrenaline fueled frenzy. It's nice to methodically do it and I have more $$ since I don't drink like a fool. I agree that the fear of doing it is the worst part. The next time I go to Miami I'm thinking of taking a trapeze class just to get past some more fear. bleep, I keep meaning to tell you that I'm going to show my son how to navigate the lawn mower on our sandy lawn and I won't mow it anymore. Plus I have held at a steady dose and taking the first dose a little later. So far so good. Thanks.
  2. Baclofen Questionnaire Whether baclofen worked for you or not, we want to know all about it. Do you consider your experience with baclofen a success or a failure? Did you have side effects ? The information we gather will be consolidated to give newcomers and physicians an idea of protocols people have used and how it worked out. Please answer these questions: 1. Success or failure ? 2. How long did it take? 3. When you started baclofen, how many milligrams did you take per day? 4. How quickly and at what rate did you increase your dosage ? 5. At what times did you take your doses? 6. If you were successful, did you titrate down? At what rate? 7. What is your current baclofen dose per day? 8. Did you reduce your dose after success/failure? 9. List and rate your side effects on the scale below. Also note if side effects diminished after time or at difference dosages. a) None, or weak b) Bearable c) Uncomfortable but not handicapping d) Handicapping (vertigo, nausea, vomiting, sweating, somnolence, insomnia) e) Debilitating (not being able to work or perform tasks and/or having to decrease the intake of baclofen) f) Abandoned treatment due to side effects 10. How much and how often did you drink before you began treatment with baclofen? 11. What time of the day did you have cravings for alcohol? 12. During your treatment, did you reduce any other medications (for example, benzodiazepines or antidepressants). If ‘yes’, which and how much? If you are new to baclofen and want more information, or you are a physician who is interested in prescribing baclofen, please see HERE for more information.
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