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The End of my Addiction

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Found 3 results

  1. There are many of us who use supplements and vitamins as part of our strategy to get or stay healthy while we're drinking and/or trying to quit. There are also supplements that can help with some of the issues we face, everything from increased anxiety to insomnia. What do you take and why? (I'm not really the person to start off this discussion, because I simply take what my psychiatrist tells me to take. She is a firm believer that people with alcoholism need supplementation for several reasons, most of which she hasn't explained to me or I wasn't listening. But I am interested and looking forward to reading more about it.)
  2. Miranda212

    BACLOFEN: The Experience

    This forum is so necessary. Thank you NeNe. I have been using Baclofen for 10 months. I have never not been alcoholic. Long history, but no need to go into it now. I'm more interested in hearing the experience of others using B. When I started, I had been sober for four years, heavily involved in A.A. But I wasn't finding the relief I needed. Adjusting to B was challenging and remains so. The sedation factor almost ended it for me. I was able to counter it and continue. The psychological effects are remarkable and to a certain extent, destabilizing. I had no idea that anxiety was the determining factor in my makeup until I was suddenly, seemingly miraculously, free of it. It's been a process of relearning my life. This will sound odd, but for the first time I have a conscious role in it. For the first while on B, I was almost obnoxiously self-centered. So full of this new self. Now I'm learning to renegotiate relationships. I have such changed feelings about so much. It's tricky though and I'm just finding my way. I don't mean to suggest I have reservations about Baclofen. It has changed my life in ways I couldn't have known to wish for. I didn't know it, but I'd never experienced pure pleasure Before, I always felt chased by worries. Not now. I'm comfortable in my own skin. For the first time, I feel genuine contentment. I still can't believe that a pharmaceutical can bring about those changes. And that I was lucky enough to stumble on it. I'm wondering, what it has been like for others.
  3. The Prescribing Guide for Baclofen in the Treatment of Alcoholism - For Use by Physicians (Abstract) (Full Text) Abstract: The purpose of this guide is to help doctors prescribe baclofen in the treatment of alcohol problems as there is, to date, no standardized way to prescribe this molecule in the treatment of alcohol dependence. The Recommended Medical Practices in respect of baclofen prescription generally proposes, for neurological treatment, increasing dosage by 15mg every 3 days, while suggesting flexibility, that is to say, adapting dosages individually. The proposals below reflect the experience of the authors to this paper, experience which itself has been based on the original method described by Olivier Ameisen [1,2]. The authors have, between them, treated more than 1500 patients with this medication, and they have learned gradually and empirically how to use baclofen to help patients in the best possible way with alcohol problems. The experience of the authors is that there is no absolute consensus and that prescribers may have different approaches and practices in the conduct of treatment. At the present time, it is impossible to give a definitive answer to the question. Thebibliography (see References) includes four papers describing clinical experiences in which the authors have compiled their results [3,4,5,6].Other reports from the literature have also been taken in to account [7,8,9]. These recommendations are intended to help the prescription of baclofen.
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