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The End of my Addiction

Baclofen Doctors in Chicago?


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Its been a long, long time since I've posted here. I'm actually not a Newbie but I figured this was a good place for this information. Since Loop (Evan) passed I have been making my own liquid. Well, that supply just dried up. I have titrated up and down over the years, being said to have held some higher records at 560 MG's, I have been well below 300 for years until I realized my stash was about to run out. I am now at 90 mg's and my GP, who has known I've been making the liquid all this time and has helped me out in a bind with a script when I lost it traveling, ect, she refuses to write me even a script for 80 mg's. So it would be awesome to know of someone local. I also would like the opportunity to titrate up although I am doing, ok right now at 90 mg's. The stories I could tell... lol

If anyone has any insight please send it my way. Thank you!

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