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The End of my Addiction

A question regarding addiction


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On 11/18/2020 at 2:22 PM, Whicee said:

Would learning about how addiction works on a psychological level increase the chances of an addict overcoming their addiction?

I'm sure there is some small correlation with education, but I would say that education probably coincides with a person seeking treatment, becoming aware of the problem, accepting that it is too much to overcome on their own, etc. 


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That’s a question that specialists have been struggling with for the last hundred years. Literally. 
The chicken or the egg? Nature or nurture? 

The advancements in medical technology show that the brains of people who are prone to addiction (have a familial history of addiction, have a diagnosed comorbid mental health disorder) or are in active addiction have different physical attributes. 

Epigenetics is exploring these correlations, but it’s a relatively new science, and the connection between biology and psychology (to keep the discussion really simple) won’t be clear for another generation or so. 

On a completely personal level, psychological interventions offered me little hope for several decades. And now is an adjunct to the physical treatment of my alcoholism so I can unpack the decades worth of shit related to my addiction. 

in other words, I’ve got the genes. I’ve got the epigenetic factors of growing up with alcoholism in my primary caretaker family, and I’ve got the baggage of decades of my own alcoholism tainting everything I touch, remember or look forward to... I’m glad I’ve got a therapist but I thank all that matters that I’ve got a shrink, too. (a medical doctor who can prescribe medications). 

also, hi sisters and brothers. It’s me, ne. Xxoo

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