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The End of my Addiction

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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My mother brought up "Festivus for the Rest of Us" and the Airing of Grievances from Seinfeld the other day. As one would expect, there's a lot of activity on Facebook about it as well. 

There is much in my life situation which I am not happy with, but accept that it's either out of my hands or temporary. For the first time in my life, I have nothing that I can complain about and so much to be thankful for and look forward to. 

I'll be closing this year out as the first in my post-adolescent life where I have not been drunk. Not once. 

I know that this is a board specific to recovery using baclofen, and I owe my early "sobriety" to baclofen therapy.

I got sober on baclofen before, several times. But when life events (or my perspective on them) occurred which I could not accept, or I felt that my life was empty of fun, or I felt lonely for old times and people, I would quickly taper down and resume drinking. Eventually I would taper off completely. Nearly 2 years "sober" on baclofen, and I am finally experience some of the things talked about in "The Promises" of Alcoholics Anonymous. I still believe that, for me, I needed baclofen first. AA would never have worked for me until many decades had passed, if ever. 

I am very grateful for the work of OA, baclofen, and the fellowship at MWO where I first learned there could be a "cure." But also I am grateful from my many, many failures, and the pain that I have experienced since becoming sober with baclofen. I would never have found this place of peace without them.


I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


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