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The End of my Addiction

Female BAC dosage


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I'll start with saying I have a Psychiatrist and a GP who both monitor me very well and message each other every time I'm given my script. 

For females on Baclofen  I'm interested in knowing how high your dose got before your doctor stopped increasing it.  Just trying to get a gauge on my potential monthly prescription bill since this is likely going to be a life long thing :)

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Hi @Charmenture6,

When I first went on Baclofen many years ago, I reached indifference to alcohol at 190 mgs/day. I got my script through a doctor who (at the time) prescribed via telemedicine. He did not have an upper limit on how much he would prescribe.

I am currently prescribed 120 mgs/day by my PCP, which is my maintenance dose.

Every person is different regarding the "switch dose" (at which they reach indifference) - for some people, they reach that level at under 100 mgs/day, while others have to go over 300 mgs/day. Have your doctors suggested that they will enforce an upper limit?

I think my copay at my pharmacy is around $50 for a three month supply with insurance. I could probably find it for cheaper at a different pharmacy but I like my little neighborhood mom and pop store. 

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