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The End of my Addiction

New Here and desperate to find a solution

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Hi, my first time posting here. I have a serious alcohol addiction and have tried pretty much everything. I now want to try Baclofen, but I cannot find any doctors willing to prescribe this who are able to practice in my state, so I have resorted to trying to order online. But that is proving very difficult as well as the sites I have found out about never send me the payment information that is required to complete the order. Not sure if this is unique to me, or if these sites are not actually real merchants. 

Is it OK here to talk about specific online pharmacies? I am just trying to find one that is known to others as being legit and that I can actually place an order with. 



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Hi @Hyperion,

Sorry for the late reply. I have had good luck with River Pharmacy (they are based out of Canada, but ship from India). The US started banning Canadian pharmacies from accepting credit card payments, but they have an e-check payment system that is very seamless.

I have also had great luck with Goldpharma. They ship from Germany and the shipments arrive really fast. Goldpharma accepts credit card payments and they even have a doctor on staff who, for $7.50, will approve your prescriptions.

I have also ordered from All Day Chemist (India). Others have used Inhouse Pharmacy (Vanuatu), Extrapharmacy.ru (Russia) which is inexpensive but reportedly very slow.



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