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The End of my Addiction

Need to connect with others using baclofen.

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Hi there,

I used to be active on My Way Out and was a small contributor to getting this forum up and running way back. I am back on baclofen for my drinking and have come across something very strange.

Please if this forum is still active and people are contributing, I need to connect with you.

I am a staunch believer in the abilities of baclofen yet had a very strange experience about a month ago. I had a migraine without the head pain and have not been able to return to my normal clear headed self. I am currently titrating back down with the guidance of my doctor to try to discount that baclofen was the cause. I need to know if anyone out there has had a similar experience or knows of this happening to others. 

I was on 210mg a day when this happened and had seen a huge reduction in my drinking as expected. I don't want to stop with the baclofen but have to to eliminate the possibility that what happened was caused by baclofen.

Cheers Stevo.

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