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The End of my Addiction

The Sinclair Method


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The Cure for Alcoholism: The Medically Proven Way to Eliminate Alcohol Addiction

by Dr. Roy Escapa


The full PDF of The Cure for Alcoholism: The Medically Proven Way to Cure Alcoholism by Dr. Roy Escapa can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/60fs7gmvbyzs1kk/Cure%20for%20Alcoholism.pdf?dl=0

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I have just finished reading an interesting book, which promotes TSM & also offers a critique of AA which is spot on - especially the way it doesn't work for women. She has a lot to say about the different way alcohol affects women/men, & how the rise of the drinking culture in women has come about in the USA.

It's "Her best kept secret" by Gabrielle Glaser. It was mentioned in one of the articles which Chuck posted a link to in the Atlantic (I think). I had to buy the book second hand on Amazon, even though it was only published in 2013. It doesn't mention baclofen, which surprised me a little, but she has a lot to say about how psychiatrists continue to promote AA without even considering drug treatment even though the evidence for TSM & acamprosate is out there.

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