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Netiquette and Tips


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Forum Etiquette and Posting Tips

Tolerance, people! Remember that the goal of this forum is to educate, inform and support one another. 

This forum is for adults. In general, we will protect freedom of speech. Please respect the rights of others to hold beliefs and perspectives which differ from yours. Keep in mind, too, that something you may not think of as offensive may be interpreted very differently by someone in another country or culture. Let’s be civil. We reserve the right to remove anything deemed too controversial or upsetting. 

UPPERCASE LETTERS are equivalent to SHOUTING AT SOMEONE! Please don’t shout. We can hear you just fine without uppercase letters. Generally, it's a good idea to use colored fonts, bold and italics sparingly and to make a point. 

You don't have to be a perfect writer to post and feel comfortable! However, punctuation and paragraphs do make posts easier to read. 

If you are making a post in which someone may find something offensive, please note that in the thread title or at the beginning of the post. If you are easily offended, please know that you do not have to read or respond to everything you see here.

The written word can be misinterpreted when it isn’t accompanied by a detailed explanation. Before you react to something that upsets you, think about the fact that you may be misinterpreting what was written.  If someone responds angrily to something you have written, and you don’t understand why, it is perfectly acceptable to ask them before responding angrily.

If you feel that something is offensive or breaks the rules, please report the post to a moderator using the button at the top of the post. A moderator will follow up. It looks like this:


It is generally a good idea to avoid topics related to politics and religion unless you are interested in vigorous, and oftentimes unpleasant, debate. We definitely do not encourage these discussions. 

Be wary of posting personally identifying information, such as your real name, email address, etc. This forum is read by many people around the world.

You may also want to be wary of opening links or URLs in posts.

Please read the Rules of Engagement. (http://enmancab.invisionzone.com/forum/67-rules-of-engagement/) You agreed to them when you signed up, but the chances are that you didn't read them. We never do. 

If you don’t understand something, ask! We’re here to help!

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