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The End of my Addiction

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Hello, generous people! 

You, our technical-wizard-behind-the-curtain and graphic-design-guru made our very informative (and pretty!) new forum possible. I hope you like it! There are lots of posts about how and where to post suggestions, thoughts or input. Please feel free to do that if you have any feedback.

In the meantime, if you've donated, but your username isn't the same as one you've previously used, or we missed it and did not note you as a Forum Subscriber, please send a message to an Administrator (Admin1 or Admin2) so that we can make change your status to Forum Subscriber. 

There will eventually be benefits for Forum Subscribers, though we haven't figured those out exactly. If there is something specific you would like to see, please post it or send a Private Message. 

Thank you, again, for what you have made possible. 

The EOMA wizards behind the curtains

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