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The End of my Addiction

Happy first day forum!


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I posted the link on the other site and I think the admin will post it on the Facebook page, so it's officially public. Very, very exciting, even if nothing changes immediately. 

Hurray for a forum with actual moderators, access to real research and information so that people can find the information quickly and succinctly, and if I do say so myself, I think it's very pretty.  :$

I truly hope that people will find the help and support that they need in order to find the End of Addiction here. I know that there is no way that I would have been able to do it, back in 2010/2011, without the support of an online community. Some of those people I met then have become personal friends from all over the world that I still communicate with via email, text and phone! (I've used Skype in the past, too, and would do it again if I could remember how to use it. Ha!)

Which is not to say that there isn't value to remaining anonymous. There is still much to be shared for those who aren't comfortable reaching out and making personal friends. I know that there are many who prefer that route, and respect and understand the reasons for doing so.

This forum is well moderated, with active administrators, who will make sure that the rules (including the protection of private identities and information) are followed. 

That means that we can all share our experiences in order to help support one another along this journey. 


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8 minutes ago, TimberTim said:

Thank you, NE1! Your motivation has helped many!!!:75_EmoticonsHDcom:

Thanks, Tim! You know it's not just me, though. Several people helped set it up, and many more made the dollars real so that it could actually happen. 

Nice to see you! Come back and visit more often!! :hug:

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