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The End of my Addiction

The Power of Vulnerability


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My therapist recommended this TedTalk to me the first time I met her. After I started thinking about creating a safe, moderated and informative forum for MATs last summer, more than 8 months ago, she kept bringing up the fact that I really should watch it. (She was convinced that I was stalling and that creating this kind of space would help me be whole and fill my purpose...My therapist is a little bit of a hippy. xD

It took me a year to watch it. The first time, I couldn't even watch it all the way through, because I was so struck by the profundity in the first 10 minutes, I needed to digest what I'd seen. 

Maybe one of you will have the same experience, or at least enjoy the talk. Apparently it's one of the most watched TedTalks ever. 


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