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The End of my Addiction

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Our goal is to make sure our forum is fully self-supporting. You can become a subscriber for as little as $10/month. We can't do this without you! 

Forum Subscribers have special benefits: 

  • An increase of Private Messages from 50 to 250 messages.
  • The ability to edit your own posts from two days to seven days.
  • The ability to see who "Thanked" you for your posts. 
  • Access to a Forum Subscribers thread, in which only subscribers can participate.
    • It will be monitored by administration and moderators so that any question or concern raised by a subscriber gets an immediate response.
    • Input and/or suggestions about the structure and administration of the forum itself.
    • Financial information disclosure about expenses.
    • Input and/or suggestions about how the funds raised are spent

You can become a Forum Subscriber here by contributing via Paypal. The link is in the lower right hand corner of the board index. 

Thank you in advance for your support and participation. 

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If I give a monthly subscription by credit card, what appears on my credit card statement? I don't fancy having "Theendofmyaddiction" appearing on a finacial document which is handled by my bank!

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Hi -

I got a message from paypal saying my recurring donation had been "suspended", I figured it was because my credit card got replaced with a new CID code, I updated the code but there's no option to "reinstate" or whatever on the paypal page. I also can't find the link on EOMA. Do I have to cancel my prior subscription and start anew? How do I do that?

Thanks, Chuck

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