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The End of my Addiction

Bacman - My Side Effects


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My side effect, judging from the paperwork and the anecdotal evidence I have read, is really very mild

From the ones I can remember:

Runny nose - Lasted several weeks and then disappeared

Weird Dreams - I had a couple of odd (bloody scary/very real) dreams in the first month but none since

Tingly fingers - Still get them (after six months) but not so bad - This may be because I am used to them now and because they do not alarm me like they did initially, I may miss registering them

Sleep well - I know a lot of people have trouble sleeping with Baclofen - Not me - I sleep solidly for 8 hours, no problem

Watery eyes - Especially when tired by eyes water and I lose focus - Maybe it is my body telling me to go to bed!

Constipation - While I appreciate AL is a laxative in itself, I felt constipated throughout my titration and not much has changed during indifference 

In my youth I had the odd motorbike accident, which usually meant my hips got a bashing - Sure enough my right hip is painful in the mornings - At 150 mg of Baclofen a day for a week or so my morning pains went away - Funny thing was I did not notice this SE until I was back at 100 mg a day when the pain returned - I'm not too sure if it might be a bit of Sciatica which AFAIK is treated in  a very similar way, with regard to stimulation of the GABA(B) receptor as Baclofen has does with my anxiety

Less Anger - I am not an angry guy really but I have been known to "kick off" every now and again - Since Baclofen my mood is very mellow (not so mellow I fall over mind)  - I don't shout at other road users, my kids or my customers!! Which is good

Indirect benefits are there too - Baclofen has helped my anxiety, which has helped my drinking, which has helped my weight, which has improved my health and well-being

The old shit thing that has happened since Baclofen is that I started smoking again - I cant really blame Baclofen for that - So all in all, not a lot

There is a few other things that I will add when I remember




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I wanted to post an update:

Now having reached an indifferent state @ 150mg per day

Current side effects:

Constipation - This has become a considerably less an issue since I recently changed to Mylan

Toilet Urgency - When I need to go, I need to go - Otherwise my bladder control works on its own!!

Tingling fingers - This generally only happens when I am tired and is hardly noticeable - Maybe I have just become used to it

Sleep Apnea (Apnoea UK) - Again only when tired (obviously), I find myself suffering from this when I nod off on the sofa - I do not experience this in bed - This is definately less than I had through titration - I have also lost a considerable amount of weight so whether or not this reduction is a side effect or the reduction of weight is a moot point in my mind

Bac-Hangover - If I take my last dose, IE closer that two hours before bed, I usually wake with what I describe as a Bac-hangover - This takes a similar form to an AL hangover, with mild dizziness and a general lethargy - Generally nothing that a couple of cups off coffee and a first dose of Baclofen will not cure withing half an hour or so




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