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The End of my Addiction



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Here is my best friend. She is a staffie cross - I think - rescue dog so origins unknown. Very loving & VERY lively, I keep hoping she will calm down.

I hope the photo link works.


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She is adorable. Love those ears. 

All of our dogs have been rescues until this one. I was trying to replace our old dog, my beloved, who was a rescue but looked like a Husky. Realized after the fact that we bought Pete because she was the closest looking to our old dog, after searching the rescues in the area for 6 months. Our next pup is going to be a rescue.  If and when I ever feel like we're ready to go through the pain of introducing a new member of the family. Pete traumatized me. She was a terrible puppy. And is still a pain in the foot. ha!

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