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How to use the Quote button


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Using the quote button on this board may be different than you are used to on other boards such as vB or BB.

On this board you can copy a quote from any post on the board into your Editor post box.

For instance to quote a single quote from a post, use the normal method and use the Quote button.

Quote ring.png

Your quoted post will appear as usual in the editior box for you to crop and reply under or over.


You can also use the Multi quote + sign to store various posts to use in a single reply - The multi quote facility will store the quotes for you. When you then click on the "Quote X Posts" in the bottom right of your page the saved quotes will appear in the editor box.

Quote Box.png

You can then crop and reply under or over the various quotes.


The editor box is also able to add a quote from a thread mid-editoring. For experienced users this is a very good advance. For the beginner this is confusing and can mean that there are a lot of post quotes in the editor box.

To move or remove a post quote from the editor box:

Move your mouse indicator into the quote box you wish to remove. You will see a cross in a box appear in the top left corner of the post quote.

Remove Quote.png

By clicking on the cross you can reposition the quote anywhere in your post. It does take some practice.

If you hover on the post quote you can remove the quote altogether by hitting ctrl and right click at the same time, then following the options.


Finally the cancel button only cancels the current editor, If you wish to delete the contents of the editor permenantly you will need to reset the editor box by either refreshing the page or using the "New Page" icon in the editor tools.

New Page.png


Sometimes the post quote or image will come too close to the bottom of your post, line. You will need then to left click your mouse into the area seen below by the red arrow.

Side area.png

Then by selecting a new line in the normal way the editor will create another line for you.

I understand for some of this is a new system but with practice you will get to see its benefits over the standard forum editors. - Use the Sandbox area for practice.

You are more than welcome to post any queries below or PM me directly for assistance.




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The new post cancel button has been introduced. This will close the reply to post editor box but it will NOT remove the saved text. To remove the saved text you will need to click on the new page icon BEFORE cancelling the reply post editor box or the saved text will appear on any future efforts to reply to posts in that particular thread.

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Just found this - really useful, I have several times found myself with a quote I can't remove which keeps coming up when I try to reply again to the same thread.  I can delete the text by backspacing, but the quote seemed indelible!

Not sure I understand your second post though, guess I will have to experiment with all those icons along the top of the editor box which I had never even noticed before. I always have to ask admin at work how to do bold text & italics - they think it's hilarious that someone supposedly intelligent  wouldn't know that stuff!

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Hi Molly

The cancel button closes the editor box (the one you type your reply in) but the reply is retained by the auto save.

To cancel the auto save, so you can type something different you must use the new page (remove saved text from page) button shown below.


New Page.png


You can practice to your hearts content, in private in the Sandbox.

http://www.theendofmyaddiction.org/forum/104-sandbox/ :)



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